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About The Hard Power of VC5 7-11 Seats Minivan Chinas

VC5 minivan chinas from our factory is 7-11 seats with left-hand driving. Today let’s check out the performance of the minivan.

Firstly, the appearance of the minivan

The atmosphere is surging and it is suitable for carrying people and goods.

Minivan Chinas

The appearance is relatively square, size is 4,330(L) × 1650(W) × 1915(H) (mm), and wheelbase of 2850mm. Which is more advantageous than similar products with a length of fewer than 4.1 meters. It has more spacious rear space, strong cargo-carrying capacity, and configuration higher than similar models. VC5 7-11 seat minivan chinas have cost-effectiveness which attracts many consumers.

In terms of appearance, the front face design of VC5 7-11 seat minivan chinas is diamond-cut surface. Angular shield-shaped front air intake grille and vertical headlights make it look extremely tough. The braking system of the minivan is front disc & rear drum brake.  The whole minibus is fashionable and full of visual impact, which is more in line with the aesthetic characteristics of Chinese people nowadays. 

Secondly, the interior of the minivan

The interior is safe and comfortable

The overall layout of the VC5 7-11 seats minivan chinas interior is simple and generous. The dark gray interior is the style of the home, and silver decoration enhanced the texture of the minivan. The steering wheel adopts a four-spoke design, and the instrument adopts a three-circle design.  The visual effect of the matching of white characters on a black background is more intuitive.  In terms of storage space, practicality is relatively good.  In addition, without putting down the last row of seats, the depth of the trunk is 780mm, which can meet some daily cargo needs. 

Thirdly, the power of the minivan

Surging power and practical model’

Equipped with a 1.3L or 1.5L gasoline engine with a maximum power of 86 horsepower and 110hp.  The 1.3L gasoline engine has a fuel consumption of only 6.0L/100km, which perfectly combines strong power and excellent handling.  The minivan chinas equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox, with chrome-plated material inlaid in the middle of the handlebar, which has a good shape and grip.  In terms of braking, the performance of VC5 7-11 seat minivan chinas is better than that of models of the same level.  The brake pedal is moderately adjusted. And its braking effect can be felt by stepping on the brake pedal.  Its suspension structure is consistent with the equipment standard of the same class of models.  The front is McPherson independent suspension and the rear is Parallel leaf spring and absorber, with strong load-bearing capacity.

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