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Those Great Certified SABS Minibus For Sale In Gauteng – KINGSTAR minibus

KINGSTAR is an auto supplier from China and we have sole vehicles in more than 90 countries. We also have Minibus For Sale In Gauteng.

1. The automobile export status in South Africa

News from South African independent media website on 11th March that even new car sales in local may reduce but the export units may continue to hit a record high for the third year in 2020. News reported by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturer in South Africa. The Association predicted the export volume will reach 391,900 units in 2020, higher than the units of 387,100 in 2019.

In 2019, South Africa’s share of global new vehicle production increased by 0.69% from 0.64% which ranked 22nd in the world. For light bus production, South Africa ranked 14th in the world, the sharing is 1.26%. Among these, Europe accounted for 73.8% of the total. Africa remains the focus of the domestic auto industry, with the low popularizing in continents. A growing middle class and the continent’s free trade zone stimulating future demand, albeit from a low base, said the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers. 

In the past 65 years, the South Africa automatic industry has experienced the development from a pure importer of automobiles to a large and self-sufficient producer of automobiles. Numerically, annual vehicle sales rose from 45,000 in 1950 to 693,000 in 2007. Although passenger car sales have declined, a trend that is expected to continue in 2008 due to high-interest rates and tighter credit requirements. By contrast, commercial vehicle sales (including minibus for sale in Gauteng) have held up well and have continued to grow.

South Africa’s car trading is also powered by its assist industries:
  • 4,400 automobile repair store and petrol station (All big petrol station has automobile maintenance station)
  • 1,800 professional repair shop
  • 1,350 special authorized new distributor
  • Around 1,580 used automobile shops
  • l Around 300 automobile spare parts production enterprise, and 150 other non-exclusive accessories companies.
  • l 1,700 professional tyre distributor and renovated merchants
  • 480 engine repair shops
  • 170 body structure produce and maintenance shops
  • 2,770 accessories distributors
  • Around 180 family passenger cars and equipment supplier

What’s more, the data is keeping growing.

2. The passenger bus export status in China

Export marketing is one of the most important parts of our passenger cars (Including coach, minibus, etc., the) market in China. We exported 33,000 unit passenger cars, which accounted for 13.3% of the total sales.

2.1 The export sales declined 30%

According to the data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. In 2020, China’s total export of passenger cars (including the minibus for sale in Gauteng) reached 41,100, down 34.45% year on year, 22.83% larger than that in 2019. In 2020, the passenger car export accounted for 9.4% of the total passenger car sales, down by 4.37% points in the same period of last year. The declining passenger car export market is an important factor that restrains the growth of the whole passenger car marketing.

2.2 Mainly export cars are light bus (including minivan, minibus for sale in Gauteng, etc.,)

From the types and numbers of the export passenger cars, light bus (including a minivan, minibus for sale in Gauteng, etc.,) is the most, it takes 63.2%, then is the big passenger cars which take 29.8%, the least is the medium-sized car which takes 7.1% of the total. Why light bus (including a minivan, minibus for sale in Gauteng, etc.,) is the most? The main reasons are the price, more widely used in daily life, it could be loading passenger and also cargos depends on your own requirement and the big demand from the market.

From the export data that the units of automobile in 2020.

2.3 Due to the COVID-19, the global economy has been affected. Although some countries or regions still in a serious situation but most are turning better. We do believe this situation will get better and better soon.

3. Minibus for sale in Gauteng from KINGSTAR

Automobiles export to South Africa must have the certification of SABS (South African Bureau of Standards). We KINGSTAR is an auto supplier from China and we have sole vehicles to more than 90 countries in the past 18years. All our exported products have been proved to be strongly marketable in overseas markets with good quality and reasonable pricing.

The most popular models of J5 and J6 minibus for sale in Gauteng with required SABS certificate.

The application of minibus:

The minibus could be applicable to public transportation or assist transportation bus for a large bus route in peak time; Church event bus, shuttle bus in the airport, wheelchair for the disabled person. For minibus, we have all kinds of seat capacity models, from 7 to 24 seats.

3.1 Introduction of SABS certified models of J5

The model of J5 is a minibus with a 14~20 seat bus. The dimension of the bus is 5,380 x 1,880 x 2,285mm, the wheelbase is 3,110mm. The standard seat capacity is 13 +1 (driver seat), the seat arrangement will be 2+2+3+3+4, and the fuel tank capacity is 70L. The clutch of the minibus is a single disc, hydraulic control, tires using a 195R15C radial tire. We have two engines for this model, one is a gasoline engine and another one is a diesel engine.

Below detailed information for your reference.

Minibus For Sale In Gauteng
Minibus For Sale In Gauteng
3.2 Introduction of SABS certified models of J6

Model J6 is a minibus with a 17~20 seat minibus. The dimension of the minibus is 5,990 * 1,880 * 2,320mm, the wheelbase is 3,720mm. The standard seating capacity is 17 seats, the seat arrangement is 2+2+3+3+3+4, other seats are an optional choice. The fuel tank capacity is 70L, and tires using 215/75R16C radial tire. The engine for this model also has two engines, one gasoline engine, and another diesel engine.

Minibus For Sale In Gauteng
3.3 The color of the minibus for sale in Gauteng

We have kinds of color for your selection as below:

Minibus For Sale In Gauteng



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