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As an auto customization factory that support bus customization, we offer you various party bus for sale: small or big, cheap party bus with low cost prices, limo party bus, party school bus… If classify according to seaters: we have 10 passenger, 20 passenger, 30 passenger party minibus, 16 seater party bus, and so on. We welcome party bus companies to inquire about the price and service.

If we search the showcase on internet, we will find the many famous autobus are customized for party use. Especially in movies or in wedding show. We can see many beautiful party van in Sydney, Las vegas, Toronto, Ottawa, Dublin, UK, DC, Cincinnati. The citizen happiness getting higher and higher in nowadays society. People going to have more parties, activities or business negotiations and etc. Of course, they may need a vehicle that could carry themselves, colleagues, and also friends to the party place or business place.

Party bus

When we talk about party minibus, we still have a lot of questions. Are you going to party often? Have you noticed the party minibus that carrying you to the party? Is it beautiful? Is it attractive? Or is it safe enough? Would you search for “party bus rentals near me” on the internet?What functions does a party minibus have? How about your requirements for the party van you are going to buy?

1. The influence of automobile

Among the great inventions that have influenced the course of human history, the most brilliant is the electric light and the automobile. The light liberates the eyes from darkness. On the other hand, automobile really makes human beings step towards civilization.

Party Van

Since the birth of the automobile, it has been endowed with the values and emotional needs of human culture. With the deeper understanding and value of automobiles, people have a deeper spiritual pursuit, and automobile culture arises at the historic moment.

2. The special representation of automobile

Each culture has its own unique form of expression and connotation. Party van reflects the development of the automobile industry. It is undoubtedly that is another form of expression to show the automobile culture.

3. The origin of party van

It was started from the United States which started calling as tailgate party. It means to find a large space, people open the rear door of the car and park it side by side, sometimes in a circle. At this party, people sit in the trunk, eating, drinking, play games or listen to a concert. Generally speaking, the models that participate in this party are mainly hatchback, SUV and wagon.   

4. The development of party minivan

With the higher popularization of automobile, people not only satisfied with the function of driving. People hope more functions of automobile being discovered. People hope automobile is a vehicle that not only can makes people enjoy the driving fun, but also a place to relax themselves. A lot of functions has gradually explored to satisfy the demands of multifunction and comfortable, that includes party van.

Party van, from the name you can tell the usage of this vehicle. One of the most important component is the atmosphere light. As the name suggests, in order to create the interior atmosphere and design of the lamp source. Imagine the moment you open the door, the interior lines of the vehicle are outlined by lights, but when you sit in, you just like in a big city with bright lights. Meanwhile, play a song, that feeling is absolutely unparalleled.

5. Multifunction demands of automobile

A minibus is public traffic transportation for carrying fewer passengers than a normal bus. Normally it will seat 9-23 passengers, it is an assist transport bus for big buses, and the route is the same or is complementation for the bus. Some of the minibus routes run on mountain roads and remote narrow sections and stop at random in mountainous areas and remote areas, such as industrial roads in mountainous areas, while stopped at a fixed station in urban sections, which is very suitable for this 9-23 person minibus. In general, Bus station will have several minibuses as standby applications.

The Chinese meaning is multi-purpose vehicle, is the new model developed in 1980’s.  Some people also called it “full function car”. The multi function vehicle evolved from the sedan. Usually directly using the sedan engine and chassis, front-wheel drive. Larger than regular car, it has roomy interior space and can seat five to nine people. Because uses car chassis, comfort is better than general light passenger bus. Plus the interior equipment and decoration are the same with passenger cars, it is a higher grade vehicle than light passenger bus. The price is also more expensive compares light passenger bus and ordinary passenger car.  

For a private person, it is more used for family parties or friend’s party and etc. For company, they prefer the minibus more than big bus as it is more suitable for them. The capacity of 9-23 passengers is very suitable as a shuttle bus for company; Moreover, it is quite suitable for the company to pick up customers when having a negotiation meeting. Compare with a big bus, with less fuel consumption and a more elegant exterior. Vehicle rental companies mostly used it as a party pick-up vehicle for business. You may search on google find so many rental companies show you that how many different party minibus near me for rental. With one call, they will pick up you anywhere at any party you want.      

6. Here is an example for young people hold a wedding on the wedding party bus?

Party van became one of the new ways of young people’s life.

“If you can, wedding on the double-Decker wedding party bus should be a gift from God. And I want my parents to witness our happiness together” Xiao Gao said.  Her Mr. right, surnames Tang, is two years older than her. According to schedule, their wedding is for early April.

Xiao Gao, an Anhui native, came to Hangzhou alone four years ago.  Because of a joke from a colleague, Xiaotang came into her life.  From xiaotangkou, it is rare to hear a sweet word. But his steadfastness and concern made Xiao Gao decide that this is the person who can accompany her for a lifetime.

Wedding on the double-bus wedding party bus, I want to tell my parents that “we can be very happy”.

But their love was worried by Xiao Gao’s parents at first.  Parents don’t trust their daughter to marry Hangzhou. But always hope that she can return to her hometown, work, and get married there.  In the end, the parents could not overcome their stubborn daughter and their firm love and agreed to their marriage.  However, Xiao Gao knows that his parents have not really let go. Because the words “reluctant” often hang on his mother’s lips.

Xiao Gao said if we can get the chance of holding a wedding on a double-decker wedding party bus. It must be a gift from God.  I want to bring my parents to witness our happy wedding together. Let them know that Hangzhou is beautiful, I am very happy. And they can rest assured that their daughter lives in Hangzhou.

At my wedding, I also want to sit in the “invincible sightseeing seat” again in double-decker wedding party van.

In addition to Xiao Gao’s originality, the other two couples also have their own sweetness.

Such as this girl named Zhao Ting met Xiao Li in the badminton competition of the first school sports meeting in the freshman year.  By the time of the second school sports meeting, they had joined hands to represent the college.  But what impressed Zhao Ting most was that “once my shoelaces came loose in the competition, he stopped the competition and squatted in the middle of the stadium to tie my shoelaces.  At that moment, I was particularly touched …” This once became a gossip topic for school girls, admiring others.  From campus to now, they have been together for more than 4 years.

Zhao Ting said that as a native, the rickety double-decker bus witnessed my growth.  Like many young people, every time, of course, they “rob” to sit in the front “invincible sightseeing seat”. Once you sit on it, you can’t bear to leave your seat any longer. 

As the wedding day is approaching, Zhao Ting thinks that the “double-decker wedding party bus Wedding” is undoubtedly a “bride’s family feature”, which can leave a brilliant memory for himself for a lifetime.  At the same time, it also makes the wedding party van who witnessed love drive a new family to a bright future.

If you get married, do you know wedding hold on the wedding party minibus?

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