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 KINGSTAR 9 seater minibus for sale has upgraded the exterior appearance. It adopted a beast front face which is full of domineering, the new face looks like a leopard is full of power.

9 seater minibus for sale

This model 9 seater minibus for sale could be customized for meeting different customer needs.

Type of cargo van, refrigerator van, mini-truck all could be converted from this 9 seater minibus for sale. When this 9 seater minibus for sale change to be cargo truck, it has an enough long wheelbase to 3050mm, with more operating stability and better space for loading, the clearance is 125mm with fully loaded can be applied for various roads condition. It is flexible with a height of 1.9m.

When this 9 seater minibus for sale change to be a cargo van, it is with high loading capacity and capacious space. 5.2m³ capacious cargo space, the separation of human and cargo style is safer;

Aluminum alloy pattern floor, fashion and clean with more anti-rust;

With the side doors and tail door opening, easy to loading and unloading. LED light source makes operating convenient during the night.

The cargo space of all panels is from a metal stamping process, with the characteristic of solid and durable. The advanced electrophoresis process keeps the anti-rust of the body for 10 years. Based on the best-selling model designed by the famous China design team, Length: 4490 mm; Width: 1615 mm; Height: 1900 mm, the wheelbase size is 3050 mm. This model minibus is longer than the wheelbase of most conventional mini-buses.

9 seater minibus for sale


The KINGSTAR 9 seater minibus for sale are mostly arranged with 5 seats, 8 seaters, 9 seater, and 11 seats. 11 seats could meet the maximum passenger capacity. Moreover, it can achieve the greatest economic benefits for the operator. The 9 seater minibus taxi is with fabric material. It is soft for comfort, and all seats are with seat belts to make the passenger safe.


ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System for this minibus. As the name implies, the ABS prevents the car wheels from locking when the car brakes suddenly in certain situations. Simply speaking, a car that has been equipped with the ABS can still avoid when it is braked suddenly. Without the ABS, however, the car wheels will be locked upon a sudden brake and thus collisions are inevitable. The ABS consists of three main components, namely the speed sensor in each wheel. As well as a valve of the hydraulic that leads to each brake pump to return the pressure of the hydraulic brake controlled by a computer, and also a control module.

Besides the ABS, there is also the EBD which stands for Electronic Brakeforce Distribution for this minibus. It is responsible for distributing the braking power to all wheels of the car. The EBD system is still related to the ABS. And the former uses the latter to adjust braking on all wheels depending on the needs. The EBD will automatically adjust the braking on each wheel and ensure the front and rear wheels in unlocking status. With the EBD, rear braking is more optimal depending on the weight of the vehicle itself. The EBD can also increase vehicle traction while on the road.

KINGSTAR 9 seater minibus for sale adopts with LJ4C15Q 1.5-liter engine. It is equipped with VVT variable valve timing, Maximum output power 82kw, Maximum torque (m, N. 1380, economic Fuel consumption make this minibus to be the best choice for the users. Now, this model 9 seater minibus for sale has been ready for the market. Welcome all customers making inquiries for it for us.



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