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12-28 seater minibus

17 seater minibus for sale from autotrader is with 17 seats for driver and passenger.

We separate our minibus into two groups: 2-11 seater and 12-28 seater minibus:

2-11 seater is the minibus maximum 8 seaters and 11 seaters. While, please kindly notice that this is the maximum number of the seat that can be arranged according to the space of minibus. That is to say, the inner space is adjustable and to change the number of the seat.

12-28 seater minibus category is the maximum 13seats, 16 seats, 20 seats, 22 seats, and 23 seats. The same situation is here. It is also the maximum number. The seat is available to adjust from seater to 28 seaters.

Here we say how many seater minibus is usually referring to the maximum of the seats that we can arrange for a minibus. But it is not the same in the minivan. Because minivans always reserving more space for carrying goods. The seats are adjustable both in minibus and minivan.

Based on the before mentioned factors, we always call it a minivan. Of course, we find in many cases, customers call micron bus or micron van. Minibus or minivan difference is more space for people or more space for empty.

For what is adjustable not only the seat, but also the windows, type of the seat, and the interiors. With or without a window, seat type can change, exterior outlook and interior are optional. For detailed information, please kindly refer to each product parameter.

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