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Safety Is The Undoubted First Principle For Mini School Buses

The choice of mini school buses products, safety is the undoubted first principle. (Click and check the School mini bus standard in China)

We have been engaged in the export of automobile business for about 20 years. And we are fully aware of the great social responsibility of mini school buses operation, and we will not let up in the slightest. Among them, the development and promotion of safe special mini school bus products should be the top priority.

Mini School Buses
Mini School Buses

Customers choose our KINGSTAR mini school buses after thorough investigation and believe that our mini school buses are of high quality in terms of safety and durability.

1. First of all, the exterior and interior:

Compared with ordinary passenger vehicles, the mini school buses body is painted with eye-catching yellow. And equipped with reflective strips, parking signs, etc., which can improve the safety of the vehicle. At the same time, the interior space of the vehicle is fresh and bright. In addition to the non-nailed overall interior, the touchable parts are all covered with soft packaging technology. It can prevent school children from bumping and injury due to playing. Moreover, it is practical to ensure that every design is for the safety of children.

Mini School Buses

2. Secondly, the frame, door and glass are also in safety consideration.

Our mini school buses adopt a birdcage frame, stamped parts front, and back, plus a “big long head” design on the front of the engine. It can well protect the safety of students in the car even in an emergency. In addition, the rear-side safety door and automatic glass breaking device can also win valuable evacuation time for students in times of crisis. Ensure travel safety.

Purchasing trustworthy special mini school buses products is the first key link to ensure the safety of school children on their way to and from school. After that, standardized operation and management is the second key to the interlocking relationship. Only when the two are seamlessly connected can the children be truly realized. Safe and worry-free on the way to school.

3. Management:

In view of this, our customers have also developed a relatively mature management experience for the daily operation of vehicles

In order to meet the travel needs of schoolchildren to the greatest extent, the local daily mini school buses shuttle route of the customer has basically covered the main roads of the city. Drivers are strictly selected. The school bus departs at 6:30 in the morning to pick up the teachers and students. And the students are delivered to the school before 7:30. The work of transporting the students is basically completed at 8 in the evening. And the shuttle is carrying out in strict accordance with the timetable and route map. task.

In addition, through the establishment of a fleet captain, the overall inspection and management of all vehicles and drivers have been established. And a daily inspection, weekly inspection, and monthly inspection system have been formed. The drivers perform preventive daily maintenance on vehicles and engines before starting each day. Carry out detailed inspections of vehicle performance. And hold another safety responsibility meeting at the end of each month to put safety in every detail of daily work.

4. After sale services:

In terms of after-sales service, we give our customers a lot of support. And the customer’s repairability is also very strong. Once the vehicle breaks down, the customer can arrange for a dedicated person to repair it for the first time. Moreover, the repaired parts are also complete, and there is basically no delay. normal operation

In addition, it is worth mentioning that after the baptism of the COVID-19 epidemic. Our customers pay more attention to the hygiene management of MINI SCHOOL BUSES. In addition to regular scrubbing of the vehicle, the driver also insists on regular and fix-point killings to ensure that the interior and exterior of the vehicle are clean. Clean and tidy to ensure safer, more comfortable, and convenient school bus services for school teachers and students.

“Children are the hope of the family and the future of the country. We are willing to be a solid armor for children to travel. And use safer and high-quality school buses and services to protect their way to school.



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