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5 Seater Solar Electric Transportation Car SUV Price ERV7 Low-carbon Eco-city Solution– KINGSTAR

Body size:L*W*H (mm) 3480*1570*1550
Wheel Base (mm) 2300
Front and back Wheel Track (mm) 1360/1350
ECO range(km) 130-150 180-200 280-300 360-400
maximum speed(km/h) 70KM 100KM
Maximum range ( km ) 110-130 140-150 220-240 320-340
Peak power (KW) 10KW 15KW
Motor type AC
Driving type RWD

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5 Seater High Speed Solar Electric Car ERF7 Price:

The cost of ERV7 with ESP/ESC is around $ 8,000~11,000. ERV-7 is not only solar vehicle but also SUV. ERV-7 solar SUV integrates top-level technology, accumulates and makes progress, and integrates new energy technology.

5 Seater High Speed Solar Electric Car ERV7 Pictures



Technical & Colors customization



  • Perfect integrate with SUV, leading the evolution of new energy vehicles and creating an outstanding mileage.
  • Electricity can be generated as long as there is sunlight.
  • Whether you are driving or parking, solar panel will continue charge the battery adding more range.
  • Attractive appearance conquer pride with charm.

Company Introduction:

ZHANJIANG KINGSTAR VEHICLE CO., LTD is a company specialized in auto research and development and sales of various kinds of vehicles including solar electric vehicles. By 2021, our products have been sold to more than 90 countries and in the world.

Product Series APPLICATIONS:


Prosperous Future of Solar Electric Car:

Solar car is important to solve the energy crisis and environmental pollutions, so its paid more attention by people in the world.

What is Solar Electric Car:

Solar electric Car is a kind of zero-emission vehicles. It is Based on flexible and efficient solar cell chip technology and components, under certain lighting conditions, through the photoelectric conversion system, battery energy storage system and intelligent control system and other precise control management system, the solar energy as the main driving force.

Solar Controller:

MPPT: (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller can detect the solar panel power generation voltage in real time, and track the highest voltage current value (VI). So that, the system can charge the battery at the maximum power output.

5 Seater Solar Electric Transportation Car -Driving&parking condition
5 Seater Solar Electric Transportation Car -Driving&parking condition

Parking and Driving Condition

As PR performance tested shown in picture, 9:00 AM PR performance is 91%, 12:00AM PR performance is 100% ; while 17:00PM, PR performance is 95%.

Reduce motor load wear improve vehicle climbing performance

5 Seater Solar Electric Transportation Car -climbing performance
5 Seater Solar Electric Transportation Car -climbing performance

Improved Vehicle Climbing Performance

As the vehicle moves, the solar energy system will transfer the transformed electricity directly to the driving motor, increasing the power of the vehicle as it climbs the hill, thus improving the vehicle’s ability to continuously climb the hill and adapt to the complex terrain.

Support LHD RHD Customization

Twenty-eight percent of the world’s passable roads are driven on the left It covers two billion people around the world.

5 Seater Solar Electric Transportation Car -battery
5 Seater Solar Electric Transportation Car -battery

Extend battery life

Through continuous power supply every day,the solar energy system keeps the battery
in a shallow cycle state for a long time so as to eliminate the phenomena of self
discharging, plate vulcanization power loss, etc.


The energy braking recovery device with intelligent controller as the core realizes efficient feedback of braking energy, effectively saves energy, reduces the battery cost, and the cost per kilometer is less than 1 cent. which greatly saves the vehicle cost

Packing and Shipping

5 seats high speed Solar Electric Car ERF7 - Packing and shipping

Factory Production Line

Solar electric car factory production line
Solar electric car factory production line

Customer Visit

Customer Visit Photo
Customer Visit Photo


Question 1: Ship by Ro-ro or Container?

Answer: We ship by Bulk,RO-RO, Container .. Normally choose Ro-Ro, as the cost is cheaper than container. But in special case, we also do ship by container. This depends on customer request and also the cost of shipment. Details will according to the location of destination port address.

Question 2: How about the terms of payment?

Answer: Basically T/T 30% as deposite, and 70% balance before the shipment. For customer green light we will send picture and video for final payment.

Question 3: What’s your terms of delivery?

Answer: Normally we prefer FOB terms. But in special cases we can also support EXW, CFR, CIF.

Question 4: How about your production cycle time?

Answer: It depends on different modes. Because the cycle time of raw material preparation is different. Some mode already have raw material on hand. Basically 30~50 days after receiving your advance payment, it depends on which mode you choose.The specific delivery time depends on the item sand the quantity of your order.

Question 5: How about the warranty and after-sale services?

Answer: 1. Good quality and services are our focus. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit, details you can download the warranty and services items.
2.We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, no matter where they come from.

Question 6: Which markets that your vehicles are most popular?

Our Vehicle are very popular in Africa, South America Area, also Asia Market. We welcome all distributor who buy vehicle in large quantity. And wish to establish stable cooperation relationship with our distributors.

Question 7: Any request of MOQ of the Vehicle booking?

Not all the modes requests for MOQ. Some we can support for 1 sample car. So , Please contact with our sales to confirm the detail modes. Maybe we have stock car on hand. It depends on which mode you choose. Because of the vehicle structure and raw material preparation, some of the mode we have stock, but some of the mode we don’t have stock.

Question 8. Each mode have LHD RHD, gasoline, diesel and electric type?

No, not each mode have both LHD and RHD. For double confirmation please confirm with our sale team. Not all the modes have gasoline, diesel and electric modes. So, please contact with our sales for details. Sometimes, the modes in upgrading, the parameters and configurations also in upgrading. For each market, the parameters and configurations also may different.