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Kingstar 12 seater minibus shipped to Ghana

Since 2017, we have shipped a lot of 12 seater minibus to Ghana.

All the 12 seater minibus is with the seat belt.

Wearing a seat belt while driving is a commonplace question, and it also reflects the importance of seat belts. As we all know, once a serious traffic accident happens during a vehicle, a passenger wearing a seat belt is many times more likely to survive than a passenger who does not. However, in real life, most people just take “seat belts and life belts” as a slogan. The editor occasionally found that when taking a bus, there are very few people in a car who can wear a seat belt all the way. After all, the time spent traveling by car only accounts for a very small part of life, so everyone has fluke psychology.

12 seater minibus

People in the freight industry spend most of the year in their cars, and some even shuttle on highways with constant traffic all year round. Will their awareness of the use of seat belts be much higher than that of ordinary people? The answer is not necessarily yes. I chatted with a few people who run freight all year round and found that they are just as lucky as we are.

12 seater minibus

Some truck drivers feel that they have been driving the truck for many years without any accidents and do not need to wear a seat belt at all. Some truck drivers feel that it is inconvenient to move around. Because they are tired of the restraint of the seat belt. There is usually no traffic police inspection on highways. Or there is no time to buckle up when you see the traffic police. Fastening the seat belt becomes a traffic police inspection; the co-pilot or other personnel onboard the vehicle have a weak awareness of the use of seat belts. It makes people feel weak and shudder.

In fact, there is no correlation between the frequency of seat belt use and the probability of accidents.

The failure of the freighter to wear the seat belt for a lifetime does not mean that he can land safely the last time he is paralyzed. Because no one can predict what will happen tomorrow. For people who have been engaged in the freight industry for many years, dangers can happen at any time. Wearing a seat belt is to prevent problems before they happen.

I believe that the purpose of every freighter’s hard work is to make his life better for himself and his family. Only when he has a sense of worry at all times. And whether he is driving or riding in the car, the first step is to wear a seat belt to be in danger. At that moment, reduce the impact of the accident on itself.

Finally, what I want to say is that small things with a small amount of effort may affect the life of a freight forwarder. Behind every freight forwarder is a family who is always looking forward to your return. And it is an extremely heavy responsibility. Even if the vehicle insurance is only the cargo of the freighter, only the usual seemingly inconspicuous driving habits are the foundation of the insurance.

As the new year is approaching, the editor wishes all freighters who travel day and night to pay attention to driving safety at all times and remember to wear seat belts first when getting on the car. The seat belt is a life belt and a responsibility belt.



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