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Our KINGSTAR VC5 7-11 seats is best affordable minivan

The price on FOB China for our KINGSTAR VC5 11 seats 1.5L gasoline minibus with standard equipment is USD6,100/unit.  It is the best affordable minivan, right? 

How’s performance about this minibus?  Let’s see evaluation below.

best affordable minivan

Generally, our KINGSTAR VC5 best affordable minivan is simple and practical.

The appearance is relatively square which is also the common style of most minibus models. The main difference of minibus models lies in the front of the car, especially Our KINGSTAR VC5 best affordable minivan.  The Cadillac-style front face is the most characteristic.  The angular front face is matched with the headlights with a vertical design, which makes it look tough.  The lens in the headlight and the LED light source in the taillight group are the finishing touches.

In the rear of the best affordable minivan, it is regular.  In equipment, it is with rear high brake light as the same class models.

The size is 4330(L) × 1650(W) × 1920(H) (mm), wheelbase is 2700 mm. Compared with competing models, the best affordable minivan has advantages in width and height.

In the interior, the central control area is matching with silver decorative panels.  Familiar modeling is easy to be accept by everyone and also saves research and development costs.

The test model of our KINGSTAR VC5 best affordable minivan is a 7-seat version with a 2+2+3 seat layout.  The second row is a row of seats with a headrest which is better than other models of the same class in safety and comfort. The experiencer with a height of 176cm experiences in the front and back three rows, the performance of the interior space is in relatively balancing.

Without putting down the last row of seats, the depth of the trunk is 780mm which meets some daily shipping needs.  If you want to put in larger or more articles,  you can fold the third row of seats forward, and then the depth of the trunk reaches 1330 mm.


Our KINGSTAR VC5 best affordable minivan can be with 1.3L and 1.5L gasoline engines with a maximum power of 86hp and 110hp, maximum torque of 108 N/m.  Matching with 5-speed manual gearbox which is with chrome-plate material in the middle of the gear handle, showing good shape and grip.

In the whole process of the fuel consumption test, we chose congested and unobstructed road sections, each accounting for about 50%.  The average speed of the test was 31km/h, which took a total of 4 hours. The average fuel consumption per 100 km was about 8.00L.

The front disc & rear drum brake is used for braking.  In braking, the performance is better than that of the same class, there is no “soft” braking feeling in the first half of the brake.  The adjustment of the brake pedal is moderate and the braking effect can be felt when the brake pedal is depressed.  The suspension structure is consistent with the equipment standard of the same class.  The front is McPherson independent suspension and the rear is parallel leaf spring and absorber.  With 5 leaf springs, the best affordable minivan has a strong bearing capacity.

After test drive experience and test, performance in power can meet the daily household and goods pulling needs.

Do you like the best affordable minivan?  Please contact with us right now for more detail.



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