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2-11 seater minibus/

7 Seat Short Wheelbase Mini-bus J4 – KINGSTAR Bus Manufacturer

Overall   size(L x W x H): 4,840 ×1,880 ×   2,080
Wheelbase   (mm):  2,570
Seating   Capacity (including driver):  7 (2+2+3)
Fuel Tank   Capacity (L): 70

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Brief Introduction of mini-bus:

What’s the definition of Mini-bus? Minibus is a small coach bus which standard with comfortable seating, overhead and undercarriage storage compartments, and usually also with the same heavy-duty suspension as a full-sized coach bus. Moreover, the minibus can be outfitted with configurations such as WIFI, Air conditioners, power outlets, DVDs, or TVs.



How many seats does a mini-bus have? (Click and see 6 best 7 seater minibus and minivan)

Generally speaking, mini-bus seats are 8 to 30 seats. But Kingstar Minibus offers more than that. We offer 7-8 seats short wheelbase, 7-8seats long wheelbase. 11 seat minibus, 19-22seats minibus, 7-16 seat minibus, 9-23 seats minibus.

Classification of mini-bus:

There are various kinds of classification of mini-bus. By the driving hand can be classified as left-hand driving and right-hand driving. By seat, it can be classified as 7-8 seat minibus, 9-23seats minibus, 7-16seats mini-bus, 19-22 seat minibus. If classify as the power type, there are diesel microbus, gasoline minibus, electric minibus. There are more and more eyes on the new energy minibus for future development. Such as electric, solar power. In the future, minibus is giving you a better chance to travel around and get unbelievable experience than you would get in a car or SUV. With the new development of minibus, the travel will more interesting.


Feature of J4 7 seat Mini-bus:

  • Two models of back door options, making you open easily: Sliding side door and back door. It is optional to have both of the two types of doors or only one of them.
  • Optional for double hinged doors and back doors. 
  • Various seat arrangements for selection: The seat arrangement can be various.
  • Optional: 1st row with 4 seats or 1st row with 3 seats
  • Seats can be reduced to 2 seats. It can transfer to large space of cargo van.

Quotation for J4:

ModelPictureEngineDescriptionFOB China  (In USD)
6480A JM491Q-ME gasoline; Euro IV; 7(2+2+3) seats; 2.237L; 70L fuel tank11,000-15,000
6480A 4RB2 gasoline; Euro IV; 7(2+2+3) seats; 2.438L; 70L fuel tank11,000-15,000
6480C DK4B1 Diesel; Euro IV; 7(2+2+3) seats; 2.498L; 70L fuel tank11,000-15,000
  1. Equipment as per E-catalogue.
  2. Above price is for the pickup with standard equipment.
  3. For the detail price, parameter and configuration, pls. kindly refer to the parameter and configuration sheet.
  4. For more minibus quotation list, please kindly click the link.

Popular Models that can customize to 7 Seat Mini-bus (Click and see more):

Seat number and blind window can customize.

7 to 16 Seate rminibus-J6 same size main picture
7-16 seater J6 6 meter Gasoline LHD/RHD $15,000-24,000
7 to11 Seaterminibus-VC5 same size main picture
7-11 seat VC5 4.33 meter Gasoline LHD $6,200-6,400
7 seater minibus-J4 same size main picture
7 seat J4 4.8 meter Gasoline diesel LHD/RHD

7 to 16 seater minibus-BD6 same size main picture
7-16 Seater BD6 LHD RHD $18,000~20,000
7-11 Seater minivan eVF5 same size main picture
7-11 seats eVF5 4.421 meter Gasoline LHD RHD
Electric RHD $ 15,500-23,400
7-8 Seater minibus-VC4 same size main picture
7-8 seater VC4 4.01 meter Gasoline LHD $4,500-6,000

Minibus VS Minivan

Color Customization

Seater Layout Customization

Notice: All the mode of minibus can customize to cargo van or passenger van.

Our Advantage

  1. More than 20 years of experience in auto exportation since from 1999.
  2. Wide range of vehicles.
  3. Customized vehicles
  4. SKD and CKD assembled vehicles
  5. The most competitive prices
  6. Flexible Shipment
  7. Entrusted & efficient after-sales service
  8. Genuine spare parts
  9. Warranty and claim

Why Choose Us

  • Professional
  • High quality
  • Prompt Reply
  • Quick Delivery

FAQ(Click to see more FAQ)

What’s the Warranty Period:

For the following parts, we will provide a 3-year or 100,000 kilometers warranty.
Camshaft, camshaft timing gear, cylinder head cover, cylinder head, engine block, piston, crankshaft,
connecting rod, piston pin, crankshaft timing gear, oil pan, intake manifold, belt pulley, tension pulley, flywheel.
For the following parts, we will provide a 3 months or 5000 kilometers the warranty.
Air filter, air-conditioning filter, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plug, brake lining, clutch disc, tire, battery of remote controller, bulb, wiper blade, fuse and normal relay(doesn’t contain integrated control unit)
For the following parts, we will provide 1 year or 10,000 kilometers the warranty service of
For the following parts, we will provide the warranty service of 2 year or 50,000 kilometers
Any other components except from the components above.

How about the SHIPMENT Time:

About 55 working days. Normally the cycle time is around 55 working days. But If come across the hot season or holiday or special period, the cycle time will be adjusted accordingly. The detail cycle time will be replied formally in quotation sheet by our sales department. 

How to purchase from you?

You can select the model from our website. Or, you can tell our sales manger your specific requirements and we will recommend the suitable model to you. It’s better to double confirm with our sales before you load order. Because different country may have certification requirement, and LHD RHD difference so that some model are not suitable for your local market.
After you confirm the model and price, we will provide the Proforma Invoice to you. Then you pay the first payment. The production arrangement will do when we receive your first payment. Before the shipment you have to finish the balance payment. We will send picture and video for your green light before you do the final payment.
The easiest and quickest way to buy minibus in large quantity is by calling our sales team Phone: +86-759-2678262 WhatsApp/ Wechat:+86 18019763531. Alternatively, you can also send an email to E-mail: minibus_info@kingstar.com.cn or reply to an email quote we have already provided. 
Send us Inquiry -> Negotiation -> Sample Car confirmed -> Place order and arrange deposit
Mass Production -> Arrange the Balance -> Delivery -> Received

How do you ensure product quality?

Some of the model we already have Certifications, such as EEC Certification. But because different country have different request for certification, so the details should confirm with our sales to ensure the model you choose can meet your local certification requirement.
We also have 100% inspection to ensure the quality.
The good and complete after sale services, covers the spare parts providing, no matter for urgent spare parts support via express, or large quantity of spare parts providing, we always response fast.

How do we do the payment?

Normally we accept 50% first payment by T/T, rest of the balance finish before the shipment. If customer country request L/C, we would consider in special cases.



J4 Simple(A)

J4 Simple(B)

J4 Simple(C)


Overall size(L x W x H)

4,840 ×1,880 × 2,080

4,840 × 1,880 ×2,080

4,840 ×1,880 × 2,080

Wheelbase (mm)




Seating Capacity (including driver)

7 (2+2+3)

7 (2+2+3)

7 (2+2+3)

Fuel Tank Capacity (L)





Suspension (Front / Rear )

Double wishbone independent / Variable rate leaf spring(three pcs)

Double wishbone independent / Variable rate leaf spring(three pcs)

Double wishbone independent / Variable rate leaf spring(three pcs)

Brake (Front / rear)

Disc / drum, ABS+EBD, Initiative vacuum booster

Disc / drum, ABS+EBD, Initiative vacuum booster

Disc / drum, ABS+EBD, Initiative vacuum booster


195R15C radial tire

195R15C radial tire

195R15C radial tire


Engine Type

Gasoline ,4-cylinder in-line, 16-valve, DOHC

Gasoline ,4-cylinder in-line, 16-valve, DOHC






Displacement (L)




Intake type

Naturally aspirated

Naturally aspirated


Rated output (kw/rpm)

76 / 4,400 – 4,800

102 / 4,600 – 5,000

100 / 3,600 – 4,600

Max. torque (Nm/rpm)

193 / 2,600 – 3,200

217 / 2,600 – 3,200

360 / 4,600


Single disc, hydraulic control

Single disc, hydraulic control

Single disc, hydraulic control

Max. vehicle speed (km/h)





5-Speeds MT

5-Speeds MT

5-Speeds MT


Euro IV

Euro IV

Euro IV


Black manual wing mirror

Chormed power wing mirror

Manual door lock

Electric central control door lock

Power driver & co-driver window

Anti-glare inner rear view mirror

Intermittent front wiper

Rear wiper

Front washer

Rear washer

Rear electric defroster

Sun visor (with mirror)




Tiltable steering wheel

High-mount brake lamp

Manual sliding door

Black door handle

Chormed door handle

UV-locking front windscreen

Rear side white glasses

Rear side dark gray glasses

Sliding window

Combination lamp

Painting grill

Steel rim




Body color

Dark gray interior


Front-PVC, rear-PVC + lining plate


Front heater (including defroster)

Rear heater

Front and rear independent A/C

Direct blowing A/C vents

Spray A/C vents

Radio(with USB connect)

Speakers (2 pcs)

Overhead light (1 pcs)

Glove box between driver & co-driver

Ordinary paint

Metallic paint

● : Standard   ○ : Option at additional cost   – : Not available
Note: This information is only for   reference, KINGSTAR has final explanation right.

Color Customization:

Color of the Car can be customized according to cust0mer request. Blue, Brown, Gold, Silver, Gray or While, any color you want to customize.
For details please kindly check with our sales manager.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-93.png

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is color-customization.jpg

Factory Introduction:

Powerful Enterprise Group

Our Factory has developed from a single coal trade company to a diversified and comprehensive private enterprise in coal mining, shipping, automobile engine and vehicle manufacturing, general aviation services, real estate and petrochemical  industries. At present, there are more than 5000 employees, with total assets of 1.5.billion dollar.


Stamping workshop has one production line, with 4 units punching machine ( including 1 unit 24000 tons punching machine and 3 units 1000 tons of punching machine), Totally produce 23 automotive covering parts, 52 stamping parts.



Assembly line has 102 stations, production platform two shifts which could produce 200,000 units per year,The production rhythm is 1 min/unit,The minibus, mini truck and pickup use the same production line.

Customer Satisfaction

Distribution Right

Establish a long-term distribution relationship, Sign a 1-3 year exclusive distributor agreement. Victory Auto hope to become your reliable partner in China and continue to expand business areas.

OTD & New Model

Company accept orders in a variety of quantities and provide a professional delivery that is competitive with many brands. With reliable sales forecast, we can develop more products to meet market demand.

Business Support

The business team has rich experience in mini commercial vehicle sales and can provide high value suggestion. And we can regularly update our competitors’ export performance.

Flexible customization service

Technical training service


How to start the cooperation?

Business Process:
1. Contact us and share us your company profile with a business proposal.
2. We will send you a detailed product configuration and quotation.
3. Discuss 2022 target and sign an exclusive distribution agreement for 1-3 years.
4. Place the formal orders and ship cars.

Factory introduction

How about the resource of your engine factory?

We share the same technology of engine resources with famous brand such like TOYOTA, ISUZU and Nissan. For details resources data Pls. ask sales to provide.
Take one of the brand of engine Yuchai for example, here is the introduction of Yuchai Engine:

YUCHAI group was established in Guangxi, China in 1951. It is currently in possession of 33 subsidiary companies and the staff of16000 people. YUCHAI, as the biggest independent diesel engine manufacturer in the world, is also the largest group that specialized in manufacturing and exporting the medium & small engineering machine for a long history in China. Its total asset has reached 11.6 billion RMB. YUCHAI has successfully acquired the title of “First Brand Power of China” due to its preeminence.
The major product fields of YUCHAI comprise diesel engine, engineering machine, Auto components, Auto chemistry, motor production as well as the special vehicle. Its annual production capacity of diesel engines has reached 600,000 units and YUCHAI has the ability to manufacture more than 10000 units medium & small engineering machines every year. It is reported that YUCHAI group has taken 50% coverage of market of high-performance diesel engine in China. In addition, YUCHAI has been assessed as the top three road transportation enterprise as well.
After years of effort and dedication, YUCHAI group has expanded its business to cover the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania. YUCHAI has finished setting up more than 30 overseas & domestic operating offices and 40 branches. What is more, nearly 1000 distributing and delivering centers and franchised stores have been established. Based on the YCSS service information management system and 36 twenty four hours calling centers, YUCHAI has set its goal to benefit the customers to the utmost , implement the active and timely after sales service , make the 40 kilometer service radius come true and guarantee the timely delivery of the spare pars within 24 hours if parts network exists. The goal of Yuchai is to furnish the overseas & domestic clients with the most professional, efficient, satisfying service.
Guangxi Yuchai Power Machinery Co., Ltd is one company under YUCAHI group to produce 4 cylinder diesel engines specially. By using technical perform of US and Germany, the 4 cylinder engines have achieved leading advantage: high power, big torque, high reliability, low fuel cost, low noise.

Packing and Shipping

  • Ship by Ro-Ro save more cost, Ship by container 20GP 40GP also available.
  • Each container for how many unit based on car dimensions. 
  • Package: Steel Pallet; Dunnage air bag.


Different Model get different certifications.


EEC Certification

Customer Visit Photo