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6-11 seater minivan

6-11 seater minivan category is to present to customer our major minivan products.

Actually, the difference between minivan and minibus is that minivan reserves more space for cargo and luggage in back side. While, minibus, reserves more space for passenger seats. Kingstar minivan and minibus actually are the same mode, just different designs for the passenger seats numbers, door types (sliding door or back side door), and window is normal or blind.

We separate into two categories, because most of the customer call them different name. Therefore, you can see the same mode type is in both of minibus and minivan categories. Please kindly see the parameter and configuration, and any question please feel free to contact with our sales team for further detail discussion.
11 seater van is a small box-shaped minivan with maximum 11 seats number. It is with seats in the back for carrying passengers or goods.

The seat is removable and seats number can be customized is able to book according to customer request. Also, some of the configurations such as the windows. 11 seater van is larger than a station wagon in space. It is typically with side or rear windows and rear seats is removable for hauling small loads.

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