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12 Seater Passenger Van
12 Seater Passenger Van
12 Seater Passenger Van

Demands of 12 seater passenter van.

Many countries in South America have a large demand for a 12 seater passenger van. As Bolivia, Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, etc., is the most widely used vehicle in public transportation.

In Bolivia, since 2016, we have exported a large number of 12 SEATER PASSENGER VAN to Bolivia.

By December 2020, we have exported thousands of 12-seater vans to Bolivia.

All these vehicles are used for public transportation operations, such as CITY BUS in cities and public buses between towns.

These 12 seater passenger buses are economical and comfortable. With low fuel consumption, low failure rate, and low cost of use, providing a good experience for local users.

In these years, while focusing on sales, we have also strengthened after-sales service. These vehicles have a 10% market share in the local market. We must provide convenient after-sales service to match our sales.

Kingstar has also made unremitting efforts in diversifying product lines, innovating marketing strategies, and upgrading technology. In addition, by making full use of the internet, we constantly improve online services to provide customers with remote diagnosis services.

KINGSTAR 12-seater van is fully committed to providing more convenient and comfortable travel services for the people of Bolivia.

In addition, it is always looking for new ways to localize its products, production. And marketing to better meets the special needs and requirements of customers. Taking Bolivia as an example, KINGSAR has introduced a special engine on its minibusses to adapt to local fuel needs.

In the follow-up after-sales service. Kingstar will pay more attention to service quality and improve service quality at a higher level. Such as quickly providing customers with urgently needed parts.

To further strengthen the sales volume of this model in the local market and KINGSTAR’s local influence. We have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with local distributors. We need distributors to provide regular sales volume information and market conditions. So that we can improve product quality and service quality in a more targeted manner.



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