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How much do you know about electric school bus?

Electric vehicle, including an electric school bus, is more and more popular due to pollution-free. 

The electric school bus is a “pointed” model specially designed and developed for all students in China.  There are two types of electric school buses, medium-size, and big-size. On the basis of these two types, it can separate into ordinary type and luxury type.

electric school bus

The electric school bus is especially suitable for kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, colleges and universities, and other safe vehicles. The school bus is not only the first choice for schools but also a good helper to ensure students’ safety. It adopts superior automobile chassis technology, an independent suspension system, and high-strength toughened glass with a large landscape.  Furthermore, it pays more attention to practicality, safety, and environmental protection.

What is Intelligent communication safety and environmental protection electric school bus?

There is a new type of electric school bus, it can talk with long-eyed.  With a voice device, real-time video head, battery, energy controller, and driving motor, the maximum speed is 60-120km and the maximum driving range is 400km.

The safe school bus has many advantages, such as low price, environmental protection, energy-saving (the cost per 100 kilometers is more than 4\5 cheaper than that of gasoline vehicle patrol), and low noise.  It can not only greatly save fuel costs, but also improve the safety of school students’ lives.  It is more convenient to get on and off than ordinary cars and has a broader vision.

Take our domestic famous brand AC electric school bus as an example:

1. This kind of bus adopts a large-capacity lead-acid sealed battery as an energy storage device.  It has good storage and power supply performance, a high energy utilization rate of 92%, stable power supply, short charging time, long-running mileage of the vehicle.  There is no need for maintenance during use, no need of adding acid and water, and long service life of the battery, which can generally be used for three years.

2. The frequency conversion controller adopts the DSP control chip imported from the United States which is equivalent to microcomputer control.  It has stable performance and controls electric energy by frequency. It is the leading technology in China at present. The controller is independently developed and produced by our company and its quality and maintenance are guaranteed with low use and maintenance costs.

3. The AC variable frequency motor is using as the driver which has stable performance, strong overload resistance, no burning of the motor, and strong climbing power. When driving, it starts smoothly, speeds up quickly, and has low noise which makes passengers feel comfortable.


There are many advantages for this kind of electric school bus, such as environmental protection and energy saving (the cost per 100 km is more than 4\5 cheaper than gasoline patrol) which can greatly save fuel cost.  At the same time, it has low noise, dexterity, fast speed increase, long driving range, strong bearing capacity, military bulletproof technology, sharp-pointed appearance, and high safety performance.  It will greatly improve the life safety of students all over the country.

After reading the above, did you get more information about the electric school bus?  If you want to buy this kind of bus, please contact us.



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