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Overall Dimension(L*W*H, mm):


Passenger Room Size (W*H, mm):




Tread (F/R, mm):

1763 / 1580

Total Weight(kg):


Curb Weight(kg):


Min Turning radius(m):


Max. Speed(km/h):


MI. Clearance (laden, mm):




  • Product Detail
  • Specifications

22 seater minibus and minivan basic Information(check the wholesale price list):
Seat adjustable range:19~22 seats (19seats +3 folding seats).
6meter length; long wheelbase; Diesel fuel type. (Details Please kindly see parameter tables.)

I. Description:

19 to 22 seater minibus belongs to more than 13 seater minibus, the function already very close to the coach or passenger bus. Sometimes, the other name is a medium bus or light bus. This kind of minibus is quite special. Mostly possibly used in the USA. The users find it is more economical. And the 19 to 22 seater minibus is enough when compared with the full-size buses, but it’s smaller than the full-size buses. Surely, 19 to 22 seater minibus was designed to be lightweight to save on diesel fuel, the lighter weight and small size make it not as heavy as the full-size bus.

Kingstar W6 minivan is much more like a minibus from the exterior outlook. But functionally it can also change the seat number and reserve more space for cargo. Thus, we still call it a minivan. It can be adjusted from 19 seats to 22 seats. Or reduce more seats according to customer’s requirement.

2. Applications:

The function of 20 seater minibus is mostly used to carry passengers or cargo, some people may adapt it to be a motor home, a touring car, or a recreational vehicle. Basically speaking, this kind of 19 to 22 seater minibus is widely used in many areas of the world. While in many countries, such as the UK, the smaller or light buses are seldom used in the public transit area. For example, San Francisco prefers 9.1meters and 12meters transit bus even in hill areas. However, some of the countries and areas prefer smaller sizes like 19 to 22 seater minibuses, such as India, Peru.

3. The features of 19seater minibus:

  • Firstly, fashion outlook: The outlook design of VW6 can be customized by the customer. Logo and pictures can all produce according to special requirements. With upgrading the exterior appearance. VW6 20 seater minibus adopted beast front face which is full of domineering. Based on the best-selling model designed by the famous China design team, the Dimension of the VW6 20 seater minibus is Length: 5995 mm; Width: 2098mm; Height: 2940mm. Moreover, automotive trim components and superior fit, finish, and aesthetic properties of it are critical to conveying design and brand appeal to the consumer.
  • Secondly, Seats of VW6 19 to 22 seater minibus are optional: such as PVC seats, bench seats, or Luxury reclining seats with armrests. One of the top reasons that customers choose a new minibus is an interior quality and comfort. Therefore, the interior of the VW6 20 seater minibus is keeping upgrading every year and there are optional for customers to choose from. Therefore, VW6 19 to 22 seater minibus provides to you the comprehensive interior trim design toolset you need to stay ahead of the competition and deliver a highly competitive product to the market that consumers will buy.mini-bus W6
  • Finally, great performance in inner space of VW6 19 to 22 seater minibus: It performed well in inner space with the Length: 5995 mm; Width: 2098mm; Height: 2940mm.

4. Specifications of VW6 19 to 22 seater minibus:

Overall dimension: 5995×2098×2940 mm L*W*H,
Passenger Room Size W*H 19*1887 mm,
Wheelbase: 3310 mm,
Emission standard of VW6 19 to 22 seater minibus: Chinese emission standard at phase V(GB 17691-2005), be equivalent to Euro V.
Brake is adopting front disc/ rear drum air-operated brake system, ABS, rear automatic brake when braking system failure.
Steering is using rack and pinion, hydraulic power steering.
Min Turning radius is 7.5meters. Max. Speed reaches up to 100 km/h
VW6 19-22 seats bus

mini-bus VW6 seater

5. Customer oriented services:

KINGSTAR minibus is a customer-oriented company. In fact, with our expertise and years of experience, we are in a unique position to serve markets that require exceptional products. As a leader and creator of innovation in the automotive modification industry, we have unmatched skills and expertise to build the most complex and technologically advanced minibusses on the road. In addition, thousands of satisfied customers find the KINGSTAR minibus solution very customer-oriented, user-friendly, efficient, and high quality. Thus, we are very proud of our record of customer care; which customer surveys show year after year. Moreover, we highly value our customers, by whom we are known as a reputable, quality organization with an unparalleled and proven track record.

Frequently asked questions

1. How long is the warranty?

A: The warranty period of each mode is different, some minivans have no warranty period, and you need to pay extra cost for 1-3 years warranty period. For more information, please consult our sales team. Welcome to your inquiry. 

2. How long will our price be valid?

We want to establish long-term business with our customers. Basically, our price remains stable throughout the year.






Overall size(LxWxH)(mm)

5,995 × 2,098 ×   2,940

Passenger Room Size(W*H, mm)

1,940 x 1,887



Tread (F/R, mm)

1,763 / 1,580

Total Weight(kg)


Curb Weight(kg)


Min Turning    radius(m)


MIN.Clearance (laden,mm


Gradeability(°) (laden)


Seating Capacity (including driver)

22(19+3 folding seats)


Driving mode



Integral body

Brake (Front/ rear)

Front disc/ Rear drum air operated brake   system, ABS, rear automatic brake when brake system failed


Rack and pinion, Hydraulic power   steering


6.5R16LT 10PR ( rear dual tire)



2.2 T



Max.Torque (N.m/rmin)


Fuel type


Max. Speed(km/h)



5-Speeds MT


Euro VI



Rear fog lamps



Astern warning tone

Front wiper

Automatic fire extinguishing device in   engine room

Mechanical power main switch

Level indicator

Fully electrophoretic body

Sliding side passenger window

Pneumatic folding door

Emergency door opening system

luggage space

Second step

Top escape window

Passenger step


Defroster (set)

Driver fan (stationary)

General level driver’s chair assembly

foam passenger seat (not reclining)   (reclining seats is option)

Driver’s three-point safety belt

Passenger seatbelt

● : Standard   ○ : Option at additional cost   – : Not available

Note: This information is only for   reference, KINGSTAR has final explanation right.