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Explore customer experience and tap product value, Y7 17 seater minibus for sale

How about feedback about Y7 17 seater minibus for sale? 

A few days ago, our factory is carrying out the “Value Discovery Trip” activity. This activity aims to go deep into customers across the country, conduct on-site visits and research, understand customers’ car use. It including Y7 17 seater minibus for sale experience and business model. In order to continuously improve our products Satisfying customer needs and service capabilities; establishing a cooperative development model of “sharing, consensus; win-win” with customers, truly achieving customer satisfaction is our purpose and value concept.

17 seater minibus for sale

The first stop of this event was Yangzhou Station, which mainly interviewed the customer, Mr. Shen.

Mr. Shen currently uses the 7.5-meter minibus to run the route from Yangzhou to Yiwu, and the daily mileage is about 500 kilometers. Mr. Shen is still very satisfied with the performance of the minibus.

“I bought the minibus in 2017, and I was hesitant at the time. But considering that the manufacturer is in Yangzhou. Even if there is a problem, it is easy to solve it, so I bought it. At present, my minibus has run 360,000 kilometers. I changed a timing belt a few days ago and there was no failure. The performance of the 17 seater minibus for sale is still very satisfactory.” Mr. Shen said in the interview.     

As we all know, with the development of high-speed rail, the impact on passenger transport is huge, and the dividend period in the passenger transport market no longer exists. Therefore, the model has become a key choice for making money. It has forced many passenger transport companies and car owners to carry out a “big to small” transformation.

The customer, Mr. Shen, drove a sleeper car before. Taking into account the reduction in passenger flow, he chose the Euromonitor 7.5m 17 seater minibus for sale. The current profitability is still acceptable. “The average fuel consumption of the 17 seater minibus for sale is 10L per 100 kilometers, which is very low. Compared with similar models, it basically saves 80-90 yuan per day, and it saves more than 30,000 yuan in a year. There is also a large luggage storage space after this minibus for sale, which is enough to bring goods from Yiwu.” Mr. Shen mentioned.

It can be seen that the 17 seater minibus for sale’s super fuel-saving performance greatly reduces the customer’s operating costs.

It is with Italian VM technology Weichai RA428 engine with a displacement of 2.8L and a torque of 420NM, which is powerful. In addition, the lightweight design of the vehicle adopts a full-bearing body structure. Moreover, on the basis of ensuring safety and dynamics, it achieves an excellent operating economy by reducing its own weight. The 7.5-meter 17 seater minibus for sale China VI model was selected into the country’s eighteenth batch of vehicle and ship tax reduction catalogs due to its excellent fuel consumption performance.

At present, under the current situation that all road passenger transportation enterprises are facing huge survival pressure, the operating economy of vehicles has become an important factor considered by passenger transportation enterprises. With its excellent fuel-saving performance, 17 seater minibus for sale has become the best choice for passenger transportation “big to small”.



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