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35 seater vip bus with luxury equipment for sale to Peru

It is a great day for KINGSTAR that batch of KINGSTAR 8.2 meters D8 vip bus were shipped successfully recently to Lima. The capital city in Peru. According to the information from KINGSTAR’s dealer in Peru, all the vip bus will be in operation on some major bus travelling routes after their arrival in the city. Actually, from year 2009, KINGSTAR kept to exporting D series bus with 7.5 meter and 8.2 meter with CUMMINS engine to Peru, including the vip bus. Even in year 2020, KINGSTAR was still keeping to supply the vip bus serving for the market.

vip bus

The Republic of Peru (Spanish: La República del Perú), referred to as Peru. It is a beautiful country located in the western part of South America. Lima is the capital, and major cities in Peru are Cusco, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Huanuco, Iquitos, etc. In Peru, there are many places of interest attracting thousands of tourists for travelling every year. The ancient site of Machu Picchu is one of the famous interest in the world.

Machu Picchu is locate at an altitude of 2,400 meters, about 112 kilometers northwest of Cusco City. It is with long history and is considered as the cultural and spiritual capital of the Inca Empire. In this picturesque country, countless tourists come from all over the world to here every year. Besides the Machu Picchu, the main tourist attractions also include the city of Cusco, the Lima Plaza, and the Gold Museum. With a long coastline, grand mountains and an exotically-suffocating portion of the Amazon Rainforest within its borders. Peru is a place full of attractive sightseeing and here you could take the vip bus for travelling for all the beautiful sightseeing in Peru.

What are the outstanding features for the vip bus?

This batch of the 35 seats vip bus D8 model are customized as per client’s need for meeting the local market. As a bus car for tourism that runs through the east-west, KINGSTAR factory have to well consider the complex and changeable climate here in Peru. From West to East, Peru is divided into tropical deserts, plateaus and tropical rain forest climates.

The Western part has a tropical desert and steppe climate. It is dry and mild with an annual average temperature of 12~32℃; the central part has a big change in temperature, the annual average temperature is 1~14℃; the Eastern part has a tropical rain forest climate, the average annual temperature is 24~35℃. In the humid Eastern region, the frame and paint surface for the bus are required to have good anti-corrosion properties. In the Western desert area, the weather is dry and hot, with sandy also. It requires to have the VIP bus with good dust prevention and big power for air-conditioning. Actually, for KINGSTAR D8 35 seat VIP bus, each bus has undergone strict testing before its delivery.

The bus comes with:

  • Firstly, SONGZHI air conditioners and imported compressors with power 18000W. Its powerful cooling function allows tourists to have well enjoyed the desert journey.
  • Secondly, the cathodic electrophoresis process can well adapt to humid climates.
vip bus

In Peru, KINGSTAR’s factory also needs to take the local topography into consideration when developing the D8 VIP bus for the Peru market. The Andes covers from North to South, the Western coastal areas are dry plains. And the Eastern part has tropical rain forests in the Amazon Basin. The central mountain plateau area altitude is about 4,300 meters. Mountains in Peru cover for 1/3 of the country’s area. So here for the KINGSTAR D8 35 seat bus, all the bus are with:

  • Firstly, Cummins Euro IV diesel engine, 140 hp, with big power for running.
  • Secondly, a fast 6DS60T 6-speed manual gearbox is using in this VIP bus. It is more suitable for long-distance driving on mountain roads and improves driving comfort.
  • In addition, KINGSTAR’s factory has strengthened the body frame of this VIP bus and adjusted the speed ratio for the rear axle. So as to have the VIP bus getting a better performance for meeting the local complex road conditions.

As a luxury VIP bus, the whole bus is with a USB interface, reverse camera. The passenger seat adopts high-end luxury seats, which are moderately soft and comfortable. All these features for the bus provide passengers a better journey experience and make long-distance travel full of comfort. The spacious side luggage compartment space and the rear luggage compartment of the bus can maximize the satisfaction of passengers carrying more luggage for long-distance travel.

What is the warranty for this vip bus?

Here we provide the VIP bus warranty with 2years or 120000 KM, whichever comes first. For the engine client could easily get the service from the local CUMMINS service station,

Why working with KINGSTAR?

KINGSTAR’s VIP bus has exported to many countries. Such as Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Senegal, the Philippines. The high-quality and flexible customization service has won a deep impression from customers. Because of KINGSTAR’s good quality and best service for the bus, KINGSTAR has won customer’s trust and keep with continuous business cooperation from the year 2009 till now. We KINGSTAR will keep continuing to work hard with dealers to provide the best service for this VIP bus for the Peru market.



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