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It is a good chance for our minivan manufacturers to enter to Thailand market.  Why?  Because the Thai government has vigorously attracted Chinese electric vehicle companies to build factories.

minivan manufacturers

Per a report by Bangkok Business Daily on June 2nd, the director of the Industrial Economics Office of Thailand said that apart from Japan, South Korea, and European countries which have set up automobile factories in Thailand.  Many countries also intend to invest in electric vehicles in Thailand.  For example, our two major automobile brands in China have set up factories in Thailand. And it expanded their business into the field of electric vehicle production. It making Thailand the first country in ASEAN where China invested in electric vehicles. 

minivan manufacturers

Thailand is an automobile production base in Southeast Asia, it has the following advantages in the field of electric vehicles.

First, the automobile industry is rich in labor resources.  Second, the industrial chain is sound.  Third, the domestic market is large, and the annual domestic car purchase volume exceeds 1 million. It is higher than Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries.  Fourth, policy support, giving preferential policies to foreign-funded enterprises that establish electric vehicle factories in Thailand.  Fifthly, Thailand enjoys the zero-tariff policy of the Free Trade Area, which can radiate to neighboring countries.  To be sure, more and more minivan manufacturers will invest there.

Thailand’s competitors Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam also have their own advantages. If Indonesia is rich in mineral resources, it can provide raw materials for the production of batteries.  Malaysian Chinese enterprises are large in scale and have a good Chinese environment.  Vietnam’s investment promotion department has great decision-making power and can fully provide preferential investment policies.

Our minivan manufacturers invest $5,500 million, there are three core sectors, the R&D center, engine sector, and vehicle sector with an annual production capacity of 300,000 units.   The R&D center owns a vehicle testing center; components and electrical lab; style center; Postdoctoral scientific and research workstation; Energy-saving and safety testing center.

Our minivan manufacturers have quality management certification, such as ISO/TS16949: 2009 Quality System Certification, ISO/TS14001: 2004 Environmental, System Certification, Certification of Chinese Environmental Labelling Products, and Exemption from Inspection of Export Commodities.

Among products from our minivan manufacturers, 2-11 seats electric minibus with the right-hand drive is available.

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According to the good situation in Thailand, our minivan manufacturers have more export mode.



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