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In India, the vehicle steering wheel is on the right, which we call right-hand drive (RHD).  KINGSTAR eVF5-R 11 seats electric minibus from our factory is RHD and suitable for sale in India.  What’s the mini van price in India?  Let’s know India and the automobile situation first.

Country of India

The Republic of India referred to as “India” which located in South Asia; is the largest country in the South Asian subcontinent. It borders Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and China in the northeast, Myanmar in the east, Sri Lanka across the sea in the southeast; And Pakistan in the northwest. Also borders the Bay of Bengal in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west, with a coastline of 5,560 kilometers. It is also a unified multi-ethnic country composed of more than 100 ethnic groups, with Hindustan as the main ethnic group, accounting for about 46.3% of the total population.

The automobile situation in India

India is the world’s largest consumer of motorcycles, the fourth largest passenger car market, and the seventh-largest producer of commercial vehicles. Its output of motor vehicles reached 29.07 million in 2018, with an annualized growth rate of 6.96% in the past five years.  India’s ports are closely linked, close to South Asia and Africa.  This excellent geographical location helps India to grow into a regional manufacturing and export center.

Thanks to India’s logistics and geographical advantages, all the world’s auto giants have invested in India to seek potential market opportunities.  At present, the Indian passenger car market is mainly dominated by Japanese manufacturers.  With the major OEMs in the world entering the market, the Indian automobile market is expected to grow substantially, accounting for 5% of the global automobile sales. Due to the pro-business position of the Indian government, automobile manufacturers and suppliers will maintain confidence in the Indian market for a long time and continue to invest in India.

Development Environment of Indian Automobile Industry

Firstly, Indian automobile market has great potential.

Secondly, the auto parts manufacturing industry has a certain supporting capacity of the industrial chain.

Thirdly, the automobile industry clusters in the three regions (south, west and north) have created a positive regional environment for the development of foreign-funded enterprises.

Fourthly, The government attaches importance to highway construction and provides assistance for the development of the automobile industry.

The last point of view, the government issued policies and plans to encourage the development of the automobile industry.

In recent years, Chinese auto companies are accelerating their entry into the Indian market. It is also a good chance for us to show our vehicles, such as mini van price in India and other vehicles such as minibuses, cargo vans, trucks, SUVs, MPV, and electric vehicles and etc.

Now is the time to show some information about our KINGSTAR eVF5-R 11 seats electric and mini van price in India.

mini van price in India


Overall Length * Width * Height (mm): 4,421 * 1,677 * 1,902mm

Wheelbase (mm):     3050

Curb Weight (kg):     1390

Gross Weight (kg)       :2550

operation type:  RHD (Right hand drive)

Seats No. (person):  11

Total Battery Storage (kwh)       :41.86

Max. Speed(km/h)      :≥80

Slope Climbing Requirement: ≥20

Energy Density of Battery System (wh/kg):  ≥125

Max. Range of Pure Electricity (km, VMAS)   :≥280

Charging Time:

Fast Charge 20-80%: 45min

Slow Charge 20-100%: 11-12h

Battery Type:LFP

Motor Type: Permanent Magnet Synchronous

KINGSTAR eVF5-R 11 seats Electric mini van price in India is USD14,400/unit on FOB China as per standard equipment. 

What’s standard equipment?  Such as CATL battery, INOVANCE driving motor, INOVANCE motor controller,        NLM vehicle control unit, Cooling Mode of Motor Controller (Water Cooling), Battery Electric Heating System, Vehicle Monitoring System, Reversing Radar, Front Air Conditioner, EPS, ABS, EBD, Front Door Power Window, Central Locking with Remote Control Key (Front, Middle and Tail Door), etc.         

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