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How does Mini bus cost for different seats capacity?

How does different seats capacity of Mini bus cost?

How much does a mini bus cost? Cost is an important consideration point when you plan to purchase a mini bus. Today I am going to introduce several models of our mini bus and mini bus cost from KINGSTAR.

1, The background of our company

KINGSTAR Vehicle Company Limited is an automobile export company with over 20years of experience. We mainly export SUV, MPV, minibus, minivan, Pickup, truck bus, and EV. We also provide customized service, we could according to the demands of end-user to customize the automobile, such as offer OEM service by adopting brand logo depends on the client’s requirements or technical and equipment modification of the automobile. For the past years, KINGSTAR has exported over 100,000 units of vehicles to more than 90 countries and regions.

Most staffs in this team have worked in KINGSTAR for over 15 years, they are all experienced and hard-working, our sales team will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours always.

2, Minibus models in our company

We have so many minibus models, mini bus cost will be different also. We are going to introduce the minibus cost of top popular models from 7seats to 20 seats accordingly today.

① VC4 7-8 seats minibus is suitable for those small groups especially an SUV is not large enough to load.

② BD6 15-16 seats mini bus is suitable for those bigger group that over 12 but less than 15 people.

③ BG6 16-20 seat minibus is almost the biggest size of a minibus, it is suitable for those people over 15 but under 20 seat groups which big city bus will be a waste.

These mini buses have their own specialities, now I am going to analyze these parameters for you, you may choose which type is more suitable for you.

3, 7-8 seats mini bus cost & parameters

First is our model VC4 7-8 seats mini bus, what can this small mini bus do? How’s the minibus cost?

This is a gasoline engine minibus, the dimension of the minibus is 4010*1620*1915mm, the wheelbase is 2700mm, It is a 5-speed manual gearbox with independent suspension, the max speed of the minibus is ≥130 with emission of Euro IV. We also have a radio + MP3 player USB port on this minibus. This minibus is super suitable for those big families for a church event or a family outgoing or party activities and etc.

The mini bus cost of above mentioned standard equipment is starting from US$5,400 (Optional choice will be a different price).

Mini bus cost

4, BD6 15-16 seats mini bus cost & parameters

Following is our model of BD6 15-16 seats mini bus. This is one of our most popular models as we are making promotion on this item. This is left hand driving gasoline engine mini bus. The dimension of this mini bus is 5490*1885*2285mm, the wheelbase is 3110mm, standard seat is 16 (2+4+3+3+4) seats. It is a 5 speed manual mini bus. For the suspension, front we are using front suspension double wishbone independent suspension, torsion bar spring, with lateral stabilizer bar and thrust bar, rear is leaf spring non-independent suspension. Front disc braking, rear drum braking, the tires equipped is aluminum wheel.

We have two engines for this minibus. Of course, the minibus cost will be different between these two models. G4BA engine is a 4-cylinder in-line, gasoline engine, the displacement is 2693cc, the emission is Euro 2 and the technology source is from TOYOTA; JE4D25E engine is a 4-cylinder in-line, turbocharged, inter-cooling, diesel engine, the displacement is 2499cc, the emission is Euro 3 and the technology source is from Italian VM.

Only the engine is different but other equipment is the same on the minibus. Such as DVD + MP5, 15” LCD, front and rear A/C, aluminum wheels and etc, for more detailed equipment please refer to the below chart.    

Mini bus cost


For safety, we equipped ABS + EBD brake system, front & rear fog lights, high-mount stop lamp, 3-point safety belts for driver and co-driver, 2-point safety belts for passengers, energy-absorbing steering system.

The specification and features of the BD6 15-16 seat minibus are quite good, but the price is starting from US$16,200 which is quite low with above standard equipment.

5, 15-20 seats mini bus cost & parameter

The last one is our BG6 15-20 seats mini bus.

This is a left hand driving mini bus, the dimension is 5995*1880*2285mm, the wheelbase is 3720mm, our standard seats capacity for this mini bus is 20 seats (including driver). The material of the seat is imitation leather. Same with BD6, we also have two engines for this 16-20 seats mini bus for your consideration.

DK5 diesel engine with a displacement of 2.982L, the max speed is ≥100km/h and the emission is Euro 3.

DK5B diesel engine with displacement of 2.982L, max speed is the same and the emission is Euro 5.

Only the engine is different, the chassis is the same for this mini bus.

Mini bus cost

a. VC4 7-8 seats mini bus cost, we starting from US$5,200/unit;

b. BD6 15-16 seats mini bus cost, we starting from US$16,200/unit;

c. BG6 15-20 seats mini bus cost, we starting from US$15,960/unit;

We have catalogs for each type of minibus, in the catalog we have specified parameters for each model. Any models of seats you didn’t see on the above list, please feel free to contact us to get the catalog, stock of minibus, and latest price.



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