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Chinese Car Manufacturer Setted Mini Coach Buses CKD Plant in Nigeria

The import tariffs on whole vehicles are generally relatively high. Many countries will establish local assembly plants to import spare parts for assembly. Combi minibus is one of them.

On November 13, our factory’s first batch of VF4 in CKD is well packed and successfully shipped to Nigeria. The launch product is combi minibus. It is exported to Nigeria in CKD mode (automobile parts assembly). With marking that our factory has achieved significant results in deepening the “going out” strategy. This also indicates that the KINGSTAR factory has achieved significant development for foreign markets.

Demand in Nigeria for 7-8 seats mini van is big.  With the continuous development of the national “the belt and road initiative” initiative. Our factory actively responded to the national call and implemented the “going out” strategy. Nigeria, as the most populous country in Africa, has the largest economy in Africa. Furthermore, Nigeria is one of the most important markets of VF4 auto minivan 7-8 seats from our factory in Africa now.

Buses minibuses for sale

Development and Update

In recent years, KINGSTAR factory has worked hard on product research, development and upgrading. To enhance its competitiveness in the international market. While promoting the export of CBU type minibuses, the KINGSTAR factory has also made great efforts to promote its cooperation method and after-sales service. KINGSTAR factory has worked together with the local distributor to set up a CKD assembly plant for the VF4 in Nigeria. Also to realize the goal of local production. This cooperation has generated significant sales for the bus in the nearby local and surrounding markets.

Buses minibuses for sale

The completion of the CKD project for the VF4 mini bus coach in Nigeria has greatly expanded the export of the VF4 to Nigeria. At the same time, it is very convenient for local consumers to get quick service of the minibus from the plant and the local service standard. The CKD project enhanced the international competitiveness of VF4. In addition, it increased employment opportunities for the local population in Nigeria. 

To perform CKD of minibuses in Nigeria, training, service and spare parts supply must be provided.

In order to provide good support to local distributor, KINGSTAR factory supply:

  • The factory will invite distributor workers to join a month-long factory training in China. This is to familiarize yourself with the assembly of the minibuses.  
  • After the first batch of CKD parts arrives at the destination port, the factory will send engineers to the local factory guide assembly and train local workers.
  • The factory will provide paper material for assembly. (Will provide after first batch shipped)
  • The factory will provide 7*24 hours remote guidance.
  • It will guarantee the supply of spare parts for 10 years without stopping
  • The factory will give the best price for spare parts to the buyer. And help buyers to establish a reasonable and complete inventory of spare parts for the minibuses.

KINGSTAR factory will continue to increase its development of new products. This enriches its product series, improves product quality, and works well with overseas distributors for win-win cooperation.

We increased efforts to promote the export of the entire industrial chain

combi minibus

Over the years, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the international market, our factory has not only promoted the export of complete vehicle products. But also increased efforts to promote the export of the entire industrial chain such as manufacturing and after-sales service. It has cooperated with local dealers to establish an assembly factory to achieve localization. Production, covering local and surrounding markets nearby. The completion of Nigeria’s combi minibus project has promoted the export of the entire industry chain. It also promoted the implementation of after-sales service and other measures nearby, further enhanced the international competitiveness of our products, and increased employment opportunities for the local people in Nigeria.

Our factory actively responds to the national “One Belt One Road” policy, adheres to the two-wheel-drive strategy of equal emphasis on domestic and overseas markets, focuses on deepening the development potential of overseas markets and supports overseas distributors to grow bigger and stronger. With excellent product quality and good product strength, the products are exported to nearly 20 countries. Such as in Asia, Africa, and South America. In addition, it has successively set up marketing centers and after-sales service outlets in Many countries. Such as Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, and other countries to build overseas marketing networks. Now the export products have covered SUV, MPV, combi minibus, micro card, and other sales areas.

The backbone from our factory went to Nigeria to implement the CKD project.

After the first vehicle by CBU was shipped to Nigeria in 2019. VF4 auto minivan 7-8 seats have established a good reputation in the local area. And with the development of Nigeria’s economy, the demand for micro-bus has increased sharply.

After comprehensive consideration, our factory accelerated the layout. In September, the deputy head of the overseas sales department led a team to Nigeria with the backbone of technology, production, and after-sales to implement the VF4 auto minivan 7-8 seats CKD project.

auto minivan

After the team arrived in Nigeria, they immediately started the project construction. They were on standby 24 hours a day and worked overtime. It only took 7 days to complete the equipment erection, welding machine, and power distribution cabinet, welding torch installation, fixture installation, trolley unpacking installation, and final assembly coating. Install various spreader pallets to make. And then to strive to complete the first vehicle off the assembly line before National Day.

The CKD project has received great attention from the local government.

On September 20, Lagos time, the Nigerian Police Inspector General, accompanied by Anambra State leaders, IVM chairman, and local well-known entrepreneur representatives visited auto minivan 7-8 seats CKD welding production line in Nigeria.

auto minivan

The Deputy Director of Our Factory’s Overseas Sales Department introduced the entire production line to the guests. After the visit, the Chief Police Inspector said that this is the most advanced welding production line in Nigeria. He expressed full confidence in the big sales of our products in Nigeria. Meanwhile, hoped to adapt our factory to introduce advanced production technology to Nigeria to improve the level of automobile manufacturing in Nigeria.




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