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Best Vans Price of 2022 – KINGSTAR minivan manufacturers

Minivan manufacturers are the supplier who is wholesale the minivan to dealers, traders and companies. “Minivan” is also called a “city van”,” small van”. It refers to the vehicle that could loading below 9 passengers. The small van is the general term for small cars not only for loading passenger cars but also for cargo. According to the different carriage structures, a small van could be divided into a fixed roof of the car and a convertible car with a movable roof.? In nowadays, small vans are affordable and practical, it becomes an important part of big families.

According to the seat in the carriage, it could be divided into seater minivans: below 5 seats, 5 seats, over 5 seats under 9 seats small van. With the characteristics of comfortable seating, speed driving, convenient driving, and beautiful exterior. The max speed reaches 150~200 kilometres per hour.

minivan manufacturers-1
minivan manufacturers-2

1. The advantages of small van when compare with micro bus(minivan vs minibus)

  • The rear suspension of the small vans is an independent suspension with multi functional seats, with better sealing and sound insulation. Not like micro bus, small vans are using rear-wheel drive not front-wheel drive.
  • Price: Micro bus price will be higher not like small van.
  • Exterior: Compares with the exterior of the micro bus, the exterior of the small van is much more beautiful. It is mainly made of cuboids. Different from passenger cars, there is no prominent luggage compartment and engine compartment.
  • Interior: More seats, larger space. Modular space design has been maximum take the advantage of its space, it can meet the different demands for driving, seating, and loading.
  • Loading: Compares with the passenger car, it could load more passengers and goods.
  • The door of the small van: 4~5 doors. There is one door at the driver’s side, one door at the co-driver seat, and one to two doors of the rear carriage, one door at the rear of the trunk.
  • Function: Micro bus will be applied to the company, company transport staff, or staff on a business trip, normally for loading person. The small van is more suitable for family using, it is practical and cheap.
  • Comfortable and convenience: Small van are more comfortable than micro bus.
  • In general, a small van has the advantages of engine displacement, more safety, more comfortable, better engine, and technical. But sometimes small van is expensive than micro bus as micro-bus has many models and types, economical and practical, it could be used in a lot of places and industries.

2. As our factory is one of the best minivan manufacturers, now we are going to show you our best small van models.

The price list of the best minivans of 2022 as below:(For other models detail parameters, please click the link to check).

(Here we link to minibus which exterior are the same with minivan. That is to say, all the models of minibus can be customized to be minivan according to customer’s special request. Only the parameters are different).

Best affordable minivans and minibuses 2022 price list(vans thailand price):

ModeMax Seater (can customize)Length(meter)LHD/RHDPrice(USD)
VC47-8 Seater
4.01 meterLHD4,500-6,000
VC57-11 Seater
4.33 meterLHD6,200-6,400
VF47-8 Seater
4.071 metergasoline LHD RHD
electric RHD
VF57-11 Seater
4.421 metergasoline LHD RHD
electric RHD
J47(2+2+3) Seater
4.8 meterLHD/RHD11,000-15,000
J5 9- 16 Seater
5.4 meterLHD/RHDTBD
J614-20 Seater
6 MLHD/RHD15,000-24,000
VW619-22 Seater
6 meterTBD20,000-22,000
VW511 Seater
4.49 meterLHD gasoline7,000-9,000
Y67-16 Seater
5.915 meterLHD/RHD26,000-28,000
Y79-23 Seater
7.49 meterLHD/RHD30,000-40,000
BG5-N16 SeaterShort axis narrow bodyLHD/RHDTBD
BG5-W16 SeaterShort axis wide-bodyLHD/RHDTBD
BG6-W16-20 SeaterLong axis wide-bodyLHD/RHD18,000-22,000

3. Take VC4 and VC5 minivan sales by manufacturer for example, here are some advantages and comparations.

 The Simple introduction of best small van deals of VC4

minivan manufacturers-VC4

This small van we called VC4 is a short-wheelbase van with 7~8 seats. The dimension of the small van is 4.010 * 1.620 * 1.915mm, the wheelbase is 2.700mm. The curb vehicle weight is 1.160kg, the gross vehicle weight is 1.850kg and the fuel tank capacity is 45L.

The system:

The gearbox of the best small van deals is a 5-speed manual. The front suspension is an independent suspension, and the rear suspension is a parallel leaf spring and absorber. The braking system is a front disc rear drum brake system. The minimum turning radius is 5.2m, the tires using on this small van are 175/70R14LT. The max vehicle speed is ≥130km/h.

The engine:

The displacement of the small van is 1306cc. The type of engine is EFI, DOHC, gasoline. The max power of the small van is 63/6000 KW/rpm, the max torque is 108/4000-4400 N.m/rpm. The emission of the small van is Euro IV.?

Above is one of our most popular modes called VC4 with 7~8 seat capacity. Following is another model of VC5 with 7~11 seats. The biggest difference between these two models is VC5 has a larger space with more seats.?

The Simple introduction of best small van deals of VC5:

minivan manufacturers-VC5


Fuel typeGasoline
Driving4×2, rear drive 


Overall length(mm)4330
Overall width(mm)1650
Overall height(mm)1915
Wheel base(mm)2850
Tread, front/ rear(mm)1390/1410
Ground clearance(mm)160
Curb vehicle weight(kg)1175
Gross vehicle weight(kg)1865
Seating capacity(persons)7-11 
Fuel tank capacity(L)45


GearboxManual,5 speed and 1 reverse,synchronizing
SuspensionFrontMcPherson independent suspension
SuspensionRearParallel leaf spring and absorber
BrakeFront/ rearFront disc & rear drum brake
Min. turning radius(m)5.2
Max. vehicle speed(Km/h)130


Technology sourceSUZUKI MITSUBISHI
Type4-cylinder in line, 4-stroke, DOHC, 16-valves4-cylinder in line, aluminum engine 
Max. power(hp)86/6000110
Max. torque(N.m)108/4000-4400138
Compression ratio9.8:1  10:5:1
EmissionEuro 4Euro 4


AM/FM radio & USB port for MP3 player
Engine tachometer
Front disc & rear drum brake
Front and rear A/C
Airbags for driver & co-driver
Power steering (Electric)
Back Radar
Steering column lock
Rear high brake light
Power front door windows
Central door lock
Body-colored rear view mirror
Body-colored front/rear bumper
Front fog lamp
Alloy wheels
Steel wheels with covers
Note:   ■= Standard   □ = Optional     – =Not available  

This small van with 7~11 seats, the dimension of the van is 4.330 * 1.650 * 1.915mm, the wheelbase is 2.850mm. The fuel type of this van is gasoline with a 4*2 rear-drive. The curb vehicle weight is 1.175kg, the gross vehicle weight is 1.865kg, the fuel tank capacity is 45L.

The characteristics:

Firstly, McPherson independent front suspension and five-leaf springs rear suspension to making high carrying capacity.

Secondly, same with VC4, the modular space design maximum used the limited space to meet the different demands for driving, seating, and loading.

Finally, high efficiency engine, more powerful but less fuel consumption.

The system:

The gearbox of the small van is max. Front McPherson independent suspension and rear is parallel leaf spring and absorber. The braking system is the front and rear disc. The minimum turning radius is 5.2m, the max speed is 130km/h, and the tires using 175/70R14LT.

The engine:

We have two engines for this model, details as below:

The color choice of two models:

We have various colors for your consideration, below color reference for your review:

Recently, we are promoting these two best small van models. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed catalog and price.

Among products from our van manufacturer, 2-11 seats electric minibus with the right-hand drive is available.

4. Why Choose Us to be one of your top minivan and minibus manufacturers:

  • We KINGSTAR is an automobile supplier from China minivan market, we mainly export Chinese van, SUV, MPV, truck, minibus, pickup, and minivan, van truck etc., We have sole vehicles to more than 90 countries and regions(such as sell minivan and minibus in Thailand) in the past 18 years. All our exported products have been proved to be strongly marketable in oversea markets with good quality and reasonable pricing. We are one of the best small van deals companies that may have your trust to check our modes below.
  • Our factory invest $5,500 million, there are three core sectors, the R&D center, engine sector, and vehicle sector with an annual production capacity of 300,000 units.   The R&D center owns a vehicle testing center; components and electrical lab; style center; Postdoctoral scientific and research workstation; Energy-saving and safety testing center.
  • We have quality management certification, such as ISO/TS16949: 2009 Quality System Certification, ISO/TS14001: 2004 Environmental, System Certification, Certification of Chinese Environmental Labelling Products, and Exemption from Inspection of Export Commodities.

Here is some information for your reference first, if you would like to know more about this model, please contact us. We are sincerely looking forward to be your minivan car manufacturer!



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