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Congratulations! The CKD plant for the VF4 mini coach buses is set in Nigeria. And the 1st batch of VF4 in CKD are well packed and successfully ship to Nigeria. In previous news, we have reported this. This indicates that KINGSTAR’s factory has achieved significant development for overseas markets.

Mini coach buses

development and upgrade

In the pass years, KINGSTAR’s factory has worked hard on product research, development and upgrade. So as to enhance its competitiveness in the international market. While promoting the exportation of the mini coach buses in type CBU, KINGSTAR’s factory has also made great efforts to promote its cooperation method and after-sales service. KINGSTAR’s factory has worked together with the local dealer to establish a CKD assembly plant for the VF4 in Nigeria. Also to realize the goal for local production. Such cooperation has brought significant sales for the mnibus in local and surrounding markets nearby.

Mini coach buses

The completion of the CKD project for the VF4 mini coach buses in Nigeria has well enlarged the exportation of the VF4 to Nigeria. At the same time, it brings great convenience for local consumers to get fast service of the minibus from local service standard and plant. The CKD project enhanced the VF4 international competitiveness. Moreover, it increased employment opportunities for the local people in Nigeria. 

For carrying out the CKD of the mini-coach buses in Nigeria, training, service and spare parts supply should be provided.

For well-giving support to the local dealer, KINGSTAR’s factory supply:

  • The factory will invite dealer’s workers to join a one-month factory training in China. This is to get familiar with the assemble of the mini-coach buses.  
  • After 1st batch of CKD parts arrive at the destination port, the factory will dispatch engineers to the local factory guide assembly and train local workers
  • The factory will provide paper material for assembly. (Will provide after 1st batch shipped)
  • The factory will provide 7* 24-hour remote guidance
  • It will ensure spare parts supply for 10 years without stopping
  • The factory will give the best price of spare parts to the buyer. And help buyers to establish a reasonable and comprehensive inventory of spare parts for the mini-coach buses

KINGSTAR’s factory will keep on increasing its development on new products. This enriching its product series, improving product quality, and work well with overseas dealers to get win-win cooperation.    



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