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A small shuttle bus is a minibus that can be understood as a bus that goes to and from several fixed locations for a specific group of people.

For example, many hotels have free small shuttle buses to and from the airport and scenic spots to pick up and drop off hotel guests; some larger companies set up small shuttle buses for their employees at fixed stations, etc. Generally speaking, the small shuttle bus we understand in the Chinese context is basically It can be regarded as a shuttle minibus.

Small shuttle bus

Some large scenic spots, airports, and resort hotels also have small battery cars that pick up and drop off guests. Sometimes they are called small shuttle buses.

Our Kingstar’s 12-18 seat MINIBUS is also used by many customers as a small SHUTTLE BUS.

For example, our Jamaican customer ordered two 15-seater MINIBUS, both of which are more luxurious. Such as leather seats with armrests. Front and rear air conditioners, MP5, LCD, dark glass windows; rear seats can be hung on both sides, aluminum wheels, etc.

Small shuttle bus

One of them is the small SHUTTLE BUS used as the airport to receive VIP customers and crew to and from the terminal and apron.

The other one is used as the hotel’s small SHUTTLE BUS. It is dedicated to transporting guests to and from the hotel and the airport.

And the two 4.8M MINIBUS ordered by our Saint Martin customers in 2015 are also used as small SHUTTLE BUS. That is, they are used as SHUTTLE BUS between hotels and airports, between hotels and attractions.

Small shuttle bus

For the use of these vehicles, customer feedback is very good.

In the past 6 years, customers have not had any complaints about quality. It can be seen that the quality of our vehicles is trustworthy。

Good quality, stable driving and novel design are all the reasons why customers choose this model. And our service and price are worthy of our customers’ support and trust.



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