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We at KINGSTAR also seized this opportunity, found several suitable agents. And began to gradually export new minivan and minibus to the local area. After the first batch of 20 cars entered the local market after consumers actually used them. They felt that the price was affordable and the quality was high, so our new minivan was very popular. The number of orders began to increase, from 20 units per month, gradually becoming 30 units. nd then increasing to 50 units. As sales continue to increase, our brand awareness continues to increase. In order to better market management and brand maintenance, we have selected one of the original four regular agents as our exclusive local distribution agent.

new minivan

According to local road conditions and actual usage, we continue to improve new MINIVAN. If the local altitude is high and there are many slopes, we will increase the speed ratio of the rear axle so that our NEW MINIVAN can climb more vigorously. This car is also used in city and country buses. We have installed luggage racks on the roof to facilitate passengers to load their luggage. We also installed curtains to make passengers feel more comfortable.

new minivan

As sales continue to grow, local maintenance of vehicles has also become very important. We also send engineers to the local area for vehicle use and daily maintenance training.

KINGSTAR minibus is a supplier especially for providing the minibus, minivan, and special vehicle. We looking forward to your inquiry about the product detail parameter, configuration, and services.

new minivan



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