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7-11 seater minibus for sale 4.33 meter long wheelbase Gasoline-Kingstar Minibus VC5 Basic Information:

Overall length (mm) :


Overall width (mm) :


Overall height (mm) :


Wheel base (mm) :


Tread, front/ rear (mm) :


Ground clearance (mm) :


Curb vehicle weight (kg) :


Gross vehicle weight (kg) :


Seating capacity (persons) :


Fuel tank capacity (L) :


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7 seater minibus for sale seat adjustable range:7~11 seats;
4.33meter length; long wheelbase; Gasoline fuel type. (Details Please kindly see parameter tables.)

7 seater minibus for sale

1.Advantages of Kingstar VC5 7-11 seater minibus for sale:

There are several advantages for 7 seater minibus for sale that MPV cannot reach such as larger space; more family or passengers can carry; wider application for carrying cargo and also the good assistant to start up a small business. Even many unexpected applications such as family go out for camping, it would turn to be a camping mini-bus; a group of people go for astronomical observation by the weekend, it would turn to be an astronomical mini-bus.

2.Features of mini-bus:

●VC5 7 seater minibus for sale adopting advanced electrophoretic coating production line to make anti-corrosion performance higher.
●McPherson independent front suspension and five-leaf springs rear suspension to making high carrying capacity.
●Modular space design maximizing the utilization of limited space and meeting the different demands for driving, seating, and loading. Seating capacity could be for 7-11 persons.
●High-efficiency engine, more powerful, and more fuel saving.

mini-bus VC5 exterior

3.Minibus is an auxiliary transportation mode, 7 seater minibus for sale is small, convenient, efficient and economic:

What’s the definition of a Mini-bus? Mini-bus is a small coach bus which standard with comfortable seating, overhead and undercarriage storage compartments, and usually also with the same heavy-duty suspension as a full-sized coach bus. Moreover, mini-bus can be outfitted with configurations such as WIFI, Air Conditioner, power outlets, DVD or TVs.
Besides 7-11 seater minibus for sale, How many seats does a mini-bus have?
Generally speaking, mini-bus seats are 8 to 30 seats. But Kingstar Mini-bus offers more than that. We offer 7-8seats short wheelbase, 7-8seats long wheelbase. 11 seat mini-bus, 19-22seats mini-bus, 7-16 seat mini-bus, 9-23 seats mini-bus.

Besides classified by seat, any other Classification of mini-bus?
There are various kinds of classification of mini-bus. For example, the driving hand can be classified as left-hand driving and right-hand driving. While, by seat, it can be classified as 7-8 seat mini-bus, 9-23seats mini-bus, 7-16seats mini-bus, 19-22 seat mini-bus. However, if classify as the power type, there are diesel mini-bus, gasoline mini-bus, electric mini-bus. There are more and more eyes on the new energy mini-bus for future development. Such as electric, solar power, and so on. In the future, a mini-bus is giving you a better chance to travel around and get unbelievable experience than in a car or SUV. With the new development of mini-bus, the travel will definitely more interesting.

mini-bus VC5 interior

4.Introduction of producing process of mini-bus:

The production process of the mini-bus including 4 steps: Stamping-> Welding->Panting->Assembly Line.
1. Stamping Line: using Japanese Technology, the production line is designed by the professional Taiwan design and development company.
2. Welding Line: workshop area is 20,736 square meters and its max capacity of 250,000units per year. The production line is designed by our factory with independent intellectual property rights.
3. Painting Line: The total area of the painting line is 3000 square meters; the whole painting production line is the first-class coating line in the domestic.
4. Assembly Line: has a total of 102 stations, a production platform for two shifts 200,000 units per year. The production rhythm is 1 min/unit. The mini-bus, minitruck, and pickup use the same production line.

5.Brief Introduction of Kingstar:

KINGSTAR VEHICLE COMPANY LIMITED was founded in 2004 and has been engaged in the automobile export business ever since, with all staffs having rich experience in automobile production and export.
The major range of vehicles covers VAN, BUS, TRUCK, MPV, SUV, PICKUP and EV (Electric vehicle), which are suitable and sellable in overseas market.
We get various honors from Manufacturers, such as Automobile Export Contribution Medal, best outstanding Overseas Distributor Medal, best Overseas Promotion Medal.
We have a very professional team including a sales team to meet the various needs of customers at any time, and the shipping department will arrange delivery for customers faster and more economically. Moreover, the after-sales service department could have customers no worries about the quality issues.

Horner and certifications:

Firstly, The excellent client valued by the local bank system and the title of “TOP TEN CLIENT” of 2003 international settlement awarded by Guangdong Development Bank Zhanjiang Branch.
Secondly, The 2007’ Outstanding Achievements in Exportation awarded by The Administrative Committee of Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone.
Thirdly, the excellent client valued by the local bank system and the title of “TOP TEN CLIENT” of 2008 international settlement awarded by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhanjiang Branch.

Export History:

In the past 15 years, KINGSTAR has exported vehicles to over 90 countries and regions, such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Madagascar, Nigeria, Ukraine, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Malaysia, etc. Besides clients visit us, we also have met with our clients in their countries, such as Kuwait, Syria, Bolivia, Madagascar, Ukraine, Peru, and so on. We have formed a solid and lasting business relationship with overseas partners and customers. At the same time, KINGSTAR has a very relationship with overseas clients. Besides clients visit us, we also have met with our clients in their countries, such as Kuwait, Syria, Bolivia, Madagascar, Ukraine, Peru, and so on. We have formed a solid and lasting business relationship with overseas partners and customers.





Overall size(LxWxH)(mm)

4,330 × 1,650 ×   1,915



Tread, front/ rear(mm)

1,390 / 1,410

Ground clearance(mm)


Curb Weight(kg)


Gross Weight(kg)


Seating Capacity (including driver)



Suspension (Front / Rear)

McPherson independent / Parallel leaf   spring and absorber

Brake (Front / Rear)

Disc / Drum

Min. turning radius







4-cylinder in line, aluminum engine

Displacement (L)




Max.Torque (N.m/rpm)


Compression ratio


Fuel tank capacity(L)


Max. vehicle speed



5-Speeds MT


Euro IV


AM/FM radio & USB port for MP3   player

Engine tachometer

Front and rear A/C


Airbags for driver & co-driver

Power steering (Electric)

Back Radar

Steering column lock

Rear high brake light

Power front door windows

Central door lock

Body-colored rear view mirror

Body-colored front/rear bumper

Front fog lamp

Alloy wheels

Steel wheels with covers

● : Standard   ○ : Option at additional cost   – : Not available

Note: This information is only for   reference, KINGSTAR has final explanation right.