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Definition and function of special purpose vehicle: Special purpose vehicle refers to a van minibus equipped with special equipment and functions for undertaking special transport tasks or special operations, as well as other special purposes. The definition of a special purpose vehicle van minibus is not unified in the world. Usually, a special purpose van minibus is relative to the ordinary car. Ordinary cars have a wide range of uses, usually known as basic models. And special vehicles are mainly installed on the basis of basic models with special bodies or used to complete a cargo shipping container and complete certain project equipment. With the development of special-purpose van minibus, more and more special-purpose vehicles for its specially designed car chassis, to environmental protection, energy-saving, safety, high efficiency as the theme, better play to the characteristics of special-purpose van minibus.

Special Vehicles van minibus

1. Surging power: Helps you galloping all the way.

Special Vehicles van minibus

VM 2.5T high pressure common rail turbocharged engine

Driving from the world-class Italian VM light diesel engine, matching the international-advanced intelligent electronically controlled fuel injection system from Bosch. Also, the engine provides surging power continuously. The maximum power is 120KW, and the maximum torque can reach 420 N*M. Moreover, with 100km combined road fuel consumption of just 9.1L, the engine achieves the perfect balance between power and fuel consumption.

2. Six speed Manual Gearbox:

Six speed gearbox gear shifts rapidly clear. Ensure a strong power engine. Ever fount transmission to the wheel.

3. High-strength safety load-carrying body can effectively absorb collision energy and protect the driver and passengers. Airbags will protect you from a collision.

4. Parking sensors combined with a visual reversing image system give you confidence when parking. ABS+EBD guarantees the stability of the vehicle in an emergency. The latest version ESC 9.0 system will bring more security for a variety of road conditions.

5. Scientific and strict development process:

a. October 1st, 2012, after extensive market research, the new vehicle project’s market research report finally released.

This report shows that it would be a perfect time to develop a European minibus product. As well as a perfect combination of market needs and the company’s resources.

b. Learn from the European experience of the market, the main usage of the series has three models. Namely, passenger’s kombi and freight.
c. Europe is the birthplace of the vehicle and the product spectrum.

The parameter of the car can be identified at the beginning of the design. Including the overall size, the number of the seats, engine type, wheelbase, transmission, tire models, the suspension form, emission standards. These parameters not only describe the basic status of the product but also form the basic framework to constraint the design process.

d. As the core part of the vehicle, the power system affects the stability, security, and interoperability of the vehicle in the running state.

Our plan is to use the Italian technology VM diesel engines. It achieves the perfect balance between power, fuel consumption, and noise control. After been equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox, the engine’s surging power was like an endless stream transmitted to the tires.

e. Inviting ECS jointly developing this car with us is an important part of the design phase.

It reflects the concept that we use passenger vehicle standards to build a commercial car. Detailed through this cooperation, the ride comfort of this car will be greatly improved, and also our car-making level.

f. The first impression given to the public about a car is certainly the effect pictures from the designers’ pens.

It brings people an initial impression, when all the components are placed by the engineers and tires began to run. And only the initial design of a real car is completed.

g. These are photos of our continuous verification during the design process for vehicle safety, maneuverability, comfort, and other indicators. We need to constantly validate our design parameters are achieved.
h. Vehicle collision is what we never want to see.

When this happens, in order to know whether the vehicle can guarantee the safety of the crew. And whether the crew will be able to escape the traps, several cars of the first batch were cracked.

i. This picture is no longer the effect picture on paper, though modified, the details have been faithfully shown to the audience.

When designing came to an end, not all the work is complete, the products still need to verify by the market and constantly revised post-market, a product never perfect so easy.

Special Vehicles van minibus
Special Vehicles van minibus



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