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DV: Disabled vehicle accessible van for sale J6-Kingstar minibus

Accessible van for sale is especially for disabled people to make the motor vehicle. Its characteristic is regardless of the design and production. It is to adapt to the characteristics of the disabled specially manufacture, convenient operation for the disabled to meet the needs of the disabled. Moreover, it gives full consideration to the safety of motor vehicles. The same shape and the motor vehicle some, just internal structure, design is different.

accessible van for sale

What does DV mean?

DV stands for disabled car accessible van for sale. DV is widely using in banking, computing, education, finance, government, and health. In addition to DV, the accessible van may be in the abbreviation of other acronyms.

accessible van for sale

Basis “road traffic safety law” the 119th the 4th regulation, the disabled person motor wheelchair car that has power device drive belongs to the non-motor vehicle. However, its design maximum speed, empty car quality, the external dimension must accord with the concerned national standard.

accessible van for sale

“National Technical Standard for Motorized Wheelchair” (GB12995-2006) stipulates that motorized wheelchairs should meet 9 requirements. The maximum speed of the vehicle, the size of the vehicle made specific provisions. That is, the maximum design speed of the vehicle is not more than 50km/h. And the outline size should not be greater than 2500mm×1200mm×1400mm (length × width × height)”. According to the Measures of Guangzhou for the Administration of Special Motor Vehicles for the Disabled, the disabled shall use the same type of vehicles for the disabled in Guangzhou. The performance of the special motor vehicle for the disabled shall be in good condition and effective. With the body no more than 200cm, the width no more than 80cm, and the height no more than 110cm; the Engine capacity.

Volume not exceeding 50CC (inclusive).

According to the General Technical Conditions for Electric Bicycles (GB17761-1999), electric bicycles shall meet the following conditions:

accessible van for sale

1. The maximum speed of electric bicycles should not be more than 20km/h.

2. Electric bicycles must have a good pedal-riding function, and the pedal-riding distance of 30min (minutes) should be greater than 7km.

3. The mass (weight) of the whole electric bicycle should not be more than 40kg.

4. Battery as auxiliary energy, with two wheels.

To do not meet one of the above four conditions, can not be identified as electric bicycle, and as a motor vehicle processing.

If a power device is installed on a human-powered tricycle, the power device shall be forcibly dismantled and confiscated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Regulations on Handling Illegal Acts on Road Traffic Safety. Moreover, a fine of 50 yuan shall be imposed in accordance with the Regulations on Road Traffic Safety of Guangdong Province.

Assembled vehicles refer to motor vehicles assembled (assembled) using imported automobile bodies (including cab) for automobile production. Or using engines, steering gear, transmission, front and rear axles, frames (collectively referred to as the “five major pieces”). Moreover, other spare parts of discarded motor vehicles without the approval of relevant departments of the State.

The term “modified vehicle” means a motor vehicle that without authorization alters the registered structure, structure, or features of a motor vehicle.

The term “scrapped vehicles” refers to those vehicles that meet the national standards for scrapped vehicles. Or it fails to meet the national standards for scrapped vehicles, but whose engine or chassis is seriously damaged. After inspection, it does not meet the national technical conditions for the safe operation of motor vehicles or the national standards for pollutant discharge from motor vehicles.


In accordance with the “motor vehicle safety technical conditions” (GB7258-2004), no matter what drive mode, the maximum design speed is more than 50 km/h. If the use of an internal combustion engine, its displacement is greater than 50 ml of two or three rounds of motorcycle, including two rounds, three rounds of motorcycle and motorcycle are three-wheeled motorcycle (three-wheeled motorcycle and three rounds of a motorcycle can be called a three-wheeled motorcycle).

In accordance with the “motor vehicle safety technical conditions” (GB7258-2004), no matter what drive mode, the maximum design speed is not more than 50 km/h. And if the use of the internal combustion engine, its capacity is not more than 50 ml of two or three rounds of vehicles. It is including two rounds of scooters and three-wheeled scooters. However, it does not include the highest design speed is not more than 20 km/h two rounds of electric vehicles.

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