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In our daily life, we could see many facilities designed for the convenience of the disabled. Such as the blind lane on the sidewalk, the ramp in front of the building for wheelchair access, and the lift at the entrance of the subway. But buses that are convenient for disabled people are not much domestic yet. The model of J5 & J6 of accessible minibus from KINGSTAR has perfectly solved this problem.

Accessible Minibus
Accessible Minibus

J5 & J6 models are one of our star products. In June 2011, the 4th National Professional Skills Competition for the disabled was held in Nanjing. The 40 accessible minibus were modified and manufactured by our factory and donated to this event. The slogan of “Get comfortable with a new way of thinking” from the designer of this minibus.

1. For this accessible minibus, we have two models, one is 5.4M minibus with 14-16 seats.
Accessible Minibus

Another one is 6M accessible minibus with 16-20 seats.

Accessible Minibus

2. The parameter and features about the accessible minibus

2.1 Firstly, let’s check the exterior of the minibus.

With a generous appearance, characterized of fortitude and grace, as well as the perfect balance between the fashionable high roof and super wide body. The overall body design of the commercial model with smooth side windows efficiently minimized the wind noise. Especially during driving. The body line of the accessible minibus looks more fluid and rhythmical.

Accessible Minibus

Another spotlight of the body design is the heightened roof, which could make a normal person can stand inside the cabin. The heightened and widened sliding door could enter two passengers at the same time and exit quicker and conveniently if there is an emergency.

Accessible Minibus
The maximum loading of the bridge is 350kg
2.2 Secondly, let’s have a check of the interior of the accessible minibus

A thoughtful interior will always make the driving easier and more comfortable. No doubt, the importance of comfortable seating for a driver or passengers is quite matters.

The standard equipment of manual A/C controller, power mirrors and AM/FM/CD player with MP3 port.

Worth to mentioning it, we have manual transmission and automatic transmission two choices.

Passenger comfort is assured by 9 roof-level air condition vents with adjustable louvers above each row seat in the rear cabin. The air cleaner will be a spotlight of the same class models, it will always keep the carriage air fresh. We also have an optional choice of 19” LCD TV.

2.3 The seats arrangement of the accessible minibus

Pioneered “2+1” arrangement of 14-19 passenger seats, makes easy access to roomy driving and comfortable seating. The human-oriented interior trim design provides you infinitely agreeable journey life. Fabric seating with adjustable head restraints and seatbacks that comply with human engineering could effectively relax on long trips. The width of 780mm between the back of the seat substantially improves comfort and sets free the passenger’s knee and legs.

We equipped 14~16 seats for a 5.4M accessible minibus, the seat layout as below:

We equipped 17~19 seats for 6M accessible minibus, the seat layout as below:

2.4 The safety of the accessible minibus

   Safety is always the first priority thing for a vehicle, especially for a minibus, the disabled person is not that convenient as a normal one, the features should be more thoughtful and make sure it is safe enough.

  This accessible minibus with upper and lower members at the front of the frame. The side impact beams in the front doors which absorbing collision energy to contribute to class-leading safety. The side door is able to be locked automatically when it was opened in the ultimate limit status until you pull the handle of the sliding door. It enhanced the safety of passengers.

  The overall designed body is an anti-overturn framework formed with high tension strengthened steel plate. Substantially increasing body firmness and reducing noise and vibration during driving.

The energy-absorbing steering column and the energy-absorbing brake pedal could limit the intrusion degrees of the brake assistant. When any crash happened the pedal and pedal bracket will help to prevent the steering shaft from moving to the driver to keep himself.

ABS (anti-locking braking system) shall keep wheels from locking when braking or realize maximum brake effect. EBD (electronic brake force distribution) shall automatically detect loading of front and rear wheels of running speed difference and the distribute braking force among the wheels reasonably. The initiative vacuum booster of the accessible minibus is only equipped in luxury vehicles usually. It is quite seldom on the same class models. It shall automatically read emergency braking action, provide bigger braking force and effectively shorten brake distance.

2.5 The engine of the accessible minibus

  We have gasoline engine and diesel engine, detailed refers to specification chart of both models:

2.6 The specification of J5 minibus

   The dimension of J5 is 5380x1880x2285mm, the wheelbase is 3110mm. The fuel capacity is 70L. The clutch of the minibus is a single disc, hydraulic control, tires using 195R15C radial tire. Engine models for J5 minibus as below:

2.7 The system of J5 accessible minibus

    The front suspension of the minibus is double-wishbone independent suspension/rear variable-rate leaf spring, power steering system, and integrated pressing rear axle. The braking system is disc/ drum, initiative vacuum booster, ABS+EBD. The transmission type is manual 5 speeds, flexible shaft control.

2.8 The specification of J6 accessible minibus

   The dimension of J6 is 5990*1880*2320mm, the wheelbase is 3720mm. The fuel capacity and clutch are the same as J5. Tires using 215/75R16C radial tire. Engine models as below for your reference:

  2.9 The system of J6 is the same with J5 accessible minibus.



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