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Best School Bus for sale from Manufacturer – KINGSTAR Minibus

Most Popular School Bus Price List:

VW6S-25Kindergarten School Bus for sale19 seats
VW6S-26Primary School Bus for sale18 seats
J5Mini School Bus for sale5.4meters 
J6Mini School Bus for sale6 meters

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  1. The history of school bus;
  2. The importance of the school bus;
  3. National safety standard for special school bus;
  4. The security regulations of school bus in China;
  5. How To Choose A Special Chinese School Bus?
  6. Company Introduction;
  7. Product introduction.

The history of school bus

The history of the school bus in the United States could be traced to the end of the 19th century. By 1910, already 30 states implemented student traffic plans with different degrees. Since 1927, when Bluebird Bus Company made the first school bus in the United States, school bus continued to develop. In 2011, there were 460,000units of the school bus (included short bus, electric bus) in the United States per year to transport about 26 million students to go to school or off school back home, traveling reach 4 billion miles.

Chinese school bus

The importance of the school bus

At any time, the safety of students has always been the focus and hotspot of the whole society. At the beginning of the school season, news about the safety of the mini school bus for sale is frequently active in major authoritative media. It has aroused the attention and thinking of all sectors of society. Schools, minibus factories, school bus operators, parents, teachers, and students all need to implement the responsibility of safe riding. Moreover, effectively ensure the personal safety of primary and secondary school students and young children riding school buses.

Especially in summer, the high temperature is the most dangerous factor for children.


Cases of Children are forgotten in the small school bus are frequently happened and cause great tragedies. Parents must take high caution for it. Children should be taught about self-help methods. Such as honking the horn and double flashing warning lights, slamming the car windows. Also can shouting loudly to attract the attention of people around.

The school bus is quite a familiar word nowadays. The majority of the school will arrange a school bus to pick up students at home and send them back after school. Actually, a special school bus really with some advantages. For example, when kids saw the school bus as their favorite color, maybe they would be happier to go to school. Especially at the beginning, leave the safety and familiar family to school. For sale school bus from KINGSTAR will be a good choice.

The safety of children is the most important concerning of parents always. A good school bus with great quality will comfort parents and school.

There are kinds of school bus in the world, of course, short bus included, even is not common in domestic.  

Long nose school bus is the most popular and well known type.

The longnose school bus is the school bus type stipulated in the international standard. From the appearance, the prominent front is the most obvious feature of the long nose school bus. More than half of the engine of the long nose school bus is located in front of the windshield and is installed in the blind mirror.

The advantages of the long nose school bus

As half of the engine is in front of the windshield, it can buffer the front collision damage. On the “long nose”, there is also a two-sided, bull-nose-ring-shaped mirror. Which works with a rearview mirror and a reversing monitor to create a truly non-360degree blind spot.

Many manufacturers in domestic adopt the structure of the American long nose school bus with an all-steel closed ring structure. The hood and bumper are several times thicker than other vehicles so that the school bus impact resistance is much stronger. Above the driver’s dashboard, there is a display screen which is a monitoring device inside the car. You can see all the status of the students inside the vehicle.

National safety standard for special school bus

The National safety standard for bus was consist of “Special school bus safety technical conditions” and “Special school bus student seat system and its vehicle fixed parts of the strength”. These two mandatory national standards stated clear all kinds of technical indicators and test methods of the short bu and seat system. Pay more attention to the safety of the vehicle performance, the humanization of vehicle configuration, and the operability of the vehicle safety management.

For example, the requirements of the standard. The steps of the short bus can not be too high, must be set up on and off handrail, the aisle must be smooth and anti-slippery. The seats and partition must be soft material, the air inside the short bus must reach the standard. At the same time, the standard has made a series of provisions on speed limiting device; the limit of passenger numbers; first aid kit; seat arrangement of the caretaker; special school bus sign light; parking indicator; data recorder monitoring system, and so on.

Compares with the old national “The safety technical specification of primary school students”, “National safety standard for school bus” modified the students’ seat, emergency exit, steps, and other 30 items. Increased first aid kit, interior decoration, signal system, maximum loading capacity of passengers, and other 30 items.

The security regulations of school bus in China

Decades ago, there was no standard for a minibus in China. A van or a random minibus could become a “school bus” for transporting children to school. The design of the mini school bus is not for children. The safety factor and ride comfort could not meet the children’s demand. Overloading and accidents happened, cause injuries for the children.

In China, the state supports the provision of school bus services for students who lived in (include short bus) rural areas. The state support through financial aid, preferential taxation, and encouraging social donations. Financial support funds for the development of school bus services shall be shared by the central and local governments. Moreover, specific measures shall be formulated by the financial department of the State Council.  

In order to ensure the safety of school buses and parking, the regulation gives three priorities to school buses.

① When the school bus is carrying students, the traffic police should guide the school bus to have priority passage;  
② The school bus may drive on the bus lane and other road sections where public vehicles are not allowed to pass but public vehicles are allowed to pass;  
③ When the school bus needs to pick up the students or students need to get off the bus.

The vehicles behind the school bus should stop and wait, and no passing is allowed.

The United States has “School Bus Law” to standardize the responsibilities of various departments when school bus is under operation. In addition, in the United States, school buses have a special privilege in the right of way: Once the bus driver turns on the “STOP” sign, all cars behind him, no matter which lane they are in, they must stop even the president. In 50 states of the United States have the same traffic rules: Overtaking a parked school bus which is getting on and off students is one of the most serious traffic offenses. It can tell that the United States paid great attention to the students.

No doubt that no matter which country, they all paid a great attention to the students.

How To Choose A Special Chinese School Bus?

  • Suitable width between the road surface and the Chinese school bus
    The school bus needs to pass through whether the width of the road is suitable for the width of the bus purchased. Whether there is an isolation pier (generally, the width of the isolation pier can pass through a bus with a width less than 2 meters). Because your bus can not enter, other buses can enter, which means you will lose the source of the place.
  • Size of Chinese School bus
    It is not advisable to buy a large school bus. Otherwise, the pick-up time will be too long due to poor passing, inflexibility, and long waiting time. Parents have opinions and the driver will be under pressure to hurry and exceed the speed limit, which will increase safety risks.
  • Engine fuel
    It is best to buy a special Chinese school bus with a diesel engine. Diesel vehicles are more fuel-efficient than gasoline vehicles and have lower maintenance costs.
  • After sales service
    After-sales service of a special Chinese school bus must be considered, is there a local service station? Special attention should be paid to the fact that the engine service station, chassis service station, and vehicle service station are all one, so as to avoid running many service stations for after-sales.
  • Input and use cost
    There is also the input and use cost. As we use the school bus, we don’t need to be too luxurious, just meet the national school bus standard. If we can obtain the school bus certificate issued by the state, it is recognized by the state to meet the school bus standard. The use and maintenance cost is less than 30,000 yuan per year.

Company brief introduction

We KINGSTAR is a bus manufacturer and also a bus dealer from China. Our main market are in India, South America(such as Brazil, Argentina) and Africa(such as Nigeria). The main range of our vehicles are 7-24 seat minibusses, cargo van, 28-56 seat city buses, and coach buses, trucks, pickups, SUV, MPV, electric cars, school bus, special vehicles, etc., We have sold vehicles to more than 90 countries in the past 18years. All our exported products have been proved to be strongly marketable in overseas markets with good quality and reasonable pricing.

With rich experience in automobile design and manufacturing in the past 30 years, KINGSTAR’s bus plant for mini school bus has built a well-known brand in the industry. This is the 10th year of the KINGSTAR’S bus manufacturing company producing mini school bus. Before the State Council promulgated the “School Bus Safety Management Regulations” and the implementation of the “Special School Bus Safety Technical Conditions” mandatory national standards, KINGSTAR’s factory already stood at the forefront of the industry and completed the production of the first mini school bus. As the leader of a minibus, KINGSTAR’s factory takes social safety as its own responsibility. Moreover, KINGSTAR pays attention to education. Also, it strives to develop the safest mini school bus. This is aimed to make most of the students in China ride on a safe and comfortable minibus.  

mini school bus

KINGSTAR factory has always stood at the forefront of the others in the industry.

From the introduction of the safe and reliable mini school bus for sale to the drafting safety standards for a minibus by the government, and further to the continuous exploration of operation models for a minibus, the minibus from KINGSTAR factory has always stood at the forefront of the others in the industry.

The “last-minute” checking the school minibus before children getting off the minibus is very crucial. In order to ensure the safety of children’s travel at the “last minute”, KINGSTAR’s factory has been making continuous efforts the developing a safe mini school bus for sale.

mini school bus for sale

Original intention

“As a company, we realize our responsibility, we must serve students and contribute to society. Considering the safety of students, we decided to produce the school minibus.” KINGSTAR’s factory told us their original intention of manufacturing the minibus.

Without any experience in mini school bus production, the factory of KINGSTAR took serious research on all aspects of the minibus, and after a long period of research, the factory of KINGSTAR develop a special minibus suitable for China’s national conditions. Until 2009, KINGSTAR’s factory completed the production of the first minibus. At that time, this mini school bus was recognized by many customers. Then it became a bright star in the minibus market, occupying half of the same type of minibus market.

In 2013, the new mini school bus was launched, which was well received by the market. In the same year, the minibus accounted for 38% of the Hunan school bus market. Then it becoming the industry leader in the 6-meter-segment small minibus market.

In the past ten years, KINGSTAR factory’s mini school bus technology has been continuously upgraded and improved. In terms of standards, safety, and quality, KINGSTAR’s factory has invested a lot of energy in the mini school bus. Our KINGSTAR’s factory mini school bus has become more and more stable. What’s more, we will strive to continuously introduce higher quality and high performance of mini school bus for the markets.

Product introduction (for sale school bus from KINGSTAR)

This for sale school bus is from 14~20 seat bus. We have two models, one is 5.4M and another is 6M.   

for sale school bus
This school minibus we called BG3 with 12~16 seats (seats could be adjustable). It is a left-hand driving school minibus and sure could be right-hand driving mode with different prices. It is a high roof minibus with more space inside the minibus. For the body structure optional choice, we could also make a semi-high roof.
short bus

The engine parameter of our school minibus as below:

 Engine model BJ493Q(IZUSU 4JB1 Technology)(with 4JB1 steel seal on the motor)
 Emission Euro Iil
 Type4 cylinders in line,Diesel Engine,Turbocharger
 Rated power(kw/rpm)70/3600
 Max torque(N.m/rpm)225/2300

The chassis of our school minibus as below:

 Clutch Single disk,hydraulic operation
 Transmission Manual Transmission with 5 speed ahead and 1 speed reverse
 Rear axle Rear axle,4.1
 Suspension Independent suspension/leaf spring
 Brake system Vacuum servo,hydraulic brake.front disc/rear drum
 Hand brake Equipped
 Tires 195/70R15Ctubeless

A safe school minibus means a lot to this whole society. Please feel free to contact us for a good quality school short bus inquiry.

This for sale school bus just like a multi-purpose commercial vehicle. The bus with more capacious space, a fire-new appearance, rational structure, reliable safety, and human-oriented design.

 Model 4RB2 3TZDK4B1 DK5B
 Fuel type Gasoline engine  Gasoline engine Diesel engineDiesel engine
 Piston displacement(cc) 2438269324982982
 Rated Output(kw/rpm) 102/4600 120/4600-5000 100/3600 110/3400
 Max.torque(N.m/rpm) 210/1600-3600 260/2600-3600 320/1600-2400 330/1600-2400
 Emission Euro IV Euro IV Euro IV Euro IV 
  • 3.1 For 5.4M school bus, the detailed dimension is 5,380 * 1,880 * 2,285mm, the wheelbase is 3,110mm. The standard seating capacity will be 13+1 (driver seat), maximum could be 16 seats. The fuel tank capacity of the school bus is 70L. The clutch of the school bus is a single disc, hydraulic control, tires using on this school bus is 195R15C radial tire.
  • 3.2 About this 5.4M for sale school bus, we have two kinds of fuel engine for your consideration, one is a gasoline engine, and another is a diesel engine:

The system of the for sale school bus 5.4M

The front suspension of the school bus is the front double-wishbone independent suspension/rear variable-rate leaf spring, power steering system. The rear axle is integrated by pressing the rear axle. The braking system of the school bus is disc/drum, initiative vacuum booster, ABS + EBD. The transmission type of the school bus is manual 5 speeds, flexible shaft control.

  • For 6M school bus, the detailed dimension of the school bus is 5,990 * 1,880 * 2,320mm, the wheelbase is 3,720mm. The standard seating capacity of the school bus is 16 seats, maximum could be 20 seats. The fuel tank capacity is 70L, tires using on this school bus are 215/75R16C radial tire.
    • For the engine of the for sale school bus of 6M, we also have two fuel type engines, gasoline, and diesel.
  • The system of the for sale school bus 6M is the same with 5M.
 Model 4RB2 3TZDK4B1 DK5B
 Fuel type Gasoline engine  Gasoline engine Diesel engineDiesel engine
 Piston displacement(cc) 2438269324982982
 Rated Output(kw/rpm) 102/4600 120/4600-5000 100/3600 110/3400
 Max.torque(N.m/rpm) 210/1600-3600 260/2600-3600 320/1600-2400 330/1600-2400
 Emission Euro IV Euro IV Euro IV Euro IV 


1). Cargo body:

The body is small and flexible, size 5995×2098×2940 mm. It can freely shuttle and turn around on narrow urban roads, village, and town roads, improving the adaptability of the road.

  • The control system is smart, easy, and convenient.
  • The best price/performance ratio, fast return, and short investment cycle. The number of occupants in similar models can reach up to 19 passengers, and the return on investment is considerable.
  • Low fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, stronger power, and economical and money-saving.
  • Service stations all over the country make maintenance more convenient and accessible to accessories more convenient.
  • Safe and reliable, with a long-headed body design. It maximizes the absorption of impact energy when the vehicle encounters a front collision. Moreover, the effect enhances the safety performance of the school bus. At the same time it protects the safety of drivers and children.

Firstly, the cage body structure design for conducting a CAE simulation analysis of multiple working conditions on the body. So that to ensure that the lightweight body structure has higher reliability and safety.

Secondly, the upper body adopts a closed-loop skeleton structure to ensure that the occupants have enough living space during the rollover.

Thirdly, the special mini school bus body is with yellow-green fluorescent color reflective contour strips. Together with school bus logos, especially to remind the surrounding vehicles, to put on a “protective vest” for the minibus.

Finally, the driver’s field of vision 360° has no blind zone. This ensures that the driver can observe all the conditions around the mini school bus body at any time. This also helps in avoiding accidents for children caused by observing blind spots.

2). Door and GPS:

Firstly, equipped with a safety escape door, safety glass, and safety hammer. It provides a foolproof guarantee for the safety of children.

Secondly, a GPS driving recorder is to record and store the driving speed, time, mileage, and other status information of the mini school bus, and can realize data output through the interface, which provides effective tracking for the safe driving of the mini school bus, and makes driving The situation is under control

3). Window:

Firstly, the lower part of the closed car window can avoid the danger caused by the children opening the car window at will;

Secondly, the upper part of the window is movable to meet the ventilation needs of the car. This ensures fresh air circulation in the car.

4). Seat :

Firstly, the seat armrests with soft materials to prevent children from accidentally bumping.

Secondly, all seats in the minibus are with seat belts, to ensure the safety of children.

Thirdly, other bus seats are generally designed according to adult standards, while the seats of KINGSTAR factory’s special minibus are specially tailored to the physical characteristics of school-age children.

Among similar models, KINGSTAR factory’s special minibus has the first level of stepping design, which is the most convenient to get on and off!

The first step height is less than or equal to 340mm, and the second step height is less than 170mm. Based on the experience value of ergonomics, it can meet the needs of children to get on and off the school bus in a convenient, stable, safe, and comfortable way.

The short front suspension design makes it convenient and effortless for the driver to steer. The load distribution of the front and rear axles is balanced, effectively avoiding eccentric wear of the tires.

mini school bus for sale

When the “special detection system” detects that there are children left in the car, it can drive the police lights and horn outside the minibus to give dual alarms at the moment when the target is detected. And it can distinguish between life targets and non-life targets, and the rate of false alarm is low.

In addition to the alarm, the intelligent electronic anti-forgetting system also provides “online foreign aid” support.

When the system detects that the child has been left in the car, the App platform will notify the school bus operator of the information and photo. This shows the child’s inside mini school bus condition. The minibus operator can remotely issue an emergency door opening instruction. After the system receives the instruction, the mini school bus for sale will have the emergency door open automatically immediately. It is very smart, isn’t it?

Parents can log in to the client APP keep tracking of the children’s movements at any time

Of course, parents no need to worry about the safety of the mini school bus for sale. You can log in to the client APP of the corresponding minibus supplier to keep tracking of the children’s movements at any time and anywhere! With this powerful monitoring platform of the W6 minibus, parents and friends can grasp the child’s location in real-time. Ensure that children will not “lost contact” and will not be forgotten!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4-7.jpg

For children, the mini school bus for sale is not only a traveling tool, but also a guardian, a companion, and a responsibility. To reduce the occurrence of school bus safety issues and truly “prevent problems before they happen”, we should always start by using a safe special minibus. Protecting the safety of our children, our KINGSTAR and our factory are always on the road.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5-4.jpg

What’s more, we could also provide OEM service, logo modification, and feature customization. Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us!

8. Conclusion

This model mini school bus also can be widely used in short and medium-distance passenger transportation, tourism, and community transportation, with various types of seat layout for meeting different demands. Maximum seating could reach 22 seaters (19+3 folding seats). KINGSTAR’s factory will always strive to supply the most reliable and stable and comfortable bus for the public.

In the coming future, KINGSTAR ’s factory still has a long way to go. KINGSTAR will follow the step and promote mini school bus to all over the world. Welcome minibus trader, bus rental company, education organization and bus dealer to cooperate with us with wholesale. Click if you want to know other special vehicle such as ambulance, military car, mail car, police car, prison car…and so on.



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