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FAQ of Purchasing from Minibus Factory – KINGSTAR

This section covers anything from pricing, the booking process, our services, opening times and more. If you still don’t have an answer to your question, feel free to click here.

What bus sizes do you have?

Our fleet comprises over 60 vehicles available for you, including 7-8seater minibus short wheel; 7-11 seater minibus long wheel; 14-20 Seater minibus; 6 meters 19-22 seater minibus; 11 seater minibus; 7-16 seater minibus; 9-23 seater minibus and so on. You can tell our customer service how many seats you want. The seats arrangement and bus size information will be provided in detail.

Minibus Factory - seater
How to choose the right mode and color of minibus?

Our sales may ask you several questions about what’s your purpose purchasing functionally or outlook requirement. Such as: what kind of power supply you want?  Gasoline, diesel or electric power? How many seats you prefer? What’s your detail application of minibus? For family use, for business use, for tourist, airport, party use, school bus?Our sales will help you to decide the right mode and provide details information accordingly.

Minibus Factory - mode
Do you have minibuses with special requirement?

For any special requirement you can ask our sales. Normally we can specially customize according to our customer request.

How do I buy a minibus?

The easiest and quickest way to buy minibus in large quantity is by calling our sales team Phone: +86-759-2678262 WhatsApp/ Wechat:+86 18019763531. Alternatively, you can also send an email to E-mail: minibus_info@kingstar.com.cn or reply to an email quote we have already provided. 
You can select the model from our website. Or, you can tell our sales manger your specific requirements and we will recommend the suitable model to you. It’s better to double confirm with our sales before you load order. Because different country may have certification requirement, and LHD RHD difference so that some model are not suitable for your local market.
After you confirm the model and price, we will provide the Proforma Invoice to you. Then you pay the first payment. The production arrangement will do when we receive your first payment. Before the shipment you have to finish the balance payment. We will send picture and video for your green light before you do the final payment.

How do I do the payment?

Payment Options: To secure the booking we offer two payment options: 1. you can pay a 50% T/T deposit and the rest 50% T/T before shipment. 2. you can pay a 50% T/T deposit and the rest 50% T/T payment at sight.  

What’s your working time, can I contact with you any time?

Our friendly phone operators are available for you during the following times:
Tel number: +86-759-2678262 Monday ~Friday- 8.30am to 17.30pm China Time
The mobile phone: WhatsApp/ Wechat:+86 18019763531 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You can call our mobile phone or send to following email address anytime.

How to ensure product quality?

KINGSTAR minibus have passed the international quality system certification. You can also entrust third party individuals or organizations to inspect our products before delivery.
Some of the model we already have Certifications, such as EEC Certification. But because different country have different request for certification, so the details should confirm with our sales to ensure the model you choose can meet your local certification requirement.
We also have 100% inspection to ensure the quality.
The good and complete after sale services, covers the spare parts providing, no matter for urgent spare parts support via express, or large quantity of spare parts providing, we always response fast.

Do you have any agent in our country?

Some of the country we have agent from which you can buy our minibus directly from them. For the agent information Please refer to the agent page for details. We have already established long-term partnerships in Australia, Bolivia,Peru and Nigeria.

How do you pack the minibus for shipment?

There are 4 packing methods as follows:
Container: The cheapest and fast one; put the machine into container need to do disassembly and assembly.
Bulk cargo ship: which is better for bigger construction minibus, no need to break-bulk.
RO RO ship: The machine drives directly into the ship and does not need to break-bulk. Flat: with cheap price and suitable for the buyer who don’t want to disassemble the minibus.

What’s the cycle time of purchasing minibus?

Normally the cycle time is around 55 working days. But If come across the hot season or holiday or special period, the cycle time will be adjusted accordingly. The detail cycle time will be replied formally in quotation sheet by our sales department. 

What kind of sales and after-sale services you are providing? How about the warranty period?

KINGSTAR has a very professional team including a sales team to meet the various needs of customers at any time, and the shipping department will arrange delivery for customer faster and more economically. After-sales service department could have customer no worries about quality issue. We can provide 1-3 years quality warranty period, but the price is different for different warranty period. The quick wear parts can also optional to be shipped together with minibus. For the countries which already have agent, you can also get the minibus from them locally.

Are you in working of SKD, CKD?

Yes, we are in working with overseas clients for SKD and CKD project. Assembly lines for middle-size buses and light trucks has been established in some countries, such as Nigeria, Malaysia and Zimbabwe, etc.

Minibus Factory
Do you have the engineer provide the technology support?

Yes, we have engineer who will provide technology support.

Is it available to change the logo of minibus?

Yes, we can customize the front logo, brand name and Steering wheel logo according to customer design. But there will be extra charges.

What’s the Warranty Period:

For the following parts, we will provide a 3-year or 100,000 kilometers warranty.
Camshaft, camshaft timing gear, cylinder head cover, cylinder head, engine block, piston, crankshaft,
connecting rod, piston pin, crankshaft timing gear, oil pan, intake manifold, belt pulley, tension pulley, flywheel.
For the following parts, we will provide a 3 months or 5000 kilometers the warranty.
Air filter, air-conditioning filter, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plug, brake lining, clutch disc, tire, battery of remote controller, bulb, wiper blade, fuse and normal relay(doesn’t contain integrated control unit)
For the following parts, we will provide 1 year or 10,000 kilometers the warranty service of
For the following parts, we will provide the warranty service of 2 year or 50,000 kilometers
Any other components except from the components above.

Minibus Factory -logo
Any spare parts or tools ship together with minibus?

Yes, there are spare parts and tools ship together with minibus. Here are some items that we attached with shipment for other customer, but differ from mode to mode. Customer can come up with specific requirement about what you want to attach. Our sales will prepare the list specially for each customer.

Do you provide tool box with car shipment?

Yes, we have tool box as below list.

Tool box list for your kindly reference:

Serial No.NameQuantityMarks
1Spare tyre lift handle assy.1 
2Wheel nut box spanner1 
3Rear hub bearing nut spanner1 
4Manual hydraulic pressure jack (5 tons)1 
5Tyre barometer1Provide by yourself
6Hand hammer (0.5kg)1 
7Tyre tommy bar1Provide by yourself
8Arrester adjuster spanner1Provide by yourself
9Breaker point1For gasoline engine
10Spark plug socket1For gasoline engine
11Spark plug socket fork1For gasoline engine
12Double-ended spanner1 
1312×14 Double-ended spanner1 
1413×15 Double-ended spanner1 
1517×19 Double-ended spanner1 
1622×24 Double-ended spanner1Provide by yourself
17Slotted recessed wooden handle screw driver175×0.8×5.5   Ⅱ-1C
18Cross recessed wooden handle screw driver12.100.1C
19Slip joint plier 165m1 
20Brake clearance adjusting tools of rear axle1 
How about the resource of your engine?

We share the same technology of engine resources with famous brand such like TOYOTA, ISUZU and Nissan. For details resources data Pls. ask sales to provide.
Take one of the brand of engine Yuchai that we use for example, here is the introduction of Yuchai Engine:
YUCHAI group was established in Guangxi, China in 1951. It is currently in possession of 33 subsidiary companies and the staff of16000 people. YUCHAI, as the biggest independent diesel engine manufacturer in the world, is also the largest group that specialized in manufacturing and exporting the medium & small engineering machine for a long history in China. Its total asset has reached 11.6 billion RMB. YUCHAI has successfully acquired the title of “First Brand Power of China” due to its preeminence.
The major product fields of YUCHAI comprise diesel engine, engineering machine, Auto components, Auto chemistry, motor production as well as the special vehicle. Its annual production capacity of diesel engines has reached 600,000 units and YUCHAI has the ability to manufacture more than 10000 units medium & small engineering machines every year. It is reported that YUCHAI group has taken 50% coverage of market of high-performance diesel engine in China. In addition, YUCHAI has been assessed as the top three road transportation enterprise as well.
After years of effort and dedication, YUCHAI group has expanded its business to cover the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania. YUCHAI has finished setting up more than 30 overseas & domestic operating offices and 40 branches. What is more, nearly 1000 distributing and delivering centers and franchised stores have been established. Based on the YCSS service information management system and 36 twenty four hours calling centers, YUCHAI has set its goal to benefit the customers to the utmost , implement the active and timely after sales service , make the 40 kilometer service radius come true and guarantee the timely delivery of the spare pars within 24 hours if parts network exists. The goal of Yuchai is to furnish the overseas & domestic clients with the most professional, efficient, satisfying service.
Guangxi Yuchai Power Machinery Co., Ltd is one company under YUCAHI group to produce 4 cylinder diesel engines specially. By using technical perform of US and Germany, the 4 cylinder engines have achieved leading advantage: high power, big torque, high reliability, low fuel cost, low noise.

How to start the cooperation?

Business Process:
Contact us and share us your company profile with a business proposal.
We will send you a detailed product configuration and quotation.
Discuss 2022 target and sign an exclusive distribution agreement for 1-3 years.
Place the formal orders and ship cars.



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