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What’s a feel to hold a wedding on the wedding party bus?

Party bus became one of the new ways of young people’s wedding.

Wedding on the double-bus wedding party bus, I want to tell my parents that “we can be very happy”.

“If you can, wedding on the double-decker wedding party bus should be a gift from God. And I want my parents to witness our happiness together” Xiao Gao said.  Her Mr. right, surnamed Tang, is two years older than her. Their wedding is scheduled for early April.

Xiao Gao, an Anhui native, came to Hangzhou alone four years ago.  Because of a joke from a colleague, Xiaotang came into her life.  From xiaotangkou, it is rare to hear a sweet word. But his steadfastness and concern made Xiao Gao decide that this is the person who can accompany her for a lifetime.

wedding party bus

But their love was worried by Xiao Gao’s parents at first.  Parents don’t trust their daughter to marry Hangzhou. But always hope that she can return to her hometown, work, and get married there.  In the end, the parents could not overcome their stubborn daughter and their firm love and agreed to their marriage.  However, Xiao Gao knows that his parents have not really let go. Because the words “reluctant” often hang on his mother’s lips.

wedding party bus

Xiao Gao said if we can get the chance of holding a wedding on a double-decker wedding party bus. It must be a gift from God.  I want to bring my parents to witness our happy wedding together. Let them know that Hangzhou is beautiful, I am very happy. And they can rest assured that their daughter lives in Hangzhou.

At my wedding, I also want to sit in the “invincible sightseeing seat” again in double-decker wedding party bus.

In addition to Xiao Gao’s originality, the other two couples also have their own sweetness.

Such as this girl named Zhao Ting met Xiao Li in the badminton competition of the first school sports meeting in the freshman year.  By the time of the second school sports meeting, they had joined hands to represent the college.  But what impressed Zhao Ting most was that “once my shoelaces came loose in the competition, he stopped the competition and squatted in the middle of the stadium to tie my shoelaces.  At that moment, I was particularly touched …” This once became a gossip topic for school girls, admiring others.  From campus to now, they have been together for more than 4 years.

Zhao Ting said that as a native, the rickety double-decker bus witnessed my growth.  Like many young people, every time, of course, they “rob” to sit in the front “invincible sightseeing seat”. Once you sit on it, you can’t bear to leave your seat any longer. 

As the wedding day is approaching, Zhao Ting thinks that the “double-decker wedding party bus Wedding” is undoubtedly a “bride’s family feature”, which can leave a brilliant memory for himself for a lifetime.  At the same time, it also makes the wedding party bus who witnessed love drive a new family to a bright future.

If you get married, do you know wedding hold on the wedding party bus?



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