Seater minibus is a minibus with seats for passenger use. The other name is the minivan. The difference between these two is with more seats or with more empty space. We can transfer a minibus to a minivan. This is because the purpose of the minivan is to serve more space for carrying goods, while the minibus is to serve more seats for passengers.

Therefore, Kingstar minibus each mode can be designed as both of minibus and minivan. For example, 7 seater minibus can be adjusted to 2 seater minivan. In a similar way, 23 seater minibus can be adjusted to 2 seater minivan. 16 seater minibus can transfer to 5 seater minivan. Just need to take out the seats and only reserve 2 seats for driver and passenger. When our customer reviews the product list, you can see the same model shows both in the minibus catalog and minivan catalog.

For the above-mentioned reasons, when you inquire about the seater minibus to our sales, they will ask you some of the common questions. Such as, how estimate long of the minibus you would like to choose? How many seats do you want? And they will also calculate the rest of the space that can reserve except for the space of the seat. Please kindly answer our sales with patients. They will choose the right and suitable mode for you with your detailed request.

Kingstar minibus is specially providing customers various kinds of minibus and minivan. Our minibus and minivan exported to dozens of countries overseas. Our customer gives us very positive feedback.