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Popular seat mini bus for sale in Egypt – KINGSTAR CKD

In April 2017, we made the first shipment of a 17-seater bus to Egypt.

The independent auto industry in the Egyptian market is underdeveloped. Therefore, imported cars account for a relatively large proportion. It is a major bus market in North Africa. In this tourist complex with famous attractions. Like pyramids and sphinxes, there are 17-seater buses that cover the streets and alleys.

17 seater bus

In the Egyptian light vehicle market, the 17 seater bus is familiar and has become the mainstream of the market.

Our brigade considers Egypt as its main strategic market abroad.

With the arrival of these vehicles, the total number of 17 bus seats in the Egyptian market has reached 30,000. And the local market share has reached 45%. The reason why the 17 seater bus has become increasingly popular with Egyptians is mainly due to two factors. One is quality and the other is after-sales service.

17 seater bus

In the design, development and manufacture, continuous improvement and improvement according to the needs of the Egyptian market. Includes chassis stability, engine selection, number. In addition, the structure and strength of the seats are included, and the quality of the body paint has even been optimized. Please do so according to local characteristics and requirements.

17 seater bus

BG3 mini bus seat 12-16 is a very good sale in Egypt.  On August 25th, the delivery ceremony of welding fixture equipment for CKD project in Egypt from our factory.  This batch of production equipment will be sent to Egypt in the near future. It marks a new step in the CKD project in Egypt.

mini bus seat

1. CBU export

As a big country in North Africa, Egypt is located at the hub connecting West Asia and the African continent. An important node of the belt and road initiative. And one of the most important markets of our factory in Africa. our factory has worked hard in the Egyptian market, making steady progress step by step. Since the first BG3 mini bus seat 12-16 was sold to Egypt in 2010, it has been deeply cultivated for many years. Now it has more than 33,000 units in Egypt.

2. CKD project

For promoting the development of the domestic automobile industry in 2021, the Egyptian government plans to significantly reduce the import volume of whole vehicles. Reduce the import tariff of CKD spare parts and encourage the localized production of the automobile industry. So as to promote employment, raise taxes, and drive the development of the local automobile industry chain in Egypt. In response to the Egyptian government’s policy, our factory and local partners in Egypt decided to work together to build CKD projects.

mini bus seat

This batch of production equipment for BG3 mini bus seat 12-16 is the first wholesale equipment for CKD project in Egypt. It adopts international advanced design technology concept, produces first-class craft world. And adopts high-end imported brands for main parts, which can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

In order to ensure the body quality produced by local factories in Egypt, our factory has verified these jigs in China before being sent to Egypt. Upon arrival in Egypt, it will be re-verified and then put into production. In the verification process, our factory assigned technical guidance personnel throughout the whole process. And provided technical guidance to the staff of the company in Egypt. Until realization for the safe production of the local body of BG3 mini bus seat 12-16 in Egypt.

The CKD project in Egypt has completed the construction of two factories. After the production equipment and trial production spare parts orders are in place. Local trial production in Egypt will be completed in November 2021. In the following six months, the production of 5 small batches with a total of about 1,000 CKD orders can be completed.

3. Prospect for CKD project

The future prospect is that in 2022, the Egyptian factory will start mass production. And gradually reach the annual production capacity of 5,000. Not only sell locally in Egypt, but also hope to radiate our buses to countries in North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, and the Middle East.

Egypt’s CKD project is only one part of the “going out” export strategy. Our factory has invested in CKD projects in Nigeria, Tunisia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Ethiopia, and other countries. And is gradually improving its global layout, helping our factory products, including BG3 mini bus seat 12-16, to go global.

Feel free to contact us if the BG3 mini bus seat 12-16 is suitable for you. We will show more to you.

After-sales service

In terms of after-sales service, we have established 4S stores and spare parts warehouses in Egypt, with outlets in Alexandria in the north and Aswan in the south. We can say that our sales and after-sales points are spread throughout the Nile river basin. Good after-sales service has increased the number of regular customers of the 17-seater bus. It can be said that our performance in product quality and safety and after-sales service have been highly recognized by Egyptian customers. Not only in Egypt, but in North Africa, East Africa, West Africa and the Middle East countries, we all have a very good brand image, which shows the reputation of Chinese buses.

We have partnered with the passenger car seat manufacturer to reshape the fabrics, springs and strength of the seats according to the local environment and usage habits in Egypt(see more show case in Egypt). We have built 17 seat models especially for the Egyptian market and have continued to improve. The seats were fully adapted to the Egyptian market. Therefore, we got a good market demand and a good reputation.

In addition, the smoothness of the changes and the sensation of inhalation, the thickness of the floor. Also, the way the shots are different, and even the time the lights turn on and off. We have made changes one by one based on market feedback and created a model that fully adapts to the conditions of the market.



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