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Minibus for Sale Price in South America Peru – KINGSTAR Bus Plant

In recent years, the car import policy to Peru has been favorable and lax. Chinese executive minibus for sale was popular in Peru due to its excellent performance and beautiful appearance, and cheap price . The Chinese executive minibus for sale has gradually entered the Peruvian auto market that was once dominated by Japan and South Korea. Taking this good opportunity, KINGSTAR people made a plan to visit customers in Peru to conduct minibus market research and achieve much closer cooperation with customers.

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A. Peru is a country with a great potential market.

 Peru is close to the Pacific Ocean, with many excellent ports along the coast. Inland areas, especially the Amazon, have rivers and convenient river transportation. There are 19 seaports, 4 river ports and 1 lake port. In 2011 there were 6,053 civilian ships of various types, with a cargo volume of 21.74 million tons. The main ports are: Callao, Peta, Chimbote, Ilo, Saravili, etc. Callao is the port of greatest discharge for many loads, such as ev microbuses. Peru is a country in western South America, bordered by Ecuador and Colombia in the north, Brazil and Bolivia in the east, Chile in the south, and the Pacific Ocean in the west. It is a parliamentary democratic republic with a presidential system, the whole country is 25 regions. Peru has a population of 31.49 million, ranking fifth in South America. The economy depends mainly on agriculture, fishing, mining, and manufacturing (such as textiles). It is one of the Latin American countries  where the Chinese first arrived and lived in greater numbers. Also with a population of Chinese descent that represents around 3 million. The integration of national cultural traditions has created various expressions in the fields of art, food, literature and music.

service minibus

According to the Diario Peruano on April 26, the Peruvian Automobile Association said that the sales volume of environmental protection vehicles in Peru in March was 84 vehicles, 100% more year-on-year. Mainly because new brands entered the market and supply increased. He brought different models, financing options and more information. Additionally, the public had a better understanding of the benefits of such vehicles. In the first quarter, the volume of sales of this type of vehicle was 206, 41% more than the previous year. The best-selling vehicles were traditional hybrids, with a total of 195 vehicles sold, 39.3% more year-on-year, followed by pure electric vehicles.

B. Status of Transportation in Peru

First of all, transportation is mainly by road, and the volume of freight by road accounts for 80% of the total volume of transportation in China.  

Water transport is relatively developed and foreign trade depends mainly on maritime transport. The existing road mileage is 78,500 kilometers. In 2011, the highway mileage was 129,000 kilometers. Among them, there are 23,000 kilometers of national highways, 26,000 kilometers of provincial highways, and 80,000 kilometers of city-level highways. There were 1,979,900 motor vehicles and 70,831,000 road passenger traffic in China in 2011. 

Second, the main highways in Peru are the Pan-American Highway that runs through the north and south and the central highway that runs through the east and west.

 Peru is close to the Pacific Ocean, with many excellent ports along the coast. Inland areas, especially the Amazon, have rivers and convenient river transportation. There are 19 seaports, 4 river ports and 1 lake port. In 2011 there were 6,053 civilian ships of various types, with a cargo volume of 21.74 million tons. The main ports are: Callao, Peta, Chimbote, Ilo, Saravili, etc. El Callao is the port with the largest discharge of many cargoes.

Finally, to avoid the influence of restriction measures

Regarding the industry promotion policy, the environmental management directorate of the municipal government of Lima adopted the suggestion of the Automobile Association. And it decided that private electric vehicles, including EV microbuses and hybrid electric vehicles, could not be controlled by Lima’s “peak period and license plate” restriction measures. The municipal government will also enable a platform for drivers to register their vehicles. To avoid the influence of restriction measures. The Automobile Association also suggested that the government take additional measures to promote the development of the environment-friendly automobile market.

C. Chinese brand cars in the Peruvian market are on the rise.

Peru is a country in western South America. It limits to the north with Colombia and Ecuador, to the south with Chile and to the west with the Pacific Ocean. With a population of 31.49 million, Peru ranks fifth in South America in population. Economic is at the average level of Latin America. Peru’s national transportation is primarily highway-based, with vehicles driving on the right. There is a large market for buying and selling second-hand cars in the cities of the south, whose sales can cover the entire country. On the streets, you can often see old models from ten years ago. At present, the local car emission regulations in Peru are Euro 2 standard.

According to customer information, after two or three years of promoting and selling Chinese cars in the Peruvian market, the sales volume of Chinese brand cars in the Peruvian market is increasing.

The advantage of Chinese executive minibus for sale.

German, Japanese and Korean cars dominate the Peruvian market. Compared with them, the biggest advantage of Chinese executive minibuses for sale is their good performance at low cost. While the downside is the lack of advertising. In response to rumors about the quality of the minibus, customers said that in the past two years of Chinese car sales, there were even complaints, but they are few. This is because the full range of vehicle parts, car maintenance and repair guarantee for the customer. This is how we gain customer satisfaction. The client stated that as the economy grows better and better, the Peruvian automotive market is thriving. Also, sales of minibuses in Peru are increasing.

The market share of Chinese executive minibuses for sale is expected to exceed in the near future. At the same time, for the minibus recommended by KINGSTAR, the customer also provided unique information: the minibus market does not account for a large proportion of the current car market. However, the executive minibus for sale is diversified in size and use and has wide applicability. That is why it has a stable customer base, many countries and regions have irreplaceable demand for such models.

Chinese brand minibuses mainly focus on improving their low-end minibus products to enter the market.

In the period when the traditional executive minibuses for the sale of products from brands such as Japan and South Korea are gradually being upgraded. In addition, they resort to high-end products. Chinese brand minibus mainly focuses on improving its low-end minibus products to enter the market. In fact, in the past two years, Chinese brand minibus products officially entered the Peruvian market and successfully opened it. During this trip, Kingstar has fully prepared a variety of minibus models, including length from 4 meters to 5.99 meters. These models with various seat designs ranging from 7 seats to 20 seats, covers with 1.0L 1.3L, 2.2L to 2.8L.

D. KINGSTAR development history in the Peruvian market:

1. KINGSTAR started exporting minibuses from China to Peru in the year 2000.

China’s minibus export volume has increased year by year. By 2013, China’s annual minibus export volume exceeded 1,500. In this year, KINGSTAR has established a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with many customers in Peru.

Representative executive minibus for sale Model  :

 LXWXH Dimension (mm) Wheelbase (mm) Displacement Seating
 4010x1620x1915 27001.0L, 1.3L 7-8 seats
 5260x1700x2066 28002.2L~2.8L9-16 seats
 5380x1880x2285 31102.4L~2.8L 12-16 seats
 5990x1880x2285 37202.4L~2.8L 16-20 seats

2. Year 2009, the exclusive agent and KINGSTAR learned from each other through online sales platform.

KINGSTAR people had visited the agent in Peru in 2009. Also, we attended the agent’s booth at the local auto show in Tacna. Through the active interaction and understanding of the two sides, the two sides have achieved positive interaction and gained a lot of trust with each other.

The exclusive agent is very interested in KINGSTAR’s light truck, van, van and minibus products, and has also placed orders for various models with KINGSTAR. This time, the 8-seater minibus launched by KINGSTAR in 2011 meets the demand of the passenger transport minibus market in Peru. Taking advantage of this good opportunity, after frequent discussions between the two parties, the agent combined the local demand for the minibus in Peru and exchanged views with KINGSTAR for the repair of the equipment. Like with power steering for the minibus. Finally, the cooperation plan was reached for the exclusive concession of this 8-seater service minibus.

14 seater minibus for sale

The 7-8 seater KINGSTAR minibus is 4 meters long. 1.0L, 1.3L cylinder heads. This minibus is rich in configuration, beautiful in appearance, spacious in space and economical in fuel consumption. The minibus is operated for business, family and logistics use. In addition, the perfect size of the body makes this minibus a great advantage when driving through narrow aisles. And most of the 600-unit minibuses will serve as a taxi service in Peru.

service minibus

Power steering is one of the main equipment also for this 8 seater service minibus.

Power steering is a type of equipment that worked to adjust the steering of the service minibus. At the same time, it helps the driver to turn the steering wheel with ease. It plays a very important role in security. In addition, it would be economical to install such equipment on this service minibus.  

7-8 seater KINGSTAR service minibus, which will be for the local travel, passenger transport, commuting and logistics markets. With high technology, superior quality, diversified usage, and a professional service team to manage this minibus, it will enable this service minibus to cover a larger customer base in Peru and gain more market demand, and this will achieve a win-win. status of all parties.

The signing of this exclusive agreement for the minibus has strengthened the cooperation between the two parties. Through this cooperation, the distributor and KINGSTAR will achieve greater achievements in the Peruvian market!

3. Year 2012, KINGSTAR signs an exclusive dealership with a Peruvian distributor for service minibus

Congratulations! KINGSTAR and a Peruvian auto company signed the exclusive agreement for KINGSTAR’s 8-seater service minibus on July 13, 2012, confirming an annual order quantity of 600 minibus units for the Peruvian market. Until now, KINGSTAR has a professional marketing partner to sell the 8 seater service minibus in Peru. Therefore, it provides the best sales and after-sales service for this minibus in the local market.

The headquarters of the authorized Peruvian company is located in Lima, the capital of Peru. Lima is the economic, cultural and transportation center of Peru and an important commercial city. Many well-known Chinese automobile companies have agents in Lima. The Peruvian exclusive distributor mainly in the automotive business with second-hand Japanese cars and South Korean used cars. It has outlets covering Southeast Asia, Central and South America. The cooperation between KINGSTAR and the exclusive agent in Peru will surely make this 8-seat minibus sold all over Peru.

4. Aug, 2013 Year 1st batch 14 seater minibus model BD6 for sale.

In order to provide the best service to cooperative customers and further develop the minibus sales in Peru, from August 3 to 12, 2013, KINGSTAR marketing sales staff visited the local site to investigate the minibus sales and have a face to face discussion with the distributors of the minibus business in China that is running in Peru. The meetings with all the distributors reached a fruitful result for all parties.

August 20, 2013 is a special day for Kingstar and overseas customer. The client confirmed for sale the 1st batch of 14-seater model BD6 minibus that will enter   TACNA Peru   for its operation.

5. More than 1,500 units of KINGSTAR China minibus serve the Peruvian markets.

These China minibuses are sold to many cities in Peru, such as LIMA, CHICLAYO, HUANCAYO, SULLANA, TALARA, TUMBES, JAEN, CAJAMARCA, JULIACA, TACNA. The minibus supplied by KINGSTAR was very popular in the market and highly recognized by users.

The China minibus supplied by KINGSTAR for the Peru market includes a variety of models with length from 4 meters to 5.99 meters. This model is with seats ranging from 7 seats to 20 seats, covers displacement 1.0L, 1.3L, 1.5L, 2.4L up to 2.7L. These minibuses from China have a rich configuration, elegant modeling and safety glass side windows. In addition, they feature spacious space and excellent noise-proof, as well as enough practicality.

The KINGSTAR minibus is a universal model that takes families, businesses and logistics use into account. They can also be widely used in short and medium-distance passenger transport, tourism and community transport. Here for the markets of Peru, the China minibus is mainly used as a taxi. On the streets of Peru, we can see small minivans like the Kingstar minibus everywhere. Proper body size makes it a great advantage for running in the narrow aisle; Stable quality and excellent fuel efficiency make the minibus also play an important role in passenger transportation.

6. Year 2014, KINGSTAR has visited the showrooms established by Peruvian distributors.

We learned about the sales situation of KINGSTAR minibus in the local market and the actual operation status of each customer. In addition, it solved problems related to after-sales service. Senior representatives also exchanged views on product design and equipment optimization.

Through active communication and discussion with all KINGSTAR minibus dealers in Peru, KINGSTAR has obtained more information from the market and knows the needs of different customers well. Through face-to-face communication with all dealers, KINGSTAR dealers strengthened their confidence in cooperation with KINGSTAR, and highly praised Kingstar minibus: lower fuel consumption to save cost, various models to select, and suitable prices to satisfy the different demands of customers.

This visit has brought a better understanding between distributors and KINGSTAR for the Peruvian market. KINGSTAR will go together with customers in Peru to create a better future for China’s minibus business.

Chinese minibus

E. KINGSTAR will strengthen its innovation capacity

KING STAR was very impressed by the rich technical experience of customers. And this trip, it was lucky for KINGSTAR to attend the auto show in TACNA Peru. The auto show was in the open air, and the cooperative customer displayed the Kingstar executive minibus for sale as one of the exhibited cars. It also attracted many customers to inquire.

In the planning plan for future development, KINGSTAR will strengthen its innovation capacity. At the same time, we will speed up the development of various models of executive minibuses for sale with rich configuration to meet the different demands of the Peruvian market. KINGSTAR will always be the customer’s reliable partner and a staunch supporter for a win-win future.

Peru’s transportation is mainly by road, water transportation is well developed, and foreign trade depends mainly on maritime transportation. In view of the high sea level and mountain road conditions in Peru, KINGSTAR adjusted the equipment of the VW5 minibus to meet the local environment and users’ needs. Now the VW5 minibus entering the Peruvian market is sure to increase sales for the local dealer.

executive minibus for sale

The VW5 minibus manufacturer is a large manufacturing joint venture. KINGSTAR’s factory is excellent at designing reconditioned trucks, passenger cars, engines and auto parts for more than 30 years. The company follows the Lean Production manufacturing system, supplies a series of “low cost but high value” products. The VW5 minibus manufacturer made USD 2.6 billion in sales revenue in 2019. The leading vehicles and their annual productivity are as follows: Engine 800,000 units, front axle, rear axle, brake assembly, gear, etc. reach 2.0 million units, the whole vehicle will be up to 100,000 units. The VW5 minibus factory is one of the 20 largest auto companies in China.

Clients can easily work with KINGSTAR factory for business cooperation. KINGSTAR factory is willing to share experiences and supply excellent products with overseas partners and customers for win-win business cooperation.

Good after-sales services:

This minibus was very well received by the public as passenger transport in Peru. And for the operating company, it has a small investment, a large profit, a very economical and durable model. It is one of the   best-selling models.(click and see the price list) for foreign markets, including Peru as well. Because it can be customized and specialized to meet market requirements, it has successfully won praise from markets. The KINGSTAR BD6 model 14-seater minibus for sale gradually gains a foothold in the local car market. In terms of after-sales service, KINGTAR closely cooperates with local dealers to provide continuous spare parts for replacement and online technical guidance. Good after-sales service has made Kingstar 14 seater minibus more and more popular in the market and attract many customers.

Now the cooperation between the client and KINGSTAR for the BD6 model minibus will bring a new sales distribution in the   southern areas of Peru  . Before the order is confirmed, both parties are actively in communication for the equipment of the minibus. Also meet with each other to get a better understanding of business cooperation.

Before ordering the 14 seater minibus for sale, Custom pays a visit to the KINGSTAR factory, visiting the stamping, welding, painting, assembling and testing workshops. With a face-to-face business discussion for the minibus, mutual understanding is deepened. With high praise for KINGSTAR factory operation, Custom feels great confidence to cooperate with KINGSTAR for minibus.

At KINGSTAR, we offer attentive service to customer inquiries. For the 14, 15 seater minibus for sale or other mode, order, payment method, loading way for shipment and after sale. Feel free to contact KINGSTAR for more information.

14 seater minibus for sale

Customers are very interested in various Kingstar minibus models. Combined with the local market requirements for the executive minibus for sale, customers have exchanged valuable opinions with Kingstar, suggesting that Kingstar could customize the executive minibus for sale according to the local market requirements.

During this trip, Kingstar visited the showroom, after-sales service station and workshop of its cooperative customers. Peruvian customers have a good ability to modify the minibus, they can lengthen the size of the minibus body. Also, convert the right hand drive car into a left hand drive car.

If you want to be our sole exclusive and only dealer for some modes, please check with us if we already have sole distributor in your market for the mode you want. KINGSTAR factory providing several series of vehicle, such as SUV, MPV, Truck, SPV, Electric car, bus, and so on. Our website only show portion of vehicles. It’s not complete. We welcome your inquiry.



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