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Prison Van for Sale Price – Customization Factory – KINGSTAR

What is prison Van?

Prison Van also called “Prison transport van” or “jail van”. Some area also call it as “police van” or ” police vehicle”. It is informally known as a “Sweat Box” amongst British prisoners, is a specially designed or retrofitted vehicle. Usually it is used as a police van for transporting prisoners.

Most Popular Minibus can customize to Prison Transport Van for Sale:

Outlook Seat number and blind window can customize.

19 to 22 Seater minibus-VW6 same size main picture
19-22 Seater
16 seats minibus-J6 same size main picture
16 seats J5
12 to16 seater minibus-BG3 same size main picture
12-16 seater BG3
11 Seater minibus-VW5 same size main picture
11 Seater VW5
9 to16 Seater minibus-J5 same size main picture
16 seats EV
9 to 23 Seater minibus-Y7 same size main picture
9-23 seater
9 to 16 seater minibus-eJ5 same size main picture
13 seats EJ5
7-11 Seater minivan eVF5 same size main picture
7-11 seats eVF5
7-8 Seater minibus-VC4 same size main picture
7-8 seater VC4
7 to 16 Seate rminibus-J6 same size main picture
7-16 seater J6
7 to11 Seaterminibus-VC5 same size main picture
7-11 seat VC5
7 to 16 seater minibus-BD6 same size main picture
7-16 BD6
7 seater minibus-J4 same size main picture
7 seat J4

We are manufacturer for Prison Van for sale. If you are the distributor who want to buy Prison van in large quantity, Please contact with us.

Prison Van for sale Pictures( Interior, exterior, inside pictures)

Price Policy for Prison Van Distributor

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Prison Van Wholesale Price List


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KINGSTAR minibus can customize the prison van, police car, and accident investigation van according to the customer’s request. A Prison van is a vehicle for transporting prisoners. China Supreme People’s Court’s latest standards for the issuance and procurement of tumbrils are the following Supreme People’s Court regulations:

Standard about prison van:

The Supreme People’s Court notification of the provinces issued the standards. The facilities and equipment are a safe and orderly operation of the people’s court trial work fundamental guarantee, in relation to judicial dignity and justice.

The purpose is to further ensure the safe and orderly operation of the trial work. Moreover, it is for better maintain the work order of the people’s courts. The Supreme People’s Court according to the relevant industry standards, combined with the first line of balance and combat to the majestic the construction requirements has been improved. This is to print and distribute to you the Construction Specifications.

The standard of the tumbrils has been modified as follows: Basic Standard

1. Firstly, the prison car shall be with two parts: the pa cockpit and the escort cabin. “The seat in the cockpit shall have two rows in front and back, with no less than 4 seats.

2. Secondly, front and rear fence isolation barriers shall be between the cockpit and the escort compartment and inside the escort compartment door. The front isolation barrier between the cockpit and the Jaejoong compartment shall be set up for emergency purposes, and the emergency access door shall be installed with a one-way opening and closing device on one side of the cockpit; The rear separation barrier shall be on one side of the escort cabin door with a one-way opening and closing installation.

3. Finally, the tumbrils shall be equipped with alarm lights, sirens, and roof lights in strict accordance with the standards; The front and rear of the car body shall be equipped with enhanced bumpers; The front and rear of the vehicle, the cockpit, and the escort cabin shall be equipped with cameras; In the cockpit, a DVR with a recording time of not less than 72 hours, a satellite positioning system and a display screen shall be provided.

Basic requirements for the use of tumbrils

1. The people’s courts at all levels shall, in accordance with the provisions of the escort of co-defendants, defendants of different genders, and juvenile defendants in equal vehicles, be equipped with enough prison cars. The prison cars shall not be less than two and shall not use other vehicles for the escort of the defendant.

2. The competent people’s court can standardize and refit the prison wagon according to the plastic-type and safety needs of the prison wagon. Small prison car escort compartment seats are arranged in two longitudinal rows. Medium prison car escort compartment should be divided into independent custody compartment. Moreover, each custody compartment should be equipped with a one-way opening and closing device

The VF4 VF5is a 5-seat minibus, equipped with a prison cage and a cage seat, and equipped with a prison tripod and alarm light

Chair, handcuffs, handcuffs, and other equipment. It is mainly for public security bureaus, police stations, and judicial departments to held prisoners or conducts daily patrols.

The VF4 VF5 police vehicle is a 7-seat vehicle with a police car midpoint and a long row of police lights and sirens. The main use is for public security organs, judicial organs, and other departments to perform official duties.

How to play order

  1. Send to us message or call us
  2. Talk with our sales to choose the right modes
  3. To book Sample Car for your confirmation, some modes can support 1 sample car booking
  4. Place order and arrange deposit
  5. Mass Production
  6. Arrange the Balance
  7. Delivery
  8. Received


Various Applications

  • Passenger public transportation
  • Business car rental
  • Hotel shuttle
  • Tourist car rental
  • Enterprise shuttle bus rental
  • School car rental
  • Airport pickup car rental
  • Logistic transportation
  • Public transportation
  • Family use
  • Special purpose: such as ambulance, police car, post car, Prison car, freezer van, Wheelchair minibus, School Bus
  • Community Activities,
  • Small Group Events Use
  • Transport Van, transit
  • Logistics vehicles
  • Passenger Van Rental



5. Today we will introduce one of our prison vans for you.

Prison van is a vehicle for transporting prisoners:

China Supreme People’s Court’s latest standards for the issuance and procurement of prison van are depends on the Supreme People’s Court regulations.

5.1 Firstly, the specification of the utility vehicle minibus — prison vehicle

We have two size of this prison van, one is 5.4 meter and another one is 6 meter. The dimension of the small one is 5,380 * 1,880 * 2,285mm, the wheelbase of the vehicle is 3,110mm. The fuel tank capacity is 70L, the clutch is single disc, hydraulic control, tires using on this prison vehicle is 195R15C radial tire. The dimension of the bigger one is 5,990 * 1,880 * 2,320mm, the wheelbase of the vehicle is 3,720mm. Different from the small one, the tires using on this vehicle is 215/75R16C radial tire.

5.2 Secondly, the engine of the utility vehicle minibus – prison vehicle

   We have two engines for these two prison vehicle, one is gasoline engine and another one is diesel engine.

Gasoline engine


TOYOTA technology

2438 cc Gasoline, EFI, 16-valve, DOHC,




Fuel consumption: 11.3L/100km

Diesel engine


TOYOTA technology

2498 cc Diesel, EFI, High-pressure common rail EFI, turbo-charged, EGR




Fuel consumption: 10.5L/100km

5.3 Thirdly, the safety of the utility vehicle minibus – prison vehicle

 ① Anti-sliding door lock:

    It is able to be locked by itself when the side door is opened in the ultimate limit sate until the handle of the slide door is pulled. It enhanced safety of the vehicle.

 ② High tension strengthened steel plate

  The body structure is anti-overturn framework formed with high tension strengthened steel plate. Substantially increasing body firmness as well as reducing noise and vibration during the driving.

③ The energy absorbing type brake pedal

   It could limit the intrusion degrees of brake assistant, pedal and pedal bracket to driver when there is a collision. To prevent the steering shaft moving to driver.

④ The ABS + EBD braking system

   ABS shall keep wheels from locking when braking or realize max brake effect. EBD shall automatically detect loading of front and rear wheels and running speed difference. And distribute braking force among the wheels reasonably.

⑤ Initiative vacuum booster

   Normally initiative vacuum booster only equipped in high level luxury sedan car. It shall automatically read the emergency braking action, provide bigger braking force and effectively shorten brake distance.

Prison vehicles are required by government which must meet all strictly demands. The Safety of the vehicle always the first priority.

KINGSTAR could provide all kinds of utility vehicle minibus and also offer customized service of all vehicles.

Should you have any enquiry about the utility vehicle minibus, please feel free to contact with us.  



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