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1. What is minivan

The minivan is also known as a multi-purpose vehicle or van. It was transformed from the wagon, with big space, comfortability, and the function of the van in one body. It is normally a two-wing structure that could seat 7-8 passengers (7 passenger minivan).

To be strict, 7 passenger minivan is a vehicle that mainly for family use. Some vehicles modified from commercial vans or which aimed at groups of customers are also called a minivan.

2. The structure of the minivan

There is an obvious difference between minivans and minibusses. The structure of the minibus is a single box structure, which means the passenger space and the engine is in one structure, the engine was set behind the driver seat. In this kind of layout, the structure of the body is simple but the height of the vehicle also increased, the space in the car also increased at the same time, the noise of the engine is quite loud. Because the front seat is in the front of the vehicle when there is a collision, the cushion space is quite narrow, so the safety is not good.

First of all, the structure of the minivan is a hatchback structure, the layout is based on the car frames.

Normally adopted the chassis and engine of the car, therefore, with a similar shape, same driving mode, and seat comfortability. As the engine is in the front of the body, it could effectively buffer the collision from the front, keep the safety of the front passengers.

Secondly, 7 passenger minivan has a huge space, with great flexibility in interior structure, this is the most attractive place of the 7 passenger minivan. The seating capacity could be 7-8 seats, with some luggage space; The seat capacity layout is also flexible, it could be folded or lie down, some could be move to left or right, or even can be rotated. If you lie down the third-row seats, it will look like a van with great super luggage space. The three seats on the right side lie down at the same time, you will have a super long cargo space; The second-row seat can rotate 180degree to behind, it could be a seat face to face with the third-row seats. Or fold the backrest forward, it will become a working desk for you. Office or entertainment, you can choose whatever you want. 

3. 7 passenger minivan from KINGSTAR

We have several models of 7 passenger minivan, today I am going to introduce two of our hot sale 7 passenger minivan.

3.1 The specifications of M50J

Model M50J is both left-hand driving and right-hand driving minivan. We have 3 different visions for this minivan, standard version, luxury version, and super luxury version. Below the specifications for your kindly review.

7 passenger minivan
7 passenger minivan
3.2 The interior of M50J

The center stack of the minivan adopted upper black down cream color match, the match is simple but quite classic. The dashboard adopted the design of the watch, blue background light has a good effect on the display, the reading is also quite clear.

For seats material, we equipped leather seat and luxury leather seats.

7 passenger minivan

Equipped with a central control color screen multimedia entertainment system is quite great in functions. The system included GPS, Bluetooth, panoramic reversing image, onboard TV, an external audio source, and other functions, the luxury version also provides an LCD for rear row seat passengers.

This minivan also equipped with automatic air condition. Above second-row seats with an independent control panel that could adjust the wind and temperature. It can improve the comfortability of the passengers and it is easy for operation. It also equipped air cleaner on the roof of the rear seats, it is quite seldom in same class models.

We equipped two electrical sun-proof for this 7 passenger minivan. The front sun-proof is above the first row and second-row seats, the rear sun-proof bigger than front. Sun-proof was controlled by two independent buttons.

7 passenger minivan
3.2 The chassis of the 7 passenger minivan

The equipment of the tires on this minivan is the Michelin primacy LC tires. The front and rear tires are 215/65 R16 with steel or aluminum wheels which depend on different versions.

We could accept OEM service, logo modification, and feature customization. For features you didn’t see above listed, please feel free to contact us. 



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