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The Most Cost-Saving Hybrid Minibus for Sale with Dual Fuel Engine from KINGSTAR China

Nowadays, new energy is a trend for all automatic industries in all countries. With the popularity and widespread use of new energy, hybrid minibus for sale is also required by many clients. As everyone knows, it is in an urban area, the pure electric car is definitely a perfect choice. But for long-distance or travel, it may need more function as a hybrid minibus. Today we will share our hybrid min bus for sale models with you from different aspects. Such as the specification, the nine hot sale characteristics of the hybrid minibus.

Hybrid Minibus for Sale

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) (including hybrid minibus) is a new type of hybrid electric vehicle. Different from the traditional hybrid power that combines gasoline power and electric drive, the plug-in hybrid power drive principle and drives unit are the same as electric mnibus. The only difference is that the vehicle is using an engine.

The difference between plug-in hybrid vehicles and ordinary hybrid vehicles: ordinary hybrid vehicles have a small battery capacity and only supply/recover energy during start/stop, acceleration/deceleration, and cannot be charged externally. Use pure electric mode to drive for a long distance; plug-in hybrid electric vehicles have relatively large batteries, which can charge externally and can be driven in pure electric mode. When the battery is using up, drive in hybrid mode (mainly internal combustion engine). And charge the battery in time.

1. The difference between plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and non-plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

The state has given a clear definition of new energy vehicles, that is, new energy vehicles include plug-in hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles. Traditional hybrid vehicles do not need external charging due to their low energy density (power battery capacity is generally less than 1.5 kWh). They only use the kinetic energy recovered during braking to charge the power battery or use the engine’s power when the vehicle is running at low speed.

The surplus power is for charge the power battery through the generator (motor reverse rotation). Plug-in hybrid vehicles can run in pure electric mode. It can also drive in a hybrid model where the engine and the drive motor work together. When driving in hybrid mode, the working principle is the same as that of ordinary hybrid vehicles. The driving motor is using an auxiliary driving mechanism, which mainly plays the role of “peak cutting and valley filling”, helping the engine to work in a relatively stable state.

Thereby reducing the fuel consumption and emissions of the vehicle; when driving in pure electric mode, only the power battery pack supplies energy, so as to achieve pure electric drive and zero emissions. Therefore, when the power battery pack is exhausted, it needs to be externally charged. Therefore its name is Plug-in hybrid vehicles.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of plug-in hybrid vehicles

Compared with non-plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (including hybrid minibus) have a larger battery capacity and can support a longer driving range. If each time is a short-distance driving, it has better-charging conditions. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles can replace pure electric vehicles without refueling. Also, it has the advantages of pure electric vehicles. Compared with pure electric vehicles, the battery capacity of plug-in hybrid vehicles is much smaller. But it has the engine, transmission, transmission system, oil circuit, and fuel tank of traditional fuel vehicles. Therefore, when it is unable to charge, as long as there is a gas station, it can continue driving. That’s why the mileage is not in restrict.

The advantages of pure electric vehicles

  It also has the advantages of fuel vehicles. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles combine the advantages of traditional hybrid electric vehicles. While providing a longer cruising range (referring to the hybrid model), it can also meet the needs of people to drive on pure electricity. It has played a good role. The role of energy substitution is the only way (technical route) leading to pure electric vehicles. However, due to the integration of two complete power systems of pure electric vehicles and fuel vehicles in a car, the cost of plug-in hybrid vehicles is relatively high, the structure is complex, and the quality is relatively large. Fuel vehicles and pure electric vehicles have disadvantages. 

However, until charging stations become widespread and the charging time is greatly shortened. And plug-in hybrid vehicles will exist as a transitional product between fuel vehicles and pure electric vehicles for a long time. Moreover, in the post-subsidy period, government subsidies are reduced. At the same time, consumers’ mileage demand is increased. And battery costs are reduced to a small extent, and vehicle prices cannot be increased. This provides development opportunities for plug-in hybrid vehiclesbut improves plug-in hybrids. Key core technologies such as rationalization of performance hybrid schemes for power vehicles, integration of power systems, specialization of the core component. As well as innovation of control strategies are issues that need to be resolved urgently.

The specification of the hybrid minibus for sale model VF4

This hybrid minibus for sale is a CNG/gasoline duel fuel engine vehicle with an advanced CSCI-Ⅲ gas control system. In the meantime, this minibus is equipped with an advanced VVT motor of LJ469Q-AE2. The CNG capacity is 70L, the fuel capacity of the minibus is 45L. The overall size of the hybrid minibus is 4,071 * 1,677 * 1,902mm, the wheelbase of the hybrid minibus is 1,902mm. The wheelbase is 2,700mm. The seating capacity for this minibus is 7-8 people. The max rate of the minibus is 67kW, the maximum torque is 118N.m. The gearbox is a 5MT, the loading weight of the minibus is 1,850kg.

Hybrid Minibus for Sale

Nine hot sale characteristics of the hybrid minibus for sale model VF4

①German standard vehicle building concept, first-class production equipment, and technology to create first-class German quality products for dear clients.

② With new generation advanced VVT motor, the minibus with great max speed and low fuel consumption.

③ Great cargo loading space of 4.5m³, loading capacity reach 690kg, It is the top compare with same class vehicles.

④ FQTS full-side safety protection has passed the crash test at one time.

⑤ The whole system is standard with the original rolling password interactive remote control anti-theft system; It is the only mainstream vehicle that has equipped with an electric power steering system (EPS).

⑥ Produced by the original factory with great safety and reliable quality.

⑦ With a super gas capacity of 70L, the range of the car exceeds the same class vehicles.

⑧ Saving around 40% more cost than traditional fuel type minibus.

⑨ Advanced CSCI-III gas control system of the minibus (sequential multiport injection).

Fuel, gas meter duel display mode

Gas – fuel switch

We KINGSTAR as a professional automobile exporter of China, have exported our vehicles to over 90 countries and regions in the past 18years. All of our products are highly welcomed by our clients due to the good quality and good after-sales service and the great competitive price. Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.



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