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Overall Dimension(L*W*H, mm) 5155×1930×2450,2500
Wheelbase(mm) 3595
Tread (F/R, mm) 1675 / 1675
Total Weight(kg) 3200
Curb Weight(kg) 2112
Min Turning radius(m) 7.35
Max. Speed(km/h) 80(with speed limited)
MIN.Clearance(Fully loaded, mm) 150
Gradability(%) (Loaded) 25
Fuel Consumption (GB 20997, L/100km) ≤10.5

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We have several types of school bus for sale. Here we only mention 4 types, for rest, please refer to the related products. Many people are looking for used, old short achool bus for sale. They want to buy the mini school bus near me so that to save cost. Some of them looking for 2015, 2017 year school bus which retired. While, we recommend you buy new school bus rather than old one. Our new school bus is cheap. You can contact with us for various types of school bus, diesel, gasoline, electric, small size, mid size or large size, customized coloring and painting as to your request such as yellow, white. Contact with us we will guide you how to buy school bus. Welcome to be our distributor in your market.

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Gasoline Primary School Bus 18 Seat VW6S-26

Gasoline Kindergarten School Bus 19 seat VW6S-25

Primary School Bus -side 2
Kindergarten school bus-front 2
Minibus Wholesale Shipment (2)
8 seater minibus for sale

Gasoline Kindergarten School Bus Pictures

Gasoline Kindergarten Schoolbus for sale Parameter, Configurations and Price VW6S-25 (19 seater capacity, including driver)

School Bus for Sale Price list

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Model Motor type Description FOB  (In USD) LHD
VW6S-26 Gasoline Passenger Capacity (seats, including driver): 18Overall Dimension(L*W*H, mm)5155×1930×2500 Wheelbase(mm) 3595 Engine In-line, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, NA, MPI, Emission Standard China Ⅵ FOB 16,000-20,000 USD
  2. Payment terms: 30% as deposit, 70% before shipment out of factory.

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It is referred to the school bus for permission to use according to the “School Bus Safety Management Regulations”. It is the vehicle with more than 7 seats to pick up compulsory education students from school. The school bus for elementary and kindergarten students should be designed and manufactured in accordance with the national standards for school students.

The Occupational Safety Commission of the State Council of China has pointed out, establish and improve the system of school bus safety laws and regulations and the safety management system. Clean up the passing priority of the school bus, improve the management of the school bus, ensure the safety of the school bus; The policy requires school buses to have satellite systems and speed-limited equipment. In China, parents can get the message of what time their children get on or off the bus when the children swipe their card.

Before the invention of the vehicle, the United States already had the professional marla school bus to pick up students. Wayne Works was the first company to produce a school bus. Started to produce a carriage that could carry 25 children since 1837, this carriage is used for picking up and dropping off students. Since 1886, this carriage has been called “school buses” or “school trucks”.

After the invention of the   vehicle  , the Wayne Works company put the carriage on a car chassis. Then the motorized school bus was invented. After 1927, Wayne Works with another school bus manufacturer called Blue Bird Body Company began producing all-metal school buses, this type of motorized truck has no fundamental difference from today’s school buses.

1 Marla school bus – The world’s first school bus

From the picture, we can tell that it was quite a while ago. This is the first school bus in the world it was made by George Shillibeer in 1827. It was driven by a horse, it could carry 25 children. Although it was quite simple and crude, it is not easy to get it (not everyone can do it like today). After that, George Shillibeer established the Wayne Works company in 1837. It is also the same company (Wayne Corporation) that provides all the fighting gear and technical research for the movie “Batman”.

2 school bus

Since the first Marla school bus was developed, the motorized school bus was soon invented. Not long, Wayne Works tried to bring the Marla school bus cart on the vehicle chassis, there is the first motorized school bus. But sitting in this kind of design, the wind is everywhere in the winter, it’s a long story that I couldn’t tell.

After that, Wayne Works and another school bus manufacturer, Blue Bird Body Company, began to think about the misery and safety of students sitting in such a school bus. They produced an all-metal school bus that added windproof and rainproof glass. This type of school bus was very similar to today’s school bus.

Modern school bus as below:

3 Why is the color of the school bus yellow?

Because riding the school bus greatly improved the safety and comfort of students, many schools began purchasing or customizing school bus service. In 1939, a doctor named Cyr proposed using a special color scheme for school buses at a meeting. At last, they decided to use yellow color as the safety color of the school bus, which really improved the safety of the school bus.

Above was the origin and history of the yellow school bus. Now let’s see the interesting things about the school bus.

4 “Monster” school bus

This monster school bus was modified by America, some America enjoy car modification very much, no car is without modification. Let’s take a look at the “feet” of the school bus, it is quite strong and powerful, as if a monster put its feet in the sky. I think the cars on the road will leave this school bus far behind.

5 cute school bus

Being cute is not an exclusive action of humans or animals, how cute is the act of a car? In the country of anime Japan, in order to attract children to love school, they made a lot of effort. The school bus is specially made in a variety of animal patterns, such as Pikachu, little squirrel, Thomas, etc. Not only children, but an adult like me also wants to try it. Sitting in such a cute school bus to wait to go to school, how happy it is.

I must say that it is a really thoughtful idea for those little students.

6 double decker school bus

This was designed by an automobile artist Tom Kennedy. He assembled two school buses backwards, now this school bus touted to be the tour bus in America.

7 Extended School Bus

Extending the vehicle is a sign of luxury and social status. It’s even hard to drive, turn sharply, consume more fuel and hard to drive, but people still love it. And this type of extended school bus is the only service for those children from a noble family.

8 “Flying” School Bus

On ordinary roads, cars are not only limited in speed, but also get very annoyed when stuck in traffic jams, especially when students need to get to school on time. But things are different in Germany. Germany’s airborne version of the school bus does not exhibit these problems. The special separate channel, which is only for school buses, is high security, unobstructed, and is the most real high-speed express directly to the school.

9 school bus labor

India is a magical country, the school bus is also different. Although the society has entered the age of mechanization, is the school bus in India still in the age of manpower? A tin-shaped school bus has its own style. Not really, most of the school buses in India are normal like in other countries. Due to the huge gap between rich and poor in India, it is quite difficult for ordinary people to change this. It will take time to change this. You can see in the picture how happy they are. It is a happy thing to go to school. I think thats enough. Sometimes what kind of bus is not the most important, what you are going to do maybe is the most important. 

School bus with 10 fences

Wow, who turns a tank into a school bus? Who is going to make this tank the school bus? Except for the struggling nation of Russia, it’s hard to imagine who it will be. They are reminding children that we are the generation of a fighting nation. Of course, it’s a joke. This was a scene from a movie called Armored. The only thing that can be seen from the picture is that no matter when and how, students (children) are always the most important people to take care of.

Above are the interesting school buses of the world. You never know how interesting the outside is until you see it.

So let’s say something serious.

① Please check whether the track width is suitable for the school bus you are going to buy.

② The school bus must not be too large, otherwise there will be a poor problem. And it is not flexible, and the waiting time will be too long to wait. If the parents have a different opinion about it, the driver will be under great pressure to catch up. Also, the driver may exceed the speed limit, increasing safety risks.

③ It is better to buy the professional school bus instead of the modified bus.

④ The specification of use: As a school bus it does not need to be too luxurious, but it must meet the national school bus standards to gain national recognition.

Normal vehicle maintenance is related to the life of the vehicle and the safety of the driver and passengers. Improper maintenance or use will cause multifunction of vehicles and bring safety risks. In addition to doing maintenance on time for mandatory maintenance, you should also do a good job of daily maintenance. This is beneficial to the “health” of the vehicle. Many users’ vehicles are still in good driving condition with no major faults after 600,000 kilometres, benefiting from careful daily maintenance.  

  • Cheap School Bus Engine Inspection

Park the school bus on a level street. Pull out the scale to check the amount of oil, if the oil is within the two lines (F) and (L), it belongs to the normal range, if it is less than (L). The specified type of oil must be added and the oil level must not be higher than (F)

  • Cheap School Bus Engine Coolant Level Inspection

 Do not open the radiator cover when the engine is still in heating state. Otherwise, you will be injured by splashing refrigerant or high-temperature steam. You need to wait until the engine cool down, check whether the coolant level is between full and low position, if not, you need to add distilled water or pure water (mineral water cannot be added) or coolant. The height of the liquid level cannot exceed the maximum position. If you found the coolant decreased rapidly in a short time, please check the cooling system for leaks or go to the maintenance station to check.  

Cheap school bus does not mean the quality is not good. KINGSTAR we not only share interesting things for you, but also practical things. We are a car supplier from China and we have exclusive vehicles for more than 90 countries in the past 18 years. Below is one of our school bus for sale, we call this model   BG3 with 12~16 seats   (the seats can be adjustable according to your needs).

The engine we use in these school buses for sale is BJ493Q, which comes from IZUSU 4JB1 technology. The emission of school buses for sale is Euro III. The type of school buses for sale is inline 4 cylinder, turbocharger, the fuel type is diesel. Displacement of school buses for sale is 2,771L, rated power is 70/3600 kW/rpm. The maximum torque is 225/2300 Nm/rpm.

Right now we are promoting a school bus that is quite cheap.

6.1  BG3  cheap school minibus  12-16 seats:

This is a cheap left hand drive school bus and also can be made for right hand drive mode with different prices. It is a high roof bus, which means the interior space will be larger than normal. For the optional body choice, we could also do a semi-high roof.

6.2 The interior of the cheap school bus

This is our new type standard board.

Underneath the woodgrain board will be an optional option.

6.3 The BG3 cheap school bus inspection

The dimension of BG3 is 5053 × 1700 × 2240mm, the wheelbase is 2890mm, the maximum speed is ≥115km/h, the fuel tank capacity is 70L, and the standard seat capacity is 16 seating.

6.4 The BG3 cheap school bus engine

6.5 The BG3 cheap school bus chassis

The safety of children going to or coming from school has always been a concern of society. The most common way is for parents to pick up their children from school. Traffic jam is unavoidable problem if all parents do this. In addition, the school bus is gradually replacing the parent van. So the question is, can I trust the “school bus”?

VC5 School Bus:

The interior space is fresh and light, and the interior is generally spotless. The touch parts are soft to prevent children from playing and bumping. Each design is meticulous. A new generation of ecological seats specific for students according to the physical characteristics of the students. developed, beautiful in appearance and more comfortable to operate; the new instrument panel adopts a car-like design. It is smarter, and the information display and reading are more simple and convenient. NVH mute technology and a large number of applications on the basis of sound absorption and sound insulation structure design. Special materials for sound insulation and noise reduction create a quiet driving environment.

These   school buses   have a full range of safety care. It is adopting diamond closed ring structure body frame, through-type integral straight beam chassis. In addition, a complete process of cathodic electrophoresis of the vehicle and a complete load-bearing assembly process. Therefore, it can ensure that the vehicle body has a little deformation in the event of an accident. The front and rear are equipped with high-strength anti-collision beams to effectively protect the body from a frontal collision.

The side/rear escape doors are barrier-free in design, easy to operate, and can quickly escape in emergency situations. In addition, wide-angle rear view mirrors / blind fill mirrors + front and rear video surveillance to ensure that there is no blind spot in the field of vision. It is equipped with advanced design and technology, such as a parking signal arm. Also the lower and upper side windows closed with push-pull system, the intelligent fire extinguishing device in the engine compartment and the central unlocking function of the seat belts.

The safety factor of the whole vehicle is further improved; in addition, the suspension and steering system is optimized for easy operation Flexible and smoother driving. What’s more, with front reach engine, fuel tank anti-collision device, disc brake and new retarder. It can cope with complicated road conditions such as winding mountain roads and narrow roads in old urban areas.

After years of painstaking research and development, using technology to protect the dream of the future, these school buses have made a significant leap in safety, reliability, and environmental protection. In addition, they will better protect the children’s path to school.

KINGSTAR factory one of the main products is school bus. Our factory produced this mode for 15 years.

2022 is a year that our factory will not forget its original intention and move forward with the whole set. Our factory has always been committed to creating higher quality products. As small passenger buses for sale, and has achieved remarkable results in the development of new models. During the year, we launched more than ten new models and a variety of products to meet the needs of the market. Among them, the 4.5-meter pure electric closed logistics vehicle  , the 2.5-ton pure electric micro card. Furthermore, purely electric SUVs have been launched successively, with sales exceeding 1,000 in just a few months.

2020 is an extraordinary year.

In 2020, our factory’s annual sales volume increased by 69% year over year. Just as the average monthly growth from June to December was 28% month to month. The market share of new energy logistics vehicles increased steadily. The purely electric cargo transporter won the “Best Purely Electric Logistics Vehicle in Haixi of the Year” award. The title reflects the market’s recognition of the exceptional strength of our factory.

 In January, our factory sales increased more than 100% year-on-year and 14% month-on-month. In particular, sales in overseas markets hit a record high, reaching 515 units, including small passenger buses for sale. The results were gratifying and he got off to a “good start” in January. As the Spring Festival approaches, recent orders for group-buy vehicles in urban communities have continued to rise. Furthermore, the new energy logistics vehicles in our factory have even become insufficient in inventory. Faced with the shortage of supply in the market, our factory actively responded and made unified arrangements and deployments. By arranging the Spring Festival overtime plan in advance, working closely with supplier partners to prepare product materials. At the same time, we are doing well in the ideological work of the staff,

A series of products are coming

Next, our factory will speed up the implementation of new energy commercial vehicle products, in addition to traditional products, such as small passenger buses for sale, and further improve the product series. In February 2021, a series of products such as micro vans, vans,   electric minivans and vans will be launched, to respond to the market segments with the most product abundance and to develop cities. Cargo market share and winning the market competition lay a solid foundation.

2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. Standing on a new starting point, our factory will be based on the new stage of development, implement the new development concept, with the new brand slogan “Go for a long time, long-term company”, with the intention original to create good quality products for customers, and further improve the product matrix, including the small passenger bus for sale, to improve the overall strength, promote the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in public service areas such as urban logistics and contribute to the creation of an urban ecology “green city with green logistics”.

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