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2-5 seater minivan

2-5 seater minivan is the minivan with a minimum 2 seater. Some of them are larger space than 5 maximum passenger seats. We write here 2-5 seaters because most customers request to reserve 5 seats. While the rest of the space reserved for cargo and luggage. But the different customers may have different requirements. So, Please kindly let us know how long the minivan you need and how many passenger seats you need to reserve.

Features of a 2-5 seater minivan:

You can choose a vehicle for carrying five or more people if you want to buy a van for cargo and passengers. These minivans always with the second row of seat backside. They are a really good option for the one who in need of a work vehicle and also needs a family vehicle. Moreover, compared with a pick-up or truck, a minivan is safer for passengers.

Different from most of the van, which is not equipped with refine interior trim. Minivan is always having the same passenger car level of interior, such as the carpets, leather seats. Therefore, some of the minivans are good in driving and travel experience for passengers and drivers. This is maybe why a large portion of buyers would like to choose a minivan.

Parameters and Configurations of a minivan:

In a minivan, there are a long wheelbase and a short wheelbase. Normally long wheelbase with longer length of minivan body, to say over 6 meters. While, short wheelbase with a shorter minivan body, to say, between 4 meters to 5 meters. But this body length of wheelbase definition is not 100% correct. We have 9 models for short wheelbase and another 8 models for long wheelbase. For detailed parameters, you can refer to each detailed product. Some of the minivan with sliding door for convenience; some with windows; some without windows or with blind windows.

All these configurations normally are optional. Another feature is that the seats are foldable so that more convenient for getting wider space when it is needed.
And other parameters and configurations also important for choosing a minivan. Such as engine, the max load space of the cargo area; Max gross payload; Seating Capacity (including driver). All these parameters should be considered carefully when deciding which minivan to choose.

Introduction of KINGSTAR

KINGSTAR is a school bus manufacturer for India, especially for cargo van customization. We have various series of 2-5 seater minivan for sale. Such as commercial van, electric vans, mini cargo vans, camper van, passenger van, hybrid minivan, best family van, Prison van, compact van and so on.

We have different models of mini van and mini bus which are durable and practical. We wish could provide you a satisfactory service when you choosing the right model. And also wish your choice to buy a minivan or a minibus from us will benefit your life and work.