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Minibus/2-11 seater minibus/

11 Seater Minibus 4.49meter Short Wheelbase – KINGSTAR VW5 from Professional Auto Factory

Displacement: 1.5L
Emission: V
Max. power (kW): 76
Max. torque (N, m): 103
Transmission: 5 manual
Exterior   l x w x h (mm): 4490 ×1610 ×1900 
Top speed (km/h): 130
Curb weight (kg) : 1205
Payload (kg) : 1005
Gross weight  (kg) : 2210
Suspension Front/ Rear: 545 / 895

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I. Description of minibus:

Kingstar VW5 is one of the classic modes of 11 seater minibus. A minibus is also called a mini-coach, a microbus which is a passenger-carrying motor vehicle purposed to carry more people than a mini-mini bus or multi-purpose vehicle. In many countries, the word “minibus” is usually used to describe all the full-sized panel trucks and passenger-carrying minibus. The seating capacity of the minibus is various which normally between 8 to 30 seats. Compare with the full-size bus, the minibus carries fewer people.

II. Core Competitiveness of VW5 11 seater minibus for sale:

1. Exterior design: VW5 11 seater minibus upgraded the exterior appearance.

It adopted a beast front face that is full of domineering. Minibus version is the basic design source of VW5 minibus. Based on the best-selling model designed by the famous China design team, Length: 4490 mm; Width: 1615 mm; Height: 1900 mm. The wheelbase size is 3050 mm, which is longer than the wheelbase of most conventional mini-buses.

1.1. Side door and tail door of the minibus can be opened together, more goods can be easily loaded and unloaded. Equipped with multi-stage leaf spring. Bearing capacity beyond imagination.
1.2. Windows of minibus can be optional, can carry goods or people, multiple choices, You can choose the comfortable model with 8 seats as the standards or the high-efficiency model with 11 seats.

mini-bus VW5 exterior

2. VW5 11 seater minibus has a strong bearing capacity and large cargo space.

5.2 Cubic meter large cargo space, safer separation of people and goods; Aluminum alloy pattern floor, fashionable and beautiful, clean and antirust. The cargo compartment is separated from the driving area, creating more space for cargo, super-strong chassis, and providing greater carrying capacity.
2.1 The large carrying space in the car is convenient for customers to load wider and higher goods. Tailgate threshold height is 530 mm from the ground, loading, and unloading of goods for customers, getting on or off easily. The length from the driver’s seat to the tailgate reaches 2700mm, which is convenient for customers to load longer goods.

mini-bus VW 5 Length

2.2 The length from the second-row seat to the tail door is 1920mm, and the effective loading space still reaches 3,700l, which is equivalent to the maximum carrying space of an ordinary micro passenger.
2.3 The length from the third-row seat to the tail door is 1150mm, and the effective loading space still reaches 2200 liters with 7-8 passengers

mini-bus VW5 seater

2.4The VW5 11 seater minibus provides spacious space for the passengers in rows 2, 3, and 4. Each seat has at least one punch or more legroom, providing a comfortable riding environment for manned users.

mini-VW5 seater

3. VW5 11 seater minibus sliding door opening size more than 700 mm than the ordinary minibus sliding door opening size of about 10% larger.

It is more convenient to load and unload large size goods directly from the middle door, and the loading efficiency is higher. The middle door uses a classic sliding door design, which takes up very little space when opening the door. Sometimes space, where we load and unload the goods, maybe relatively narrow, the open door will not open.

3.1In the tire part, Kingstar VW5 11 seater minibus is equipped with enhanced tires, not only strong bearing capacity but also effectively reduce the occurrence of tire bulge phenomenon, long service life, high-speed driving is safer and more reliable. VW5 minibus adopts intubated rear axle to effectively avoid oil leakage from rear axle; The wall thickness increases and the carrying capacity is improved.

3.2The chassis of The VW5 11 seater minibus adopts the reinforced beam design, which further improves the load-bearing performance of the whole bus. The number of welding points of the VW5 minicar bus increases by 15% compared with the original model. The bending strength and torsion strength of the minicar bus are 30% higher than those of other brands whose body length is over 4 meters. The vehicle is more reliable and durable. The VW5 11 seater minibus uses a 10-inch brake booster, which further increases braking force, making the brakes fast and steady. Let customers drive more safely.

4. VW5 minibus is Stable and reliable:

Kingstar VW5 11 seater minibus is made of classic quality, with a total of 2 million kilometers of road test in China. The engine, gearbox, and other large assemblies are used in a variety of vehicle models. High-quality products with stable and reliable performance have passed the market test. The top of the VW5 11 seater minibus has four reinforced supports from front to back, making the roof stronger and safer. The first, second, third, and fourth-row seats of the VW5 11 seater minibus are matched with three-point safety belts, further enhancing the safety of drivers and passengers. Combined with the headlight height adjustment device in the car, it makes you safer to drive at night.

mini-bus VW5 safety

ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. As the name implies, the ABS prevents the car wheels from locking when the car brakes suddenly in certain situations. Simply speaking, a car that has been equipped with the ABS can still avoid when it is braked suddenly. Without the ABS, however, the car wheels will be locked upon a sudden brake and thus collisions are inevitable. The ABS consists of three main components, namely the speed sensor in each wheel, a valve of the hydraulic that leads to each brake pump to return the pressure of the hydraulic brake controlled by a computer, and also a control module.

5. Engine:

LJ4C15Q 1.5-liter engine, equipped with VVT variable valve timing, maintainable timing chain, etc. has the characteristics of low speed and large torque and has the maximum torque at 3500 RPM, which means that the vehicle fuel consumption is low, while other brands of engines are often to more than 4000 RPM. By optimizing and adjusting the main deceleration ratio of the rear axle and other key components, the VW5 11 seater minibus has stronger acceleration and climbing performance, and its climbing ability reaches 30%, fully meeting the needs of users.

The fuel consumption of the VW5 mini bus is the only 4.76L for 100 km when running at full load of 50 km at 5 speedy optimizing and adjusting the main deceleration ratio of the rear axle and other key components, the VW5 mini bus has stronger acceleration and climbing performance, and its climbing ability reaches 30%, fully meeting the needs of usher. Fuel consumption is 7.41L for 90 km at 5 speed and 100 km at the same speed.

6. Strong power and energy saving

The minibus equipped with 1.5L engine and has strong power. Fuel consumption is lower and savings are more substantial.

7. The electronic instrument panel of the VW5 11 seater minibus can monitor the running condition of the car at any time and give you the most intimate driving tips.

7.1. Air conditioning is awesome! This minibus is more comfortable to carry passengers.
7.2. Equipped with roof handrail, this minibus you can ride more safely.
7.3. Equipped with headrest for ultimate comfort.

III. Production Process of minibus:

1). Stamping process: Stamping process sheet metal parts with high strength;
2). Welding Process: Good quality of car spot welding technology
3). Cathode electrophoresis: Ten years’ antirust of vehicle cathode electrophoresis.
4) Assembly: Automatic production assembly line





Overall size (L x W x H)(mm)

4,490 × 1,610 ×   1,900

Wheelbase (mm)


Tread (Front / rear, mm)

1,386 / 1,408

Total  Weight(kg)


Curb Weight(kg)


Seating Capacity (including driver)

8 (9 / 11 Option)

Fuel tank capacity(L)


Min Turning Diameter(m)


MIN.Clearance( mm





Suspension (Front/ rear)

McPherson independent / leaf spring   independent

Brake (Front/ rear)

Disc / Drum hydraulic


Electric power steering


175 / 70R14C


Displacement (L)


Max.Power (kw)


Max.Torque (N.m)


Fuel type


Max. Speed(km/h)



5-Speeds MT


Euro V


Steel wheels



Adjustable headlight height (manual)

Daytime running lights

Front fog lamp

High brake light

Rear fog lamp

Left and right side light with turn   signal

speaker, 2

AM/FM Radio


Reversing warning sound

Rear wiper

Reversing radar

Reverse image

Driver seat’s airbag

Co-driver seat’s airbag

Trip computer display

Central control device

Electronic clock

Manual Left and right sliding door glass   window

Left and right sliding door

Central door lock

Remote key

Left and right sun visor

Left sun visor with vanity mirror   (driver)

Right sun visor with vanity mirror   (co-pilot)

Electric exterior mirrors

Air conditioning system (front steaming)

Air conditioning system (after steaming)

Defrosting, defogging and heating system

8 seats (2, 2+1, 2+1), 2nd and 3rd row   seats (fixed seats with headrests, back reclining)

Three-point seat belt for passengers

ISO FIX child seat interface

Fabric seat

Imitation leather fabric seat

● : Standard   ○ : Option at additional cost   – : Not available

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