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Best mode of Minibus for sale in Philippines -KINGSTAR manufacturer

Do you know Philippines?  How about minibus for sale in Philippines?

Situation in Philippines:

The Republic of the Philippines, located in the western Pacific Ocean.  It is a multi-ethnic archipelagic country in Southeast Asia with an area of 299,700 square kilometers and a population of about 102 million (November 2019).  A member and one of the 24 members of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).  The Philippines is a developing country, a newly industrialized country, and one of the emerging markets in the world.

The Republic of the Philippines (foreign name: Republika ng Pilipinas, referred to as “Philippines”), a multi-ethnic archipelago in Southeast Asia.

The Philippines is located in southeastern Asia. It is divided into three major island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. There are more than 7,000 large and small islands with a large number of races and cultures. It is a major member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), one of 24 member states.


The total length is about 216,000 kilometers. Passenger volume accounts for 90% of the total national transportation volume. Moreover, freight volume accounts for 65% of the national transportation volume. Based on it, demand for a minibus for sale Philippines is very big.

As of January 2019, transportation in the Philippines is mainly by road and sea. 

Because the railways are underdeveloped and concentrated in Luzon Island.  And air transport is mainly operated by Philippine Airlines and other shipping companies. There are flights between major islands in China.  The total length of the highway is about 216,000 kilometers. Passenger traffic accounts for 90% of the total national transportation volume, and freight volume accounts for 65% of the national transportation volume.  Water transport: the total length is 3219 kilometers. There are hundreds of ports and thousands of merchant ships in China. The main ports are Manila, Cebu, Yilang, and Zamboanga. Most of the cargos, such as minivan 2020 are for Manila and Cebu port.

Per the report by Philstar on June 3rd, the latest data from Automobile Federation shows that 25,805 vehicles. It including minivan 2020 were assembled and produced in the Philippines from January to April 2021. It is an increase of 14% over 22,565 vehicles in the same period last year.  In March and April last year, strict community isolation measures led to factory shutdown. While in this year, the Philippine automobile factory produced 6,206 vehicles in April alone.  

From January to April, the automobile production in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand also increased year on year.  With Malaysia increasing by 82.6% to 198,476 vehicles, Vietnam increasing by 82.3% to 66,941 vehicles, and Thailand increasing by 19.2% to 570,188 vehicles.  The total automobile production increased by 21% year on year to 1.21 million vehicles. Moreover, from January to April, the Philippines sold 88,155 cars, up 36.3% year-on-year. Automobile sales in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia also increased.  A total of 967,565 automobiles, up 31.7% year-on-year.

Mini automobile is more popular

Based on the situation in the Philippines, a mini automobile is more popular, such as minivan 2020.  We have exported our KINGSTAR VF4 7-8 seat minivan to there and get good feedback from our clients. 

We have exported our KINGSTAR VF4 minibus for sale Philippines and repeat orders from our clients.

Minibus for sale Philippines

Why clients like our KINGSTAR VF4 minibus for sale Philippines

Because it is from a German standard manufacturing concept, first-class production lines and technology result in a superior quality product.  Equipped a new generation advanced VVT engine, high horsepower with low fuel- consumption.  4.5 m³ interior volume, 690 kg load capacity, which is superior to this vehicle segment.  Finally, FQTS full-side safety protection, first-time pass of the crash test.

What’s advantage for the VF4 minivan 2020?

Firstly, high load capacity via a highly strengthened chassis

The mature domestic chassis optimize and strengthen according to German standards. It results in overall improvement of safety and stability.  Moreover, a strengthened structure comprising two long members and eleven cross beams results in a strong chassis. The maximum load capacity is 690KG.

Secondly, high load capacity and spacious interior

4.5cbm big inner volume and intelligent layout create the most spacious interior within the same vehicle segment.

Thirdly, high quality / German level

62 German quality control systems

First time pass on Chinese crash test

100.000 km road durability test

Durable test and verification under the “3-highs” environment

Tough test on the Mercedes-Benz test grounds

Finally, high efficiency and Low fuel-consumption engine

LJ469Q-AE2 1249cc 67KW gasoline VVT engine, it is low fuel consumption(7.0L/100KM) with low RPM and high torque.  Moreover, torque is 118 Nm at 2400 rpm, output is up to 92%.  This enables a higher payload and better take-off and acceleration.  67 KW superpower exceeds other Minivans of the same segment.

If you are interested to import minivan 2020 and sale in the Philippines, please contact us right now for more detail.

Let’s see how is our KINGSTAR VF4 minibus finished under the craft management system?

1. Firstly, the stamping line adopts the advanced system of ABB, with KBS (Dual robot rail system). The first press in punch line uses the system of DDC (dynamic driving chain).

2. Secondly, body line: SKID circulate delivery system

Welding line: ABB Robot.

3.  Pretreatment electrophoresis: Swing rod chain,

Drying furnace: U drying chamber

Spray paint system: Spraying robot by FANUC’s.

4. Finally, trim line : FDS delivery system

Chassis line: FDS air friction delivery technology

Detection line: Baoke system from USA.

Do you like the minibus for sale Philippines?



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