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Three kinds of small buses for sale: Microbus, Minibus & Midibus

If you are looking for small buses for sale, that is to say, normal bus size is too large for you. You will find there are 3 kinds of small buses for sale you can find in the market: Microbus, Minibus, and Midibus. Then, you will have the following questions: Such as Why there are 3 kinds of small buses. What’s the difference between them? How do choose the suitable type out of them?

small buses for sale

Microbus, Minibus and Midibus

There are several options on the bus, but choose which one is depending on your needs. Among these options, we have microbus, minibus, and midibus.
These three types of buses are smaller than regular buses. They are considered for small groups, company transfers, or holiday trips. The most obvious difference between the minibus, of course, is the size of the minibus and the midsize bus. Besides, they are also different in comfort, use, and cost.


Firstly, A Microbus is a motor vehicle that carries passengers. Normally, including the driver, it can accommodate nine people. There is not allowed to stand in these vehicles; All the passengers have to sit in their seats because the space in the car is reduced as a car. Basically speaking, it is at 4 or 5 meters in length, it is the smallest one in the three types.
Microbuses are used for a variety of reasons. In coach rentals between airports and hotels, small business trips, or familiar trips when one car is not enough.


Secondly, the minibus can carry up to 30 people and is 8 meters long. The size of a minibus is between a minibus and a midibus. Its size helped it navigate the narrow streets where regular buses could not do.
Minibusses are ideal for small companies or sports teams’ transportation.


Finally, a midibus is a single-deck bus that is generally smaller than a conventional bus but larger than a minibus or minibus. Its body size is between 8 meters and 11 meters. This is convenient when a regular bus is too big and there are seats left, but the minibus or minibus is small. In this case, the best option is to hire a medium-sized bus rather than hire our bus rental service.

Kingstar Minibus

Established in 2004, Kingstar Minibus has been engaged in the export business of minibusses. All employees have rich experience in automobile production and export.
With aggressive marketing, innovative product design, strict quality control, and excellent after-sales service, Kingstar has become a leading professional company in China’s automotive export industry.

Kingstar is an authorized exporter to major Chinese automakers. The main business scope includes automobile production, sales, and service. Through the technical cooperation with various manufacturers, our brand ” Kingstar ” has achieved great success in the overseas market.

In Kingstar you can find all these three kinds of small buses for sale. If you want more information, Please kindly turn to the detailed product for parameter and configuration. Or you can contact our sales to recommend the right minibus mode to you directly.



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