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Nowadays, new energy is a trend for all automobile industries in all countries. With the popularity and widespread use of new energy, hybrid minibus for sale is also required by many clients. As everyone knows, it is in an urban area, the pure electric car is definitely a perfect choice. But for long-distance or travel, it may need more function as a hybrid minibus. Today we will share our hybrid minibus for sale models with you from different aspects. Such as the specification, the nine hot sale characteristics of the hybrid minibus.

Hybrid Minibus for Sale

The specification of the hybrid minibus for sale model VF4

This hybrid minibus for sale is a CNG/gasoline duel fuel engine vehicle with an advanced CSCI-Ⅲ gas control system. In the meantime, this minibus is equipped with an advanced VVT motor of LJ469Q-AE2. The CNG capacity is 70L, the fuel capacity of the minibus is 45L. The overall size of the hybrid minibus is 4,071 * 1,677 * 1,902mm, the wheelbase of the hybrid minibus is 1,902mm. The wheelbase is 2,700mm. The seating capacity for this minibus is 7-8 people. The max rate of the minibus is 67kW, the maximum torque is 118N.m. The gearbox is a 5MT, the loading weight of the minibus is 1,850kg.

Hybrid Minibus for Sale

Nine hot sale characteristics of the hybrid minibus for sale model VF4

①German standard vehicle building concept, first-class production equipment, and technology to create first-class German quality products for dear clients.

② With new generation advanced VVT motor, the minibus with great max speed and low fuel consumption.

③ Great cargo loading space of 4.5m³, loading capacity reach 690kg, It is the top compare with same class vehicles.

④ FQTS full-side safety protection has passed the crash test at one time.

⑤ The whole system is standard with the original rolling password interactive remote control anti-theft system; It is the only mainstream vehicle that has equipped with an electric power steering system (EPS).

⑥ Produced by the original factory with great safety and reliable quality.

⑦ With a super gas capacity of 70L, the range of the car exceeds the same class vehicles.

⑧ Saving around 40% more cost than traditional fuel type minibus.

⑨ Advanced CSCI-III gas control system of the minibus (sequential multiport injection).

Fuel, gas meter duel display mode

Gas – fuel switch

We KINGSTAR as a professional automobile exporter of China, have exported our vehicles to over 90 countries and regions in the past 18years. All of our products are highly welcomed by our clients due to the good quality and good after-sales service and the great competitive price. Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.



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