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Safeguard measures investigation for minibuses, including mini bus 30 seat was launched in Tunisia

The Republic of Tunisia is located at the top of the African continent. It is one of the few countries in the world there are beaches, deserts, mountains, and ancient civilizations. It is a place where long-standing civilization and multiculturalism blend. Tunisia is located in the middle of the Mediterranean region. Also, there is a coastline as long as 1,300 kilometers. Transportation is relatively developed.  How about the automobile situation in Tunisia?  Recently, Tunisia launches a safeguard measures investigation for minibusses, including mini bus 30 seat.

mini bus 30 seat

1. The Tunisian customs codes of the products involved are 87021011001, 87021091007 and 87029031007.

On October 4, 2021, Tunisia issued Announcement No. 21-7435 stated, upon the application of Tunisian domestic enterprises, it decided to formally launch an investigation on safeguard measures for minibus, including mini bus 30 seat.  

Stakeholders shall submit their opinions in writing within 45 days after the announcement of the investigation starts to notice in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia.

2. Automobile import situation in Tunisa

According to GTF data, Tunisia imported 870,210 and 870,290 items of goods from China in 2019, data is not available after 2020. Accounting for 13.5% of Tunisia’s global imports, ranking third.

The first and second-largest source countries of Tunisia’s imports are Turkey and Japan respectively. The import amount in 2019 is 5.81 million dollars and 2.85 million dollars.

The involved products are 87021092, 87021093, 87029020, and 87029030 under Chinese customs codes. China exported about 14,200 USD of products under the above four codes to Tunisia in 2020. Also, there has been no export since 2021. The involved enterprises are mainly in Fujian, Jiangsu, and other places.

mini bus 30 seat

If any company exported minibusses, including mini bus 30 seats which HS code is involved in Tunisa. Please pay more attention.



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