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Elegant Minivan Commercial with Great Quality for Sale from KINGSTAR

What should a minivan commercial be? Do you like your minivan commercial now? Let’s take a look at KINGSTAR minivan vehicles today.

What is the difference between a minivan commercial and a personal car?

Minivan commercials are mainly used by companies to carry out business activities of the car. This kind of vehicle requires more practical and durable. Normally, this kind of car with high power and fuel consumption is low. Commercial vehicle needs to participate in some ceremonial reception activities. So elegant and comfortable vehicles can bring a better driving experience.

There are various personal vehicles, mainly according to the different requirements of each person. Some exquisite luxury, some pay attention to simple, some like fashionable vehicle. Usually, this kind of car is for private activities and for short time. At present, private cars are focus on smaller vehicles, such as the famous brand Chery. Because of high fuel prices now, cheap with great quality vehicle becomes the main standard of choosing a car.

The characteristics of the commercial vehicle

① Both family and commercial applications, suitable for a variety of cars with multifunction in one body.

② Can drive in urban areas and will not be restricted by road.

③ With fashionable and elegant exterior shape.

④ Can use as a traveling car when a family member is over 7 or above.

⑤ The extended front face of the car meets the safety concept of modern people. And complies with the domestic and international safety standards through the crash experiment of Tsinghua university in China.

⑥ Closed car design has the characteristics of wind, rain, sun protection, and anti-theft, safe and reliable for users.

⑦ With great space for cargo loading.

Minivan commercial from KINGSTAR

This is a commercial vehicle with a diesel engine. The dimension of the minivan commercial is 5,496 * 1,972 * 2,240mm, the wheelbase of the minivan is 3,570mm. The front-wheel track is 1,692mm, rear-wheel track is 1,700mm. The axle load is 1650/1860kg, the total mass is 3,510kg. The braking mode of the minivan is a front disc and rear drum type, hydraulic brake. The suspension of the minivan is a front overhang and rear overhang. The maximum vehicle speed is 100km per hour. We could install a desk in front of the first row of double seats on the left for this minivan.

Minivan Commercial

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