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Y6 arrived in Nigeria

By 24th June 2019, 180 units of Kingstar transit minibus Y6 arrived in Nigeria. The first 120 transit minibus which shipped by 2018.1.31 have been put into service on its core mini buses route. The remaining vehicles will put into use gradually.

According to the report, this is the first time for Nigeria to purchase mini buses in large quantities from Kingstar. It is also the largest single order for minibusses in Nigeria and even in the Commonwealth of Independent States. The conclusion of the order is not only the affirmation of Kingstar’s long-term efforts in the Nigerian market but also full of expectations for the future development of Kingstar.

transit minibus

Nigeria is a great potential market.

It is well known that Nigeria(Federal Republic of Nigeria) located in 6°27′N,3°24′E who is rich in oil and gas resources, the largest oil resources in Africa. At present, Nigeria has joined the global wave of new energy development and actively built a green transportation system. In the end, among many minibus manufacturers, they chose Kingstar to provide them with city minibusses.

In January 2019, Nigeria customers took KINGSTAR’s minibus for a trial run after a careful inspection. For example, good reliability, smooth running, easy maintenance, ride comfort, and other excellent performance soon won the local people, government departments, and operators of praise.
The operation of the Kingstar minibus will create a more comfortable transportation environment for the local people and enhance the national image of Nigeria.

“Now we also have the opportunity to ride a world-class minibus. “This is a strong policy by the government to benefit the public.”Kingstar’s 180 city minibusses will provide a high-quality travel experience for local people.
In fact, as early as 2005, the first Kingstar minibus entered the Nigerian market. As of December 2019, Kingstar’s total sales volume in Nigeria has exceeded 1,200 units.

It is worth mentioning that low temperature is the “touchstone” of the all-minibus. In order to overcome the cold weather in Nigeria in winter, Kingstar has taken various measures for the thermal resistance of these minibusses. This can withstand the local special climate environment and meet the all-day operation requirements.
Additionally, Kingstar in Nigeria will continue to adhere to the concept of customer-centric. Moreover, to create greater value for customers, so as to ensure a good local travel experience.



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