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Driving requirements: Van ambulance drivers are professional for drive quickly and safely on busy roads, at night, and in bad weather.

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Training also includes van ambulance skid control and field driving. Speed is important. However, when the vehicle is carrying a seriously ill or seriously injured patient and another staff is giving him first aid. Smooth running is also necessary. Being able to drive fast and without leaning on corners or bumping on rough roads requires good driving skills and a great deal of concentration.

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Van ambulances typically have a power steering system, extra roll-over protection bars. Moreover, improved rear suspension to keep them running smoothly. The van ambulance can carry 7 persons (1 driver, 2 stretcher bearers, 1 doctor, 1 nurse, 1 patient, and 1 family member). When transporting a patient, and can only carry one set of stretchers in case of accident and emergency.

An efficient van ambulance service should be able to reach the scene within 20 minutes of an emergency call. However, no matter how well-trained paramedics are, it is often difficult to reach the scene quickly. Especially in heavy city traffic and in the run-down areas of towns where street signs can be lost.

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Call for help:

120 telephone rescue: most cities and counties in China have opened a special 120 emergency telephone for medical treatment. The 120 emergency telephone is 24 hours stand-by. After receiving the call, you can immediately send a van ambulance and first aid personnel. It is the most convenient and quick way.

In some areas where 120 is not available, hospitals have also released a special emergency telephone number for patients to choose the hospital they want to go to. It is worth mentioning that in addition to 120, there are 999. 120 for the Beijing Emergency Center, and 999 for the Beijing Red Cross Emergency Center.

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110 phone call for help: Many cities in China have implemented the network of public security 110 and health 120, calling 110 can also get a rescue. Especially in criminal cases, disputes, accidents, 110 can not only provide van ambulance first aid. But also sent to the jurisdiction of the forensic medical identification center, to help with injury identification.

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