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Best Electric Minibus Mode(zero emissions vehicles)

Mode Seater Length Energy LHD/RHD   Price(USD) Electric Minibus picture Electric Minivan Cargo Van & Truck
EJ5 13 5.4 meter Battery : LFP (LHD/RHD) 30,000~40,000  electric minibus for sale EJ5 minibus small electric minibus for sale - EJ5 minivan small
EJ6 16   6 meter Battery : LFP (LHD/RHD) 30,000~40,000  electric minibus for sale- EJ6 minibus small size  
EW1 11 4.49meter CATL battery
Max. Speed(km/h) ≥90 (LHD)
15,000~17,000 electric minibus for sale - EW1 panel van small  electric minibus for sale - EW1 minibus small
EW5 11 4.845meter CATL battery
Max. Speed(km/h) ≥90 (LHD)
14,000~16,000 electric minibus for sale - EW5 minibus small  
EBG3 11 5.03meter Battery type: Lithium iron
25,000~28,000 electric minibus for sale - EBG3 minibus small electric minibus for sale - EBG3 minivan small
EVF4 7-8 4.071meter Electric RHD
Gasoline LHD RHD
10,000-15,000 electric minibus for sale - EVF4 minibus small electric minibus for sale - EVF4 minivan small
eVF5-R 11 4.421meter Electric (LHD& RHD)
Battery Storage (kwh): 41.86
& 39.9 
13,000~16,000 electric minibus for sale - EVF5 minibus small electric minibus for sale - EVF5 panel van small
EY6 5.915 meter (LHD& RHD)
Battery :’CATL
(kWh) 81.14
ECE Certification
electric minibus for sale - EY6 minibus small electric minibus for sale - EY6 minibus small 2
EY7 20  7.490 meter (LHD& RHD)
Battery :CATL
(kWh) 81.14
54,000~60,000 electric minibus for sale - EY7 minibus small  


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Application of electric minibus

Customers have minibus booking from our KINGSTAR mainly for purpose of:

For passenger public transportation, Business car rental, Hotel shuttle, Tourist car rental, Enterprise shuttle bus rental, School car rental, Airport pickup car rental, Logistic transportation, Public transportation, Family use.

Special purpose minibus:

Ambulance, police car, post car, Prison car, freezer van, community activities, small group events use, Transport Van, Logistics vehicles


LOCAL SERVICE Customization

We are focused on local needs customization, especially for South America and Africa. We operate nationally but care locally, assuring short delivery times.


HELPING YOU GROW YOUR MINIBUS DISTRIBUTION BUSINESS. We are a modern and trustworthy company committed to continuous improvement.


Depth and breadth of minibus knowledge-  We have a depth of knowledge in minibus more than 20 years. There is not much we have not seen during this time allowing us to apply this knowledge to improve the performance of your business.


Location of our production sites, production capacity, and product range all make our company unique in terms of an effective response to all over the world customers.

Frequently Asked Question

Normally, our MOQ is 25 cars, but some modes we can support to ship one car only. So, Please contact with our sales to check.  

It depends on the size of the car and also depends on the packing method, CBU, CKD or SKD. 40′ container.

Normally T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before loading container. But some of countries, we support L/C. Please discuss with our sales about the details. 


Generally, it will take 45 Days~60 Days after receiving your advance payment.  The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.  

Yes, 100% of the Inspection. Quality is our priority.

Yes, different models or colors can be mixed in one container.

It depends on different modes. Some modes, we have 1 or 2 years warranty. But some e cut out the after-sales service by providing 2% FOB value spare parts, excluding the batch and major quality problem.

The Development Prospect of Electric Vehicle

Firstly, is the introduction of the industry encouragement policy documents. By the replacement of electric vehicles, actually increased the implementation of distribution of operation indicators.

Secondly, it is also mobilized the enthusiasm of the industry, including the enthusiasm of enterprises and drivers.

At the same time, the financial also gave very large support.

In fact, Beijing, Hangzhou, Sanya, and other cities have already announced the demands of electric bus proportion in recent years. But on a national scale, only Taiyuan city realized fully covered by electric buses.

Driven by the EU’s green transformation policy, the European new energy vehicle market is growing against the trend. It provides a good opportunity for the development of Chinese brand electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus.  Per analysis, China’s electric passenger cars are still in the position of chaser in the European market, with the further deepening of the overseas layout of Chinese car companies. However, China’s electric cars are expected to maintain a sustained growth trend in the European market.

24 seater minibus

Per the European Electric Vehicle Market Report recently released by German professional automobile organization Schmidt Automotive Research Company, the total sales volume of Chinese electric passenger cars manufacturer brand in 18 major automobile markets in Europe will reach 23,836 in 2020. It is an increase of more than 13 times compared with the same period in 2019. Moreover, the market share will reach 3.3%, indicating that Chinese electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus are experiencing a rapid development period in the European market.

1. The sales growth momentum for electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus is rapid and the market recognition is constantly improving.

In recent years, China’s major electric vehicle manufacturers have stepped up efforts to explore overseas markets. Europe has been an important target market.  Ai Chi, a brand of new energy vehicles, is the first Chinese brand to obtain EU vehicle certification.  At the beginning of this year, Chinese electric vehicle start-up companies officially announced their entry into the European market. They plan to launch a number of new electric vehicles in the near future.  Furthermore, many Chinese automobile brands will focus on deepening the European market as their next business development.

Stephen Brazel, head of the German Automobile Management Center, said that Chinese brands are very competitive in the field of electric vehicles. This is not only reflected in the price, but also in innovation and vehicle technology.  “China is developing rapidly in the field of electric vehicles. It can be expected that more and more Chinese brand electric vehicles will be recognized by the European market in the future. “

2. Service quality for electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus. It needs to be improved urgently and technological innovation still needs to be strengthened.

China’s electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus are experiencing rapid development in the European market. While they still face considerable challenges, especially compared with the major automobile manufacturers in Europe and America.  Per statistics, the three brands with the largest sales volume of electric vehicles in major automobile markets in Western Europe are Volkswagen, Renault Nissan, and Tesla, with sales volume approaching or exceeding 100,000 vehicles in 2020.

Schmidt said that compared with the local traditional automobile manufacturers who are familiar with the European market. The first thing that Chinese electric vehicle enterprises, including producing 24 seater minibus need to cross is the standard threshold.  Compared with other parts of the world, the European market has more stringent regulatory standards for the new energy automobile industry.  In the next stage, the EU will continue to introduce stricter industry standards. It includes legislation on important standards. Such as carbon emissions and battery recycling rate in the whole life cycle of electric vehicles. This will bring new challenges to foreign enterprises including Chinese brands. 

Brazel believes that market awareness is also an important obstacle for Chinese brands to enter the European market.

“European consumers have higher loyalty to brands which requires Chinese companies to improve brand trust and recognition by further improving services on the basis of accurately grasping market demand.” 

Schmidt suggested that at the initial stage of entering the European market, Chinese electric vehicle enterprises. It includes producing 24 seater minibus can consider seeking closer cooperation with local European manufacturers through joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions on the basis of independent development. Such as promoting supply chain localization and sharing production lines. In this way, it can not only better adapt to local policies, regulations, and industry standards. However, also gain convenience and advantages in the construction of a service network. And launch a vehicle model that is more in line with the needs of local users.

Hope our Chinese electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus can be more and more popular.

Energy Structure

As the world’s second-largest oil and gas consumer, 70% of the oil in China depends on imports. Any obstruction of the import passage will have a profound impact. Which will lead to a sharp rise in domestic oil prices, followed by a sharp rise in prices also. So we need to lower the depends on petroleum, the main method is to increase revenue and reduce spending.

Automobile industry development:

China’s auto industry has made great progress. The production and sales volume have ranked first in the world for a year. Chinese brand cars also occupy the largest market share. But unfortunately, the main core technology is not in Chinese manufacturers.

Chinese enterprises do not have an advantage in the core technologies of engines, transmissions, and ECUs of fuel cars. In another word, if you replace these parts with batteries, motors, and electronic control systems, it will make a great difference. Thanks to the efforts of Chinese enterprises in the electronic and electrical industries, we have made good achievements in battery, motor, and electronic control technology.     

Environmental protection

From the point of view of energy consumption, the consumption of energy of electric buses is not so low, but surely lower than fuel vehicles. All-electric buses could be realized brake energy recovery. While fuel vehicles can’t. It is must be worthy of recognition that electric buses realized zero-emission. This will be very helpful for the city’s environmental protection department.

1. Government in China strongly support electric bus

The official notification from the Ministry of Communications recently in China. Till the end of the year 2020, fuel buses will be replaced by electric buses in our main area municipality and capital cities.

Electric Bus For Sale

According to the above description, future buses will be fully covered by electric buses. In meantime, a lot of fuel buses will be eliminated, the market capacity of new energy buses is expected to exceed one million. No doubt, this will be a great boon for the new energy industry.

2. Electric bus fully covered in big cities in China

Till the end of the year 2018, Shenzhen realized fully covered electric buses already. It plays a very important role in purifying the air for this city. On the other hand, also saved energy consumption. In the past, the carbon dioxide emission of a fuel bus is around 26 tons a year, it can be reduced by 60% per year. Calculated as 70,000 kilometers per bus, the emission has a great improvement, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide emissions are also reduced a lot.

Electric Bus For Sale

In meantime, bus companies use dispatch to improve operational efficiency. The bus will be charged at night, which takes around one and a half hours for each electric bus. During the daytime, the bus is charged during the driver’s rest time, so that the average mileage of 200 kilometers can be completed in a day. While ensuring normal operation, the electrification of buses has also significantly reduced operating costs.

In the past, it will run dozens of liters of oil a day, and diesel cost more than RMB 6 per liter. But now, it’s about 200 kilometers a day, and 100 kilometers requires 90-kilowatt hours of electricity. The electric fee is much cheaper than diesel, it will cost down more than 60% of the cost.

What will be the future of the minibus? New energy, green, environmental protective, smart, auto.
Before, our dream is to have a self-driving electric mini bus, smart bus stations, and driverless smart bus terminals. However, now, they have become reality. It’s time to embrace the era of smart city mobility.

Smart minibus is coming.

The exhibition of smart electric mini bus was broadcast live worldwide.
A solution of a smart electric mini bus was coming up.
A smart city solution smart mobile solution is built on new mobile infrastructure. Such as big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things. A full series of auto vehicles that are suitable for different scenarios developed. For instance, community shuttle vehicles, city buses, sanitation vehicles, airport cars, etc. The purpose is to build a safe, green, comfortable, fast, and punctual intelligent transportation system. It is base on the analysis of travel needs and the overall blueprint of intelligent mobility.

China minibus leading company will make contributions to smart city mobility with six core areas of smart buses:

1.smart roads; 2. smart stations; 3. unmanned terminals; 4. automatic charging and cloud control centers; 5. two pillars of 5G network; 6. smart Internet of Things and security.

The intelligent mobile solution is an innovative achievement implemented.

The current line is 17.4 km long and includes a traditional bus section operated by smart mid-size buses and a microcirculation service section operated by smart autonomous buses. It has now entered normal commercial operations.

The two smart models that will operate the route are the flagship autonomous bus and the newly launched smart bus.
Besides smart vehicles, there are smart roads. The 5G Collaborative Vehicle Infrastructure system prioritized buses at intersections, increased the traffic rate from 47 percent to 79 percent. At the same time, it reduced the average waiting time at a red light from 17 seconds to 2 seconds. The blind-spot warning system detects vehicles and pedestrians in the blind spot. Then, it is automatically makes driving decisions to ensure safety.

Along the intelligent driving route, there are 34 bus stops in the shape of a unique space capsule. Moreover, high precision positioning and big data technology present the bus location in real-time. Consequently, It provides passengers with an arrival time accurate to the second.

With the help of intelligent scheduling, automatic driving, high-power automatic charging, and other technologies, It has built China’s first bus terminal with no driver, no parking, no charging, and no exit.

Moreover, It has also developed a cloud control platform, which provides many functions. For example, not only self-check, remote upgrade, automatic parking, automatic charging, but also one-button scheduling, intelligent calling, remote driving, and contributing to intelligent travel.

China’s bus industry will continue to work hard to create a better life and a better future.

Electric mini bus

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