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Since 2016, we ship 15 seater minibus to Bolivia.

All the 15 seater minibus are with fire extinguisher.

15 seater minibus

On-board fire extinguisher is one of the items that every 15 seater minibus must be equipped with, especially for some dangerous goods transportation vehicles, the requirements are more stringent. For most of the old 15 seats mini bus, they know that the car is with an on-board fire extinguisher. However, some of the car with no fire extinguisher for a lifetime. I would like to congratulate these old cards.

15 seater minibus

Extinguisher is decisive

In fact, the car fire extinguisher is like a seat belt. Once it is used, it will play a decisive role. While if it is not used, the consequences may be catastrophic.

Compared with other small vehicles, 15 seater minibus have more complicated circuits, especially when the temperature is high in summer, fire hazards are more common. The 15 seater minibus has a large cargo volume, and the consequences of a fire are also serious. Of course, most 15 seater minibus drivers carry equipment for cooking on board, which also increases the possibility of fires to a certain extent.

Due to the low frequency of use of vehicle-mounted fire extinguishers. It is easy to be ignored by the old cards during daily driving.

Some old cards put the fire extinguishers at will and mix them with other vehicle-carrying items, which leads to looking everywhere at critical moments, and it is easy to miss the best time to put out the fire; some old cards treat the fire extinguisher as a display and do not maintain it according to the regulations. And replacement caused the fire extinguisher to fail at the critical moment and fail to function as it should.

What’s more, some drivers do not use fire extinguishers correctly, have not received similar training or do not pay attention to them during the training process. When a fire occurs, they can learn to sell them now, which will inevitably reduce the effect of fire extinguishing.

Vehicle-mounted fire extinguishers are smaller in size and shorter than regular fire-fighting facilities, but it is the single spark that can turn a truck of cargo into ashes. The on-board fire extinguisher is to put out the fire of fresh gas in time to avoid causing greater losses to the 15 seater minibus owner. Therefore, the role of the vehicle fire extinguisher cannot be underestimated, and its storage and maintenance cannot be ignored. The editor hereby gives you some suggestions for the old cards:

First of all, we must attach great importance to the importance of fire extinguishers ideologically.

Attitude is everything. Only by focusing on the fundamentals can we devote ourselves to daily learning and training. We can master the skills and methods of using fire extinguishers; so that we can achieve it.

Secondly, in the daily driving process, strengthen the inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers, and promptly replace or repair any unqualified ones.

For example, check whether the pressure of the fire extinguisher meets the specifications; whether the safety pin is corroded; and whether the rotation is flexible. Of course, the most important thing is that the fire extinguisher should not expire and change it in time.

Third, the placement location must be correct, and it cannot be in randomly position or covered by other items.

In the early stage of a fire, drivers are prone to confusion and nervousness. Arbitrary placement will most likely cause the driver to fail to find the fire extinguisher in time and miss the prime time to put out the fire. Once the cargo on board catches a large area of ​​fire, the fire extinguisher will also lose its meaning.

Finally, what I want to say is that driving safety is no small matter.

It seems that an inconspicuous little fire extinguisher may change the life destiny of car owners. I hope that all the 15 seater minibus will raise their safety awareness and pay attention to the storage and maintenance of car fire extinguishers. Responsible for the car, but also responsible for the happiness of yourself and your family



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