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Do You Know How To Choose A Special Chinese School Bus?

Chinese school bus

The Chinese school bus carries young children and is the flower of the motherland.  How to choose a special school bus?  We can start from these aspects, such as width between the road surface and the bus, size, engine fuel, after-sales service, input, and use cost.    

1. Suitable width between the road surface and the Chinese school bus

The school bus needs to pass through whether the width of the road is suitable for the width of the bus purchased.  Whether there is an isolation pier (generally, the width of the isolation pier can pass through a bus with a width less than 2 meters).  Because your bus can not enter, other buses can enter, which means you will lose the source of the place.  

2. Size of Chinese School bus

It is not advisable to buy a large school bus.  Otherwise, the pick-up time will be too long due to poor passing, inflexibility, and long waiting time.  Parents have opinions and the driver will be under pressure to hurry and exceed the speed limit, which will increase safety risks.  

3. Engine fuel

It is best to buy a special Chinese school bus with a diesel engine.  Diesel vehicles are more fuel-efficient than gasoline vehicles and have lower maintenance costs.

4. After sales service

After-sales service of a special Chinese school bus must be considered, is there a local service station?  Special attention should be paid to the fact that the engine service station, chassis service station, and vehicle service station are all one, so as to avoid running many service stations for after-sales.

5. Input and use cost

There is also the input and use cost.  As we use the school bus, we don’t need to be too luxurious, just meet the national school bus standard.  If we can obtain the school bus certificate issued by the state, it is recognized by the state to meet the school bus standard.  The use and maintenance cost is less than 30,000 yuan per year.

Do you get the point about how to choose a special Chinese School bus?  If you are interested in this kind of bus, please contact us, we will show more detail to you.



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