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What will be the future of the minibus? New energy, green, environmental protective, smart, auto.
Before, our dream is to have a self-driving electric mini bus, smart bus stations, and driverless smart bus terminals. However, now, they have become reality. It’s time to embrace the era of smart city mobility.

Smart minibus is coming.

The exhibition of smart electric mini bus was broadcast live worldwide.
A solution of a smart electric mini bus was coming up.
A smart city solution smart mobile solution is built on new mobile infrastructure. Such as big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things. A full series of auto vehicles that are suitable for different scenarios developed. For instance, community shuttle vehicles, city buses, sanitation vehicles, airport cars, etc. The purpose is to build a safe, green, comfortable, fast, and punctual intelligent transportation system. It is base on the analysis of travel needs and the overall blueprint of intelligent mobility.

China minibus leading company will make contributions to smart city mobility with six core areas of smart buses: roads; 2. smart stations; 3. unmanned terminals; 4. automatic charging and cloud control centers; 5. two pillars of 5G network; 6. smart Internet of Things and security.

The intelligent mobile solution is an innovative achievement implemented.

The current line is 17.4 km long and includes a traditional bus section operated by smart mid-size buses and a microcirculation service section operated by smart autonomous buses. It has now entered normal commercial operations.

The two smart models that will operate the route are the flagship autonomous bus and the newly launched smart bus.
Besides smart vehicles, there are smart roads. The 5G Collaborative Vehicle Infrastructure system prioritized buses at intersections, increased the traffic rate from 47 percent to 79 percent. At the same time, it reduced the average waiting time at a red light from 17 seconds to 2 seconds. The blind-spot warning system detects vehicles and pedestrians in the blind spot. Then, it is automatically makes driving decisions to ensure safety.

Along the intelligent driving route, there are 34 bus stops in the shape of a unique space capsule. Moreover, high precision positioning and big data technology present the bus location in real-time. Consequently, It provides passengers with an arrival time accurate to the second.

With the help of intelligent scheduling, automatic driving, high-power automatic charging, and other technologies, It has built China’s first bus terminal with no driver, no parking, no charging, and no exit.

Moreover, It has also developed a cloud control platform, which provides many functions. For example, not only self-check, remote upgrade, automatic parking, automatic charging, but also one-button scheduling, intelligent calling, remote driving, and contributing to intelligent travel.

China’s bus industry will continue to work hard to create a better life and a better future.

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