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Why Electric mini-buses become the mainstream of minibus industry

Nowadays more and more electric mini-buses comes up. New products are getting launched each month for many famous brands or non-brand companies. Why are the electric mini-buses getting more and more? People’s attitude from the very beginning of a wait and see to now many people support and change their mind. To summary up, there are totally 3 reasons as below:

1. Why air pollution getting worse

Electric vehicles (Electric minivan, electric mini-buses, electric bus and etc.) become more and more popular nowadays as the pollution issue caused the world’s attention of course including China. Vehicle emission is one of the major pollution reasons.

News from The Ministry of Finance that the auto industry is an important industry in China, a “big user” of energy consumption and pollutant emissions, it is the priority for energy conservation and emission reduction. In recent years, China’s vehicle ownership has increased a lot, it drove the economic growth of our country, promoting employment and improving people’s quality of life; meanwhile, the demand for gasoline and diesel keeping increase sharply, and the air pollution getting worse and worse, with the continuous improvement of oil dependence on foreign countries, the issue of energy security has become very prominent, and it is urgent to strengthen the energy conservation and emission reduction work of the automobile industry.

Therefore, in view of the current situation of China’s automobile consumption, the government decided to adjust the policy of automobile consumption tax from 1st September 2008, increase the consumption tax rate of large displacement passenger cars and reduce the consumption tax rate of small displacement cars. This policy is aimed at restraining the larger displacement automobile consumption and production. Also, encourage the production and consumption of small-displacement automobiles. It is conducive to reducing gasoline and diesel consumption, reducing air pollution. Moreover, it promoting the realization of national energy conservation and emission reduction targets.

2. Solution of energy consumption

The latest prediction from the U.S. Energy Information Administration: World’s energy demand will reach 10.599 billion tons of oil-equivalent in 2010. It will reach 12.889 billion tons of oil equivalent in 2020. Also, it will reach 13.650 billion tons of oil-equivalent in 2025, the average annual growth rate is 1.2%. The percentage of energy consumption of developed regions, such as Europe and North America is keeping the trend of decline in world’s total. While in Asia, the Middle East, Middle South American, and other regions keep the trend of increasing. With the increasing concentration of the distribution of energy reserves in the world, the competition  

Of energy resources will become increasingly fierce, and the way of competition will be more complex. The possibility of conflict or war caused by energy competition still exists. So the development and usage of new energy have become the focus of all countries.

3. The savior (Electric vehicle) of automobile displacement pollution

Electric vehicles (Electric passenger cars, electric buses, electric mini-buses and etc) opened a new world for us. It is really the savior of automobile (gasoline and diesel engine cars) displacement pollution.

We have several types of the electric vehicles, among these vehicles, electric mini-buses is one of the most popular models, more and more clients searching for electric mini-buses.

Today I am going to introduce you one of our electric mini-buses model.

4. New model of electric mini-buses in KINGSTAR

KINGSTAR has several models of electric mini-buses, model Y6EV is one of the most popular electric mini-buses in our overseas market.

① Firstly, basic parameters of electric mini-buses Y6EV

The dimension of the minibus is 5915*2040*2632 high roof, which means it will have more space than an ordinary minibus. There are 14 seats including the driver seat on the minibus. The wheelbase is 3665mm, the max speed of the minibus is 100km/h; the driving mileage is 300km; the max power of the minibus is 125kw; the max torque is 950N*m, the battery type of the minibus is lithium iron phosphate battery; the capacity of the battery is 107.6KWH.

The brake system of the minibus is front and rear disc brake, the front suspension is front Macpherson independent, the rear suspension is rear leaf spring. 

② Secondly, the exterior and interior of the electric mini-buses Y6EV

Our standard color for this minibus is a white color with a closed side window (white glass). We have front electric left and right side windows, crystal, and halogen headlamps, LED daytime driving lights, front fog lamp, rear door, steel wheels, 6 directions adjustable driver seat, and imitation leather seats with the 3-point seat belt.


Electric mini-buses

③ Thirdly, the safety equipment of electric mini-buses Y6EV

Almost everyone will check the safety equipment on the vehicle he’s going to purchase. No doubt, safety is the most important thing. This minibus is an anti-theft vehicle and with CAN-BUS diagnostics. CAN-BUS is Controller Area Network-BUS, is an intelligent network computing platform. It realizes the digitization of the automobile nervous system, it is the milestone of automobile industry electronic development. Therefore, it was first widely used by the United States in the communication of missile, aircraft, and tank electronic systems.

CAN-BUS system is a network system to connect different devices (For example electronic control unit) and use the coded signals to transmit data. Because of the application of coded signal technic, it can connect all devices with the least route. It can save weight and cost at the same time, make the system have higher reliability. 

We have a driver airbag, driver seat with 3-point seat belt, and alarm equipped on this minibus, ABS + EBD system is the standard equipment. Also, fire extinguishers and reverse radars help you to park your car safely.

④ Finally, the comfort and convenience of the electric mini-buses Y6EV

We have the following configurations. Such as MP3 + radio on this minibus, rear-window electric heating defrosting; electric rearview mirror with heating and turn signal; multifunction steering wheel; full frequency speaker; 10kw front and rear air conditioning; 2pcs folding remote control key; delay headlamps; automatically unlock; automatically lock when your speed is above 15km/h, it is quite safe. 

As above mentioned parameters, the standard seat capacity is 14seats, it can be adjusted depends on your needs, it could be 7-15 seat minibus. You may load passengers and cargo at the same time if you don’t want so many seats. There are optional specifications for your consideration.

Electric mini-buses



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