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KINGSTAR J6 minibus 20 from our factory is a Chinese commercial vehicle innovator, steady and elegant, shows a leading business style.  Change the space constraint of traditional sea lion models, extend the body length to 5.99 meters and bring one more row of profit space.  Super large space, high-end equipment with strong power, lower fuel consumption, elegant interior, comfortable driving, and diverse choices. Do you like it?

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Let’s know more highlights for J6 minibus 20.

1. Super large space winning weapon

5.99 meters long body, an extra row of seat space to make max minibus 20 seats, more efficient operation. We have flexible seat layout of 16-20 seats according to customers’ operational requirements.

2. High-end equipment with strong power

J6 minibus 20 can equip with various power schemes. Such as 3TZ, DK4B1, and DK5B gasoline and diesel engines with excellent performance and super horsepower, providing efficient power.  At the same time, it matches the 5 gear manual transmission system with flexible and simple operation, honors the business trip, and moves at will.

3. Lightweight body has lower fuel consumption

Lightweight body design can make the whole body lighter, more stable, firmer and healthier; At the same time, it equips with a manual 5 gear and various classic engines so that the power is efficient and strong which reduces the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle.  J6 minibus 20 can save energy and protects the environment and reduces operating expenses.

4. Elegant interior

Dark gray elegant interior shows stability and restraint.  The central instrument console of KINGSTAR J6 minibus 20 is simple and generous in design and flexible in operation. The steering wheel height can adjust at your will, making it easy for every driver to control.  In addition to the standard seats, different seats such as aviation/executive seats, rear hanging seats, and folding seats can be installed. Except above, GPS, color reversing display, negative ion air purifier, 15-inch liquid crystal display, and other configurations can also install on the vehicle. So that distinguished business travelers can walk with you all the way.

5. Comfortable driving and diverse choices for J6 minibus 20

There are standard fabric seats (dark/light color), executive seats, luxury aviation seats (dark/light color), and rear folding seats (hanging seats/folding forward-turning seats).

KINGSTAR J6 minibus 20 achieves business travel and dream.  If you are interested in this model or any other model, feel free to contact us. We will show you more detail within 24hours.



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  1. Gopala krishna Draksharam

    Iam interested in these can you send me full price of Buss and how much it will cost for for deliver to London