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4 Modes of electric Cargo Van:
eVF5 LHD: C Version 4421*1677*1902mm Total Battery Storage (kwh) 41.86
G Version 4421*1677*1902mm Total Battery Storage (kwh) 39.9
RHD: 4421*1677*1902 mm 2 seats Cargo Van & 11 seats mini bus
Total Battery Storage (kwh) 41.86
eVC5 4330*1650*1915 mm Total Battery Storage (kwh):43

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Minibus VS Cargo Van

minibus VS Cargo van

The parameter and configurations of minivan are the same with minibus. The seater number of minivan can customize, window of normal type and blind type also can customize according to customer request. Welcome to contact with us to be our distributor! 

Modes and Price list:
Mode Seater Length(meter) Energy LHD/RHD   Price
eVC4  7-8 Seater 4.01 meter Gasoline LHD  4,500-6,000
eVC5  7-11 Seater 4.33 meter Gasoline LHD  6,200-6,400
eVF4  7-8 Seater 4.071 meter Gasoline LHD RHD
Electric RHD(MOQ 200sets)
eVF5  7-11 Seater 4.421 meter Gasoline LHD RHD
Electric RHD

eVF5 7-11 seater
Gasoline LHD RHD Electric RHD

eVC5 7-11 seater Gasoline LHD

eVF4 7-8 Seater Gasoline LHD RHD Electric RHD(MOQ 200sets)

eVC4 7-8 Seater
Gasoline LHD

1. Brief Introduction

8 seater minivan is the minivan with maximum 8 passenger seats but reserve more space for cargo rather than passenger. That is to say, the seats can be removed for more ample space. It is called minivan as its function is closer to van, rather than bus. Minivan is also called cargo van, minibus, micro van, micro bus.

As the purpose of cargo carrying, the minivan window can be designed to blind window (false window).

2. Applications of 8 seater minivan:

8 seater minivan is widely used. There are also cheap and luxury types. Minivan can be used for small business, carry goods, cargo and daily living equipment and so on.

Hiking, kayaking, skiing, diving, snowboarding, swimming, sailing, wakeboarding, rock-climbing, mountaineering, scuba-diving. Basically speaking, any activity that involves the great outdoors will be easy to enjoy with minivan to carry our outdoor supplies. We can carry the fishing tools when go fishing. Tents, skiing equipment, hiking supplies, luggage…and so on. Minivan really helps in many cases!

There are many minivans designed for special purpose. Police car, ambulance, mail car. Please refer to our special purpose minivan page for each product details.

3. History of minivan:

The word minivan is originally from North America. It is aims to distinguish the mini passenger van from the full-size vans. Full-sizes vans is always simply called vans. Look back to the history, the first minivan was appeared from 1936Year. The passenger seats were movable. In 1950, it was adapted a bus-shaped exterior to the chassis of a small passenger car. Then it was later defined as a minivan. It was with compact length, three-rows of seats and sliding side door.

4. Production process Introduction:

The whole process of producing 8 seater minivan is including 4 processes: First go to stamping process to do stamping, then go to welding process to finish welding. After the welding process finish, there will be enter into panting process. And the last process is assembly.

  • Stamping Line: workshop has one production line, with 4 units punching machine (including 1-unit 2400tons punching machine and 3 units 1000tons of punching machine). Totally produce 23 automotive covering parts, 52 vice stamping die, the monthly production capacity reach 500sets(units) spare parts. Stamping line using Japanese Technology, the 8 seater minivan production line is designed by the professional Taiwan design and development company.

  • Welding Line: workshop has minivans and mini truck main two welding lines, and seven auxiliary welding zone and a door border region and 86 welding. Workshop area is 20,736 square meters and its max capacity of 250,000units per year. The production line is designed by our factory with independent intellectual property rights.

  • Painting Line: The total area of painting line is 3000 square meters; the whole painting production line is the first-class coating line in the domestic.
  • Assembly Line: A total construction area of 50000 square meters, first phase project

5.The feature of VC4 8 seater minivan:

  • The engine of 8 seater minivan: this mode engine with leading domestic level of machine performance testing equipment and strong research and development capability.
  • Interior and exterior design of VC4 8 seater minivan: the streamline design and appearance embodying the sense of security.
  • The strong bumper and face molding, enabling the stable and chic sense.
  • Modular space design maximizing the utilization of limited space and meeting the different demand for driving, seating and loading. Additional space, with outstanding passenger capacity and unprecedented versatility.
  • The engine of 8 seater minivan is sourcing from Japanese well know brand, load emission, low fuel consumption, low noise and high reliability.
  • Emission levels of 8 seater minivan comply with the Euro IV standard for global market.
  • Gearbox of 8 seater minivan is 5 speed manuals.
  • Independent suspension of 8 seater minivan, with parallel leaf spring and absorber rear, adopting the front disc rear drum brake system.
  • Optional configurations such as Radio and MP3 player USB Port, engine tachometer, steel wheels and wheel covers, manual rear-view mirrors, electric power steering, front fog light, high-mount brake lamp, front disc rear drum brake, steering column lock and power front windows. Details Please kindly refers to the configuration chart.

With so many good points, Kingstar VC4 8 seater minivan is a good choice of a big family use and small business startup.