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Electric 11 seater minivans for sale Price Wholesale – KINGSTAR eVF5

Overall size (L x W x H)(mm):

4,421 x 1,677 x 1,902

Wheelbase (mm):


Cargo body (L x W x H)(mm):

2,500 x 1,450 x 1,260

Max loadspace  (cu.m):


Max gross payload (kg):


Tread (Front / rear, mm):

1,386 / 1,408

Curb Weight (kg):


Gross Weight(kg):


Seating Capacity (including driver):


Fuel tank capacity (L):


  • Product Detail
  • Specifications

11-seater minivans for sale: Available for both gasoline and electric. Overall Size (L x W x H) (mm): 4,421 x 1,677 x 1,902; Cargo body (length x width x height) (mm): 2500 x 1450 x 1260; Maximum cargo space (m3): 5 cubic meters; Maximum gross payload(kg): 2570KG; Seating capacity (including driver): 11 people; Maximum torque (Nm): 118 / 4,000; max power (Kw): 67 / 6,000.

minivan for sale


The Price for Pure Electric 2-11 seats minibus and 2 seats cargo van are range from $15,500 to $23,400. We are able to support 1 car customization for some modes. However, some modes MOQ is 10, 20, 25 cars according to different bus modes. So, Please check with our sales if you want to know detail MOQ.

Special Notification for Sole Exclusive Distributors:

  • As to VF5 minivan can not sell to Iran, because of no SRS system.
  • Upto 2022 Year Feb 17th, eVF5 Electric Panel Van already signed exclusive agency in Singapore, Hong Kong, the European Union, Nepal. We can sign exclusive distributor in other areas. Please contact with us for other similar mode if you want to be our distributor.
  • Egypt market some of gasoline/petrol type already signed sole distributor. Electric modes all available for exclusive distributor. Welcome to be our agent.
    Most of the types are available for gasoline/petrol, diesel and electric , LHD and RHD.
  • Can support CBU, SKD, CKD shipment.
  • Support L/C Payment under necessary condition.

Popular 11 seater minibus & minivan for sale:

ModeSeater/Length/Engine/LHD/RHDPriceMinibus & Cargo van picture
VC5 7-11 Seater
4.33 meter
Gasoline LHD 
6,200-6,4008 seater minibus for sale
VF5 7-11 Seater
4.421 meter
Gasoline LHD RHD
Electric RHD LHD
minibus Vf5 small
J5 9- 16 Seater
5.4 meter
Gasoline LHD/RHD 
14,000-22,000Electric minibus Cargo Van eJ5-minivan small
9 to16 Seater minibus-J5 same size main picture
VW511 Seater
4.49 meter
Gasoline LHD 
EW1Minibus 11 Seats
Cargo Van
2-5 Seats
CATL battery
Max. Speed(km/h) ≥90 (LHD)

electric minibus for sale - EW1 panel van small

Y67-16 Seater
5.915 meter
Gasoline LHD/RHD
Diesel LHD/RHD 
26,000-28,000electric minibus for sale - EY6 minibus small
EBG311 seats minibus
Battery type: Lithium iron
2 seats cargo van
25,000~28,000electric minibus for sale - EBG3 minivan small
electric minibus for sale - EBG3 minibus small
B611-14 Seater
Gasoline LHD/RHD
Diesel LHD/RHD 
7,000~12,00015 seater minibus B6


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Nigeria Ambulance
South America


New Energy

Various Applications

  • Passenger public transportation
  • Business car rental
  • Hotel shuttle
  • Tourist car rental
  • Enterprise shuttle bus rental
  • School car rental
  • Airport pickup car rental
  • Logistic transportation
  • Public transportation
  • Family use
  • Special purpose: such as ambulance, police car, post car, Prison car, freezer van, Wheelchair minibus, School Bus
  • Community Activities,
  • Small Group Events Use
  • Transport Van, transit
  • Logistics vehicles
  • Passenger Van Rental


7 seater
8 seater
9 seater

11 seater



Quotation for   eVF5 electric panel van:

The cost of 11 seater minivan eVF5 is around $15,500 to $23,400.

ModelPictureBattery TypeDescriptionFOB China (In USD)
Pure Electric  2-11 seats minibus LFP Total Battery Storage (kwh): 41.86
Max. Speed(km/h) ≥80
Motor: Permanent Magnet Synchronous 
Dimension: 4421*1677*1902mm Wheelbase:3050mm
Seat: 11 seats
Pure Electric
 2 Seats Cargo Van
 LFP Total Battery Storage (kwh): 41.86
Max. Speed(km/h) ≥80
Motor: Permanent Magnet Synchronous 
Dimension: 4421*1677*1902mm
Wheelbase: 3050mm
Seat: 2 seats
  • Equipment according to electronic catalog.
  • The above price is for standard equipment.
  • SHIPPING  :  About 55 working days.
  • Warranty: The offer price is without guarantee.

Brief introduction of minivans for sale:

There are 3 modes of Kingstar minivan for 11 seats: Kingstar VC5 minivan 7-11 seats; 11-seater minivan for sale-Kingstar VW5 and 11-seater minivan for sale-Kingstar VF5.

VC5 Seat adjustable range: 7~11 seats; 4.33 meters in length; long battle; Gasoline fuel type. (Details Please refer to the parameter tables.)

G120 11-seater minivan, 4.49 in length, 3050 mm wheelbase; ChinaⅥ Emission Standard.

VW5 is short wheelbase while 2 others are long wheelbase.

All 3 modes lengths range from 4.3 meters to 4.5 meters. From the outside, the G120 is closer to the minibus type of modes.

minivan for sale

Application of 11 seater minivans for sale:

Compared to other seating modes, 11 seater minivans are very popular, which is a definite value for a business deal. 11-seater minivans are also known as a taxi, which is a perfect option for small group passenger transit. The 11 seater minivans are uniquely designed with a large space for luggage, odd sized bulky items, boxes, making it quite easy to use as 11 seater minivans with a large remaining space.

Basic Parameters and Configurations of KINGSTAR eVF5 11 Seater Minivans:

Basic Paramters:

Model type2 seats Cargo Van11 seats mini bus
Overall Length (mm)44214421
Overall Width (mm)16771677
Overall Height (mm)19021902
Wheelbase (mm)30503050
Curb Weight (kg)13901390
Gross Weight (kg)25502550
operation typeRHDRHD
Seats No. (person)211

Performance Parameters

Model type2 seats Cargo Van11 seats mini bus
Total Battery Storage (kwh)41.8641.86
Max. Speed(km/h)≥80≥80
Slope Climbing Requirement≥20≥20
Energy Density of Battery System (wh/kg)≥125≥125
Max. Range of Pure Electricity (km, VMAS)≥280≥280
Charging TimeFast Charge 20-80%: 45min Slow Charge 20-100%: 11-12hFast Charge 20-80%: 45min Slow Charge 20-100%: 11-12h
Battery TypeLFPLFP
Motor TypePermanent Magnet SynchronousPermanent Magnet Synchronous
Rated Power Motor (kw)3030
Peak Power Motor (kw)6060
Minimum Ground Clearance155155

General Configurations

Model type2 seats Cargo Van11 seats mini bus
Cooling Mode of Motor Controller
(Water Cooling)  
Cooling Mode of Motor Controller××
(Air Cooling)  
Battery Electric Heating System
Vehicle Monitoring System
Reversing Radar 
Front Air Conditioner
Rear Air Conditioner××
Slow Charge
Fast Charge
Inertial Valve (No ABS)××
Load Sensing Valve (No ABS)××
Front Door Power Window
Front Door Manual Window ××
Central Locking with Remote Control Key (Front and Middle Door)××
Central Locking with Remote Control Key (Front, Middle and Tail Door)
Co-Driver’s Auxiliary Handle
Co-Driver’s Seat Adjustment
(Adjustable Forward and Rearward)  
Second Row Hard Carpet
Third Row Hard Carpet
Second Row PVC Door Trim
PVC Interior Trim Panel at the Rear
Tail Door PVC Interior Trim Panel
Wheel Aluminum Wheel 185/65 R15 LT××
Wheel Aluminum Wheel 185/65 R15 LT
Wheel  Cover ××
Wheel Shaft Cover 
Spare Tire: Steel Wheel 185/65 R15LT
minivan for sale

KINGSTAR factory is specially for wholesale

Our Factory is for special minibus and van customization and wholesale. But don’t worry about the quantity, especially for the special purpose vehicle, we can support 1 car sale only. This is depend on different modes. Some we can support very small quantity MOQ even 1 car. We can also support large quantity mass production and also prefer to have stable order monthly such as 100~100 units per month. For factory detail capacity also need to check with us according to different mode.

Electric car is now increasing very quickly. Also have good feedback from market. This means very good market potential in future.

Contact with us immediately to get the most popular modes from China Factory and helps you get more large market share in your selling market.

Showcase : New deal auto about eVF5 RHD new energy vehicles exported to Nepal

New energy vehicles are popular more and more.  Now, there was new deal auto about eVF5 RHD new energy vehicles to Nepal.

New deal auto

1. The first overseas order for right-hand rudder electric

Our factory actively responded to the national “the belt and road initiative” initiative. On October 11th, Nepal Group and our factory held a signing ceremony. The two parties signed the distribution agreement and the sales contract of the first batch of 100 eVF5 electric vehicles, officially starting the cooperation journey.

This is the first overseas order for mini truck and minibus by our factory since the launch of right-hand drive electric products this year. Right-hand electric logistics vehicle has also become another new deal auto of our factory.

On October 4th, during the National Day holiday, new deal auto for the first batch of right-hand new energy logistics vehicles crossed the Geelong pass in the Himalayas and arrived in Nepal.

Nepal Group organized the test drive experience and related tests as soon as it received the sample car, and highly affirmed the comprehensive performance and quality of the core three power units of our factory electric logistics vehicle sample car. This also accelerated the formal cooperation between the two parties, so on 11th, the two parties formally signed the distribution agreement and the first batch of 100 eVF5 orders.

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia, located in the southern foothills of the Himalayas. The narrow terrain makes Nepal’s micro-transportation very developed. In recent years, Nepal’s economy has developed steadily, the demand for small and micro cars has been increasing. And automobile exhaust has also aggravated the pollution in Kathmandu and other cities.

In order to protect the “Pure Land” under the roof of the world and protect tourism resources, Nepal firmly chose to develop electric vehicles by taking advantage of hydropower resources. As early as 2018, it put forward the “National Action Plan for Electric Travel”. And set the goal that “at least 20% of the vehicles will be electric vehicles by 2020”.

New deal auto

2. Actively develop overseas markets for new deal auto

Our factory’s successful development of the Nepal market is a microcosm of our factory’s global marketing strategy. In September this year, our factory sent technical, production, and after-sales backbone forces to Nigeria. The most populous country in Africa and the largest economy in Africa, to help VF4 minibus CKD project land locally.

Whether it is building a production line in Nigeria, or launching a right-hand rudder new energy electric vehicle in the Nepal market. Our factory will always adhere to the localization of overseas markets in detail. And expand its territory in overseas markets with better products and services.

Wholesale shipment Pictures:

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VF5 (Standard)



Overall size (L x W x H)(mm)

4,421 x 1,677 x 1,902

Wheelbase (mm)


Cargo body (L x W x H)(mm)

2,500 x 1,450 x 1,260

Max loadspace    (cu.m)


Max gross payload (kg)


Tread (Front / rear, mm)

1,386 / 1,408

Curb Weightkg


Gross Weightkg


Seating Capacity (including driver)


Fuel tank capacityL




Suspension (Front / Rear)

McPherson independent /  leaf spring independent  (5 steel leaves)

Brake (Front / Rear)

Disc / Drum, dual-circuit   hydraulics ,vacuum booster

Min. turning radius (mm)



175 / 70R14LT






4 cylinders in line, VVT(Variavle   Valve Timing)/EGR

Displacement (L)


Max.Power (kw)

67 / 6,000

Max.Torque (N.m)

118 / 4,000

Fuel type


Max. Speed(km/h)



5-Speeds MT


Euro V



Energy-absorption bumper

High strength steel wheel rim

Front fog lamp with high   penetrability

Crystal headlamp (with 5-level   electric regulation)

Crystal rearview mirror (12   efficient LED side turn signal lamps with low consumption )

Direct-pull door handle

Rearview mirror with extra-large   visual angle

Combination tail lamp (including   two backup lamps and rear fog lamps)

High-mounted brake lamp (5   highlight lamps)


Theft-deterrent steering lock   system

Collapsible steering column

Theft-deterrent alarm


Seat belt

Three-point type for first row   (two-point type for other seat)

ISO FIX(standard general interface   for child safety seat)

Front door double anti-collision   steel beam with high rigidity

Trim color


Standard trim

Four-spoke composite pattern   steering wheel

Type of middle row and third row   seats

2 integrated/2+1 (foldable and   reversible) 

forth-row foldable and reversible   integrated seat

Anti-dazzle double-barrel   instrument in bright silver

Password interactive remote   theft-deterrent system for center control

Driver/front passenger sun visor   (with bill fold and make-up mirror)


Electric EQ stereo

radio + Auxin+USB+MP3



Efficient vehicle-mounted   front/rear A/C system

Electric window of front door

● : Standard   ○ : Option at additional cost   – : Not available
Note: This information is only for   reference, KINGSTAR has final explanation right.